Back To The Future: A Guide to Retro Sci-Fi Entertainment

Back To The Future: A Guide to Retro Sci-Fi Entertainment

Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a pretty strong preconceived idea of what the future would look like and how technology would be a huge part of day to day life. Films like Stars Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and TV series such as Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Space 1999 and Battlestar Galactica painted a vivid picture of futuristic urban landscapes, alien encounters, space travel and high tech gadgets. Even slightly later in the 1980s films like Back To The Future delved into the fantasy of time travel, mostly backwards in time, but with also gave glipses of a possible future and left it's mark with the iconic hover board, something inventors have been trying to make a reality ever since. This was a trend of fantasy fiction that was highly popular and, for many, very believable - because after all, we didn’t know what the future would be like did we? Why wouldn’t there be flying cars and robots doing your housework by the year 1999?

Unfortunately, as we know very well, most of those predictions have not come to be. Even though we have made scientific and technological breakthroughs in the last three decades, we are way off what was imagined and, to be honest, I don’t think we’ll be wearing those pastel coloured, flared legged, all-in-one lycra bodysuits anytime soon. Fact is, all of those wonderful old sci-fi stories have left their mark in history and a fantastic array of conceptions that have been adopted by artists and performers all over the world and turned into fascinating retro sci-fi entertainment acts. 

Robots, Cybermen and Androids

Back To The Future: A Guide to Retro Sci-Fi Entertainment

Robots have always been a big part of science fiction as we human beings have a bewildering obsession with wanting to create humanoid beings to do our work for us. When it comes to futuristic themes and sci-fi entertainment, this has worked in our favour. Audiences all over the world are still fascinated by robots and including a robot act into an event is always a guaranteed head turner. Not only do we have some incredible modern, state of the art, technologically advanced LED lit robot acts, we also have quirky and vintage looking robot acts perfect for providing retro sci-fi entertainment. The Recycled Robot, Stilt Walking Android, International Interactive Robot, Bike Riding Robot and Retro Head Interactive Robot all look like they just been pulled straight out of a 1970s sci-fi series and bring that kitsch retro sci-fi entertainment element that makes an event stand out from the rest.


Aliens, Extra-Terrestrials and Beings From Another Planet


Back To The Future: A Guide to Retro Sci-Fi Entertainment

Throughout the decades, the depiction of aliens and beings from another planet has been as varied as you could possible imagine. With no certified specification of what they should look like means performers all over the world have been able to create their own fantastic visions of what extra-terrestrial beings might look like. With most retro science fiction stories revolving around space travel, no sci-fi themed party is complete without at least one alien. If you’re after aliens to suit the retro concept of your event we have the quirky Alien Walk Around Characters, very vintage looking Walkabout Aliens, a cyberman looking Sci-Fi Walk Around Character and the ominous looking Gigantic Stilt Characters. Should you want recognisable alien characters from films such as Predator and Alien, we have them too.


Star Wars


Back To The Future: A Guide to Retro Sci-Fi Entertainment

Other than vintage robot acts and weird aliens, we have plenty of other options to suit an event or party with a retro sci-fi theme or futuristic theme. If you’re looking for live music, the Space Rock Band offer contemporary cover songs whilst dressed in that all-important colourful lycra bringing space jams back to earth. Or, how about a light-up Alien Percussion Group make some noise as they wander around your event? The Walk Around Bubble Boys and The Cybers both offer something guests won’t have seen before. And finally, if you’re after an iconic character, how about The Terminator by our Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the actor and quoting classic lines like “I’ll Be Back” this character will become the highlight of your event. Food of the future is also an important facor of you retro sci-fi themed party and none are more fascinating than the likes of Edible Bubbles, Vaporising Edible Mist Orbs and the Edible Fragrance Factory. All three stunning options to win over your guests.


Back To The Future enthusiasts will be pleased to know that a themed party is possible too. What better way to wow your guests than with a Delorean, the iconic time traveling car. We can book one of those for you! Because the films travel through time, you may want to pick a specific era featured in the film to tailor your party choosing from either Country & Western, 1950s, 1980's or the future and we can provide decor for any of those. You're probably wgoing to want an actual levitating hoverboard? unfortunately we're not quite there yet technologically but we have some amazing hoverboard acts such as the Hoverboard Dancers.  


If you don’t know your James T. Kirks from your Luke Skywalkers or C3POs from your T1000s, don’t worry, those are just characters anyway. We fully understand the importance of finding the right entertainment to fit to your event theme. The right act can have a dramatic impact and make yours an event to remember. We’re always here for inspiration and ideas and we have a few sci-fi buffs at Scarlett Entertainment who would be more than happy to help you find the perfect retro sci-fi entertainment, so, feel free to contact us whenever you like


__By Tom Drakett

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