Toxic Neon Show

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Toxic Neon Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Innovative WOW factor dance act with futuristic UV performers

  • Visually captivating high energy and unique neon show

  • Impeccable use of UV costumes, lasers, pixel poi and other props

  • Vibrant and versatile entertainment will be the highlight of your event

  • Based in Ukraine and available all over the world

Toxic Neon Show videos

Toxic Neon Show photos

Scarlett Entertainment is privileged to boast some of the finest performers around the world offering WOW factor entertainment that will blow audiences away. This dazzling and vibrant neon show transports the spectator to another world and mesmerises them with a hugely talented, innovative and unique contemporary dance act. Pounding music, Incredible UV performers, original costumes and vibrant swirls of the pixel poi make this neon show one of a kind.

Here is one of the most visually exciting and unique dance act by UV performers you can book for your event. Our truly amazing UV performers come as strange humanoid beings with gas masks and costumes based on futuristic themes of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic creatures and radioactivity. The neon show focuses on the colour green with green UV performers and green lasers. The dance show includes a variety of props in a contrasting red colour including the massively talented pixel poi section of the show! Their ability to swoop from a contemporary dance act into a startling pixel poi display and back again is simply astounding.

The toxic neon show is vibrant and versatile entertainment that will be the highlight of your event and has the WOW factor you need to leave a long lasting impression on your guests. Bookable for any environment where the conditions are dark enough, the neon show is fantastic for festivals, electronic or industrial live music events, futuristic themed occasions and corporate events wanting to really make an impact

Based in the Ukraine and easily transportable all over the world, this dance act is ready to impress your audience wherever you are.

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