Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Whether you are a Star Trek fan or not, many of you will know and remember the fantastic and much admired Mr Spock of the iconic television series, Star Trek. Played by actor Leonard Nimoy, who sadly passed away on Friday 27th February 2015, Mr Spock found global fame on one of television and film's most revered cult series. The legendary actor, whose character was well recognised for his trademark pointy ears, won worldwide fame as the ever-logical, half-Vulcan, half-human first officer of the Starship Enterprise. Paying tribute to the fantastic and iconic Mr Spock, we have compiled a list of our very best science fiction themed entertainment, ready to make your next event, “Live Long and prosper” in the minds of all of your guests.

Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Sci - Fi Walk Around Character  


Get ready to lower your shields and surrender your ship because resistance is futile against our fantastic walkabout Borg performer. Star Trek aficionados will recognise this sci-fi villain immediately; part of the fictional alien race, Borg are the iconic evil alien characters, on a continuous attempt to evolve and perfect themselves.  With experience performing at events across Europe, our walk around Borg performer comes complete with a custom made costume that is full of intricate details and bespoke touches. Constantly upgrading, and ready to assimilate you and all of your guests, this is certainly the most impressive of all science fiction’s villains, and is just what your futuristic themed event needs.


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

The Hive Queen & Drones


If Borg isn’t quite cutting it, how about hiring the Hive Queen and her two eerie drones. Sent to earth by The Collective to establish whether the human race is fit for assimilation; these inhuman characters will demand that you and your guests bow down and worship them with all their alien powers! Wearing incredible elaborate costumes and body paint complete with LEDs and blowers, they provide fun and highly unique interactive walkabout entertainment that is perfect for sci-fi and space themed events. As the dreaded drones scan your guests with their back-mounted blowers, which send forth a rush of air to test their suitability, the hive queen will then decide their fate.


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Walkabout Aliens 


The Aliens have landed! Transporting your guests to another world, these extraterrestrial creatures really will be the talk of your event. Reminiscent of the traditional 1950’s perception of what aliens might look like, the outlandish creatures come dressed in unique green rubber costumes, body paints and carrying curious accessories. They provide the perfect entertainment for futuristic sci-fi themed events, private parties or street parades and are available to hire in a varied line up of ‘Maliens’ and ‘Femaliens’. Available as meet and greet characters or highly unique walk around entertainment, they provide brilliant photo opportunities and memorable entertainment that will be talked about long after the event.


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Walk Around Astronaut


One small step for mankind, one giant upgrade for your next event! No sci-fi event is complete without an astronaut and this excellent walk around character is sure to bring the wow factor to your event! Great for an outer space party, Sci –fi, or futuristic event, our experienced performer has previously performed for the BBC and wears a high quality replica of the space suits worn by the Apollo astronauts when they landed on the moon in 1969! An incredible spectacle, he will mix and mingle with guests, providing once in a lifetime photo opportunities and memories of a lifetime.


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Beam me up


In a truly awe-inspiring aerial performance, this futuristic alienesque duo creates a distinctly futuristic feel at your event. With elaborate costumes of alien design, state of the art lighting and a haunting and atmospheric soundtrack, they provide a visually stunning performance that will captivate audiences at your event. Fascinating guests with alien features and inhuman movements, a stilt walking giant called High Beam with an alien light on its head and its small robot partner Chaos, provide unique entertainment that guests of all ages will enjoy. Later in the performance the little robot Chaos will take to the stage to give a truly awe-inspiring aerial performance on black silks, all the while illuminated by the LED light of High Beam. Not to be missed, this innovative performance truly is out of this world.


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

Futuristic Cinematic Show


No event is complete without music and this creative masterpiece combines live music and wonderful, Sci-Fi inspired visual architecture. Featuring a range of cinematic Cosplay inspired characters, the show takes guests in a thrill ride of a musical adventure, encapsulating the very best in modern and nostalgic sci-fi music. Each set mixes iconic dance tracks with rock genres and a state of the art light show to add an extra dimension to every special occasion! Inspired by a vision of a future place and time, the Futuristic Cinematic Show presents a completely new experience to spectators and the perfect musical entertainment to complete your Science Fiction themed event!


Sci-Fi Themed Entertainment: A Tribute to Mr Spock

LED Show Robot  


Light up your event with the most spectacular robotic intelligence yet! Half man – half machine, he comes complete with 1000 colour changing LEDs, C02 cyro smoke, a confetti cannon, and an LED helmet that can be programmed to display text and slogans of your choice. One of the most innovative and futuristic walkabout creations available, he is simply perfect for Sci-Fi themed parties, corporate events, nightclubs, festivals and product launches. Presenting an eye-catching kaleidoscope of colours and flashing lights that will bring true excitement to your special event, he is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and mesmerise your guests.


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