Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

We’ve been journeying through space and time, searching all corners of the galaxy to find you the very best out of this world entertainment for a space themed event. Whether you’re looking to take your guests on an intergalactic experience or bring the moon to your party, that’s no problem for us. We have put together this handy little selection of some of our favourite space themed acts.

Outer space, is has long been a fascination of the human race and it tends to dominate a large portion of the film and entertainment industry. This year alone, there are several highly anticipated blockbusters hitting the screens or that have already become some of 2017s biggest grossing movies. The likes of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Alien: Covenant are already on the list of the best space-based movies of the year and we still have Blade Runner 2049 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi to come. You may be looking at these movies for inspiration, but there is far more options out there.


Sci-Fi or Realism?

First things first. You want to host a space themed event so you need to decide if you want to take the sci-fi route with futuristic entertainment or realistic approach with planets, astronauts etc. Whatever your choice we have more than enough out of this world entertainment for you to chose from and we’re always happy to help you find it.

Getting the decor right for your space themed party is just as important as finding the right space themed act. You want to wow your guests and give them an experience they won’t forget. If you can get your invitees to disconnect from the real world and fully immerse themselves into your event, you’ll know your space themed event is a success. Wherever you are in the world, or out of it, we have superb event decor and prop hire companies that can fully kit out your venue.


Out Of This World Entertainment

The planets have aligned and your journey to hosting a space themed party couldn’t be any more in sync with some of the fantastic choices we have for you. Let’s not talk about walkabout astronauts, aliens and robots, even though we do have plenty to chose from, let’s talk about the very best and unusual out of this world entertainment. You want your guests to experience something magical, something new, and something like they’ve never seen before. We have picked a little selection of some of the most fantastic performers, futuristic entertainment and frankly fascinating space themed acts we have that will provide your guests with an unforgettable intergalactic experience.


Let’s get this space themed party started with the Aerial Drone Dance

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

A coming together of artistic expression and technology. Dancing with drones is a rapidly increasing in popularity and fantastic performers, like this one, are creating stunning routines that are an absolute joy to watch. Dressed in a sci-fi looking costume and LED lighting on both the aerialist and drone makes this space themed act a superb choice for your space themed event. The superbly elegant and graceful aerial routines and hovering drone will have you completely mesmerised. The show resembles a flying saucer being serenaded by a dancing star.


Gastro Mapping

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

As previously mentioned, decor and props can really make a space themed party all the more exciting. Well, how about a completely out of this world dinning experience? At the height of futuristic entertainment, this gastro mapping from Madrid takes dinning, entertainment and decor to a whole new level. The innovative gourmet experience uses 3D surface mapping to project sci-fi and space themed visuals onto the tables and surrounding walls whilst guests enjoy fine dinning. The Gastro mapping is a brilliant choice to really immerse the guests into space and a futuristic environment with a dinner party experience like they’ve never had before.


Black Theatre: Galaxia

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

Here we have a totally unique theatrical interpretation of the galaxy and universe. Featuring an utterly amazing mix of brilliant visuals, visually inspiring costumes, bespoke soundtrack, carefully choreographed dancing and mime. Black Theatre: Galaxia is the most indulgent out of this world entertainment you can offer your guests. The unique theatrical performance is a stunning visual show guaranteed to amaze even the keenest space enthusiasts and is impactful on all audience types.


Toxic Neon Show

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

I know I said no aliens, but this could either be aliens or humanoid beings from another world or even a dystopian projection of futuristic human beings. The Toxic Neon Show is a visually captivating UV and LED dance performance that could really be top notch out of this world entertainment for a space themed event. The bizarre beings deliver exceptional contemporary dance routines magnified by their outstanding neon costumes. If you want to know how to use LED or UV at your event, checkout this blog.


Futuristic Music Show



This incredible, one of a kind live music show is the perfect otherworldly futuristic entertainment to entertain your guests at a space themed event. Creating live electronic music using a range of fantasy, out of this world instruments, the trio also combine amazing visuals and themed stage wear. The Futuristic Music Show is far more than just a live music performance. It is a stage show that tells a fantasy story using music, contemporary dance and video mapping.


Vaporising Edible Mist Orbs

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

You don’t really get much more out of this world entertainment than the fantastic Vaporising Edible Mist Orbs. You space themed event will reach a new high if you book this totally unique concept for your guests. Using ultrasonic vaporisation technology, these revolutionary machines can produce over 200 flavours of inhalable micro mist, which can be sucked up through a straw for an instant, zero calorie flavour hit. A fantastic experience unlike no other. If you think thats amazing, also try the Edible Fragrance Factory and Edible Bubble Show.


Starlight Video Mapping

Out of This World Entertainment For a Space Themed Event

You can’t really have a space themed event without stars. Thankfully Singapore’s Starlight Video Mapping is the perfect out of this world entertainment to bring the stars to your party. The dancers have carefully created amazing choreographies that tie-in with the superb video projections. These performers look like they really are dancing with the stars. This space themed act is visually captivating and really augments the cosmic theme. For more extravagant routines and stunning innovative 3D dance routines checkout the Fusion Of Visuals Video Mapping.

If you book it, they will come


Finding out of this world entertainment for a space themed event is no problem for us as we have so much to chose from. The only challenge is for you to pick just one of the space themed acts as they’re all so good. Have you thought about combining them together? You could really exceed expectations by having a couple or even several different entertainment options in just one event. For example; guests could be puffing away on a pina colada flavour edible mist whilst the superb aerialist dances with her drone or guests of the Gastro Mapping dinning experience are entertained by the Starlight Video Mapping. There are many fantastic ways your space themed party can be a huge success and we hope to help you achieve that.  



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