LED Butterflies

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LED Butterflies
Reasons to book this ACT
  • LED female gymnasts with costumes decorated with more than 3,000 light points and colourful wings

  • Usually preform as a trio but more gymnasts can join them on stage if required

  • Can create a customised performance and choreography to suit your event’s requirements

  • Royal Café Prague, the Hybernia Theatre and the Grandhotel Pupp among happy clients

  • Based in Prague and available for international bookings

LED Butterflies videos

LED Butterflies photos

Are you looking for a dancing trio with a different and original staging? Then look no further, our LED Butterflies are the entertainers you should opt for! This luminous stage performance proves that dance shows can be taken to a whole new level of creativity.

These talented light dancers make impossible for audiences to take their eyes off them during their five and a half-minute performances. Their glowing colorful costumes, decorated with more than 3,000 light points and are completed by 1.5-meter wings, are a real treat for the eye. Only overshadowed by our female gymnasts’ talent, their fantastic costumes are the brightest stars of their show.

Although they usually preform as a trio, these LED Butterflies can adapt their luminous stage performance so more gymnasts can join them on stage. As can be seen in the video above, their show is divided in three parts during which they display elegance, sophistication and style.

This LED dance trio has successfully performed at popular venues in the Czech Republic including Royal Cafe Prague, the Hybernia Theatre and the Grandhotel Pupp, to name but a few. Their luminous stage performance can be carried out outdoors if weather conditions are good, which make them ideal for gala dinners, garden weddings and evening events.

Our talented light dancers can also customise their performances to suit your event’s requirements. So if you’re thinking you’d like to see them dance to a specific song or create a brand new choreography for your party, they will be happy to do so. This makes their show suitable for any type of audience. Demanding spectators will be thrilled by their creativity and versatility!

If you’re interesting in adding some light to your upcoming event, contact us today and make an enquiry. Our entertainment specialists will be happy to guide you through the booking process. 

Auto Jarov
Cafe Royal Prague
Czech Pole & Aerial Sports Federation
Grandhotel Pupp
Le Comité des Fêtes de la Ciotat
Stirin Chateau
The Hybernia theatre Prague

"Thank you for a show you made. Our guests from Germany were thrilled by your beautiful performance. It completely took our event to another level. I highly recommend this act "

Pavel Halamka 

"The show was wonderful. Make sure you come back next time!"

Nathalie GARAU-LEONARDELLI, Party and Events Coordinator at Mairie de La Ciotat