Edible Bubble Show

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Edible Bubble Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Bubble machine creates edible bubbles in a range of flavours

  • Choose from a bizarre range of flavours or request your own

  • Bubbles can even be alcoholic

  • Great fun booking for unique parties and events

  • London-based act available for bookings all over Europe

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Book our bubble show for some truly unique entertainment. This food and drink act is unlike anything you’ve ever seen - or tasted - before! This bubble show creates edible bubbles for your guests to eat out of its volcano.

The bubble machine creates edible bubbles in any flavour. Chocolate, bubble gum (get it?), even basil if that’s what you like. Moreover, the tasty show can be alcoholic and while they’re unlikely to go to your head, having a nice G&T flavoured stream of bubbles is always going to become a talking point.

Best of all, the bubbles are zero calories! So you can chomp and chomp all night long without worrying about putting on any weight whatsoever - unless they raid the buffet too. 

More than anything else, this act is a fantastic ice breaker and conversation starter. As everyone will remember from their childhoods, catching bubbles is no easy thing to do and they have a habit of floating around everywhere and off into the ether. As it’s also pretty hard to catch one intact in your hands, the only way to enjoy these bubbles is to catch them in your mouth and chow down. 

That’s easier said than done. And you know that your evening will be hilarious as everyone wants a chance to make a bit of a fool of themselves as they go for the edible bubbles. And once the first person has been derided for having a go, everyone will want a taste.

Once you pop, you just can’t stop, or so the expression goes, and this act is no different. These delicious and customisable bubbles require only a power source to work and so are perfect for all kinds of party and event - anything that needs something a little quirky and unique, as well as somewhere where people want to mix, mingle and have a lot of fun.

To book our great edible bubble show, contact our team of dedicated entertainment coordinators today.