Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

One of the highlights of our Wedding entertainment trends for 2019 was the arrival of bold colours in replacement of neutral palettes, a trend that reached its peak in the last few years. Wedding colour schemes are experiencing some changes and we have begun to see this reflected in couples entertainment choices. 

Choosing your wedding colours might be a challenging task, but also an exciting one! Learn a few tips with us and explore some wedding entertainment options that go hand in hand with this innovative trend.  


Tips for Choosing your Wedding Colours


More and more couples these days seem to be opting for bolder and brighter colours, and they do this without sacrificing elegance. Aware of the contrast of bold bridal bouquets and floral decor, with traditional white wedding gowns, designers and florists combine white roses, lilies and camellias with buttercups, peonies and hydrangeas of vivid colours. 

Wedding colour schemes coming up this season are leaning towards purple, deep red, vivid pinks, yellow and orange. Daring brides might also choose turquoise, dark blue and green to provide their bouquets with a truly unique touch. 

Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Designers are opting for a mix of classic white and vivid colour flowers for table decor, bridal bouquets and wreaths. Pictures: Floral Decorations


Mixing warm and cool tones is one of the basic rules to follow when choosing your wedding colours. Opposite colours normally go well together: oranges and blues are a winning formula, whilst ‘neighbour’ colours (similar to each other and sharing a primary colour) are always the right choice. 


You can also build your colour palette by matching bright and neutral colours such as blush and gold or grey and red. Whatever your choice, remember to think seasonally and pick a wedding colour scheme that fits your personality and help you create the ambience you desire.


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019: A Burst of Colour!


Wedding colours for 2019 not only set the rules for wedding decor in general but also for entertainment. 


Experiencing an important rise in popularity, circus acts such as Colour Stilt Walkers opt for vivid colours for their costuming. These performers can perfectly complement your venue decor whatever your wedding colour scheme, as they offer various colour options. Their chic, simple look also adds a modern touch to your big day.


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Colour Stilt Walkers and edible perfume create a modern feel and offer a wide variety of options to fit any colour scheme 


Wild colours can provide weddings with a truly modern touch. Whether it be a colourful set design, costume design or lights, performers and catering providers such as The Edible Fragrance Factory play with colour in order to make their service stand out. Attracted by the fragrances’ eye-catching colours and its original concept, brides and grooms are finding this service to be the unique experience for their wedding guests.


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Dancers can wear costumes to go hand in hand with your colour palette and light technicians can play with colour to customise giant props 


Dancers and giant props such as this Giant Bird Cage also play an important role in the transition from neutral palettes to bold colours. By personalising the lights inside and outside the cage, technicians will help transform your venue with your chosen wedding colour scheme. 


Performers offering different lineup and colour options are also among our favourite wedding entertainment trends for 2019. Dressed in bold monochromatic costumes, hostesses such as the below Colourful LED Flag Walkers can wear LED props and carry glowing lanterns with them, creating a visually stunning element with a sophisticated splash of colour. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Performers wear bold monochromatic costumes and add LED lights to create a greater visual impact without losing elegance 


Your floral design can still be glamorous and sophisticated using deep reds, blues or yellows. Summer Fleur de Reves combine all these colours and mix them with a unique entertainment concept: roaming hostesses with flower heads. 


With the ongoing trend of flower walls, florists will have to keep up to date with wedding colours for 2019. Event Flower Walls will experience a few changes with vivid pinks, reds and greens dominating blush, white and neutral tones. This in-demand service will also have to adapt to requests such as the customisation of photo booths, such as the example below. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours

Floral characters and picturesque flower walls will opt for deep reds, pinks, greens and blues. 


Wedding Colours for 2019: Top Picks


After a rigorous analysis of the transition from neutral palettes to bold colours and its impact in wedding entertainment, the below are Scarlett Entertainment top picks:


Scarlett and deep red

Recommended acts: Red Rose Hostess, Vocal Usherette Trio


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours


Vivid pinks

Recommended act: Pink Mirror People, Prosecco Wall, LED Butterflies


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours


Purples and Blues

Recommended act: Fleur de Reves, Musical Mermaid Trio, LED Wing Ballerinas


Wedding Entertainment Trends: From Neutral Palettes to Bold Colours


Looking for further inspo for your big day? Don’t forget to read our Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019 and find out more about what wedding entertainment options our brides and grooms are opting for. 


If you would like to know the availability of any of the above acts, get in touch! We’d love to have a chat about all the different options and how they can be customised to fit your wedding colour scheme. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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