Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

As we enter February - the so-called month of love - and with Valentine’s Day setting the tone for the wedding season, there will be many couples eager to start their wedding plans having become engaged over the Christmas and New Year period, with December being the most popular month to pop the question. Each year the expectations and creativity of brides and grooms increase, with the natural desire to continuously out do those from the year before. 

2018 makes this an even bigger challenge, as we saw many royals, celebrities and influencers set the bar high, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle whose big day included a 20-piece gospel choir performing a unique rendition of ‘Stand By Me’ - and that was only during the ceremony! So what are the predicted wedding trends of 2019, and how can we continue to support our many bride and grooms?


Top wedding trends for 2019


Creating an experience will be a top priority for couples  


Weddings nowadays allow brides and grooms to share a piece of their world with their guests, and this year the wedding industry will see the transition from traditional entertainment to immersive experiences. Couples will be working closely with their wedding planners to help them create an interactive journey for guests, offering experiences throughout the day that family and friends can take part in.

This will include exclusive activities such as Diamonds Forever - an entirely unique concept which will wow guests with the possibility of receiving a real diamond at the bottom of the champagne glass, perfect for achieving a sophisticated and high-end drinks reception. Our Edible Dance Act also offers an element of interaction while offering sweet treats to guests - an alternative to wedding favours or your traditional pick and mix. And our popular Perfume Bars - allowing guests to create their signature scent as a continuous reminder of the special day. 


Breaking the rules!


Year on year brides and grooms are starting their own traditions, and going against the stereotypical expectations of a wedding day. Perhaps lead by Megan Markle herself who caused a stir amongst the royals for her American take on their British Wedding, an emerging trend in countries like the UK includes breaking the rules!

Brides speeches are becoming a new tradition, with women using bespoke entertainment such as custom sand art, speed painting, and shadow performances to tell the story of their relationships as a thank you to their family and friends.

First looks are also on the rise, giving bride and grooms the opportunity to see one another ahead of the ceremony itself. Moments like this are to be treasured forever, with couples investing in photography, videography, and even event painters as a way of capturing the occasion.

Walking down the aisle is another tradition that could be on the way out, as increasing brides look for alternative ways to make their entrance - from flying in with our heliosphere, to creating a flash mob with their bridal party! 


The rise of wedding wind-downs!


Weddings take a long time to plan, and the day goes by so quickly, which is why more and more couples are opting for wedding wind downs - a moment of tranquillity with guests after a day of celebrations.

Brides and grooms are looking to create a romantic and calm atmosphere with the help of pianists, harpists and blues musicians to bring their wedding party together for one final moment ahead of carriages.

Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019
Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

Breaking the rules will be a rule itself. Brides speeches supported by sand art pieces and glitter painting or interactive activities and dance acts emerge as favourite wedding entertainment ideas


Thinking outside the box 


Even though circus acts are not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding, circus entertainment will continue to be a popular wedding entertainment request due to act flexibility and the ability to fit a range of wedding themes.


Stilt walkers and aerial artists are among our trend predictions for 2019. Our Crystal Moon stilt walkers are perfect for escorting newlyweds, providing photo opportunities, and bringing winter themed weddings to life. Whereas our champagne aerialists are a unique and interactive way of serving guests, with freestanding rig options also available for venues without rigging capacity. Sophisticated and delicate, aerial performers also add a little extra magic to celebrations and make the perfect backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. 


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019
Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

Thinking outside the box and connecting with your cultural roots through entertainment will be a requirement. Circus acts easily adapt to different wedding types and add a spectacular background


Wedding entertainment trends officially on their way out in 2019


From neutral palettes to bold colours!


2018 was the year of white, greys and minimalistic decor, bringing the whimsical look that was loved by many couples to life. In comparison, 2019 will be full of colour, with drinks receptions and wedding breakfasts being filled with an array of bright flowers, stationery, and decor.


Providing the ultimate burst of colour, our Fleur De Reves flower hostesses are the perfect addition to weddings. The stunning flower head hostesses boast elegant and sophisticated walkabout entertainment for all seasons, with the costumes being completely customisable to suit all colour palettes. Each individual flower is also sprayed with a floral scent to give a beautiful aroma everywhere they go!


For couples looking to really wow their guests and fill their venue with colour, our Luxury Event Florist creates stunning floral arrangements for both indoor and outdoor settings. Providing personal consultations, our award-winning florist provides completely bespoke designs for bride and grooms.


From traditional photo booths to GIF photography services!


Continuing to create interactive experiences for guests, classic photo booths will decline in popularity, with other photo services storming ahead. Bride and grooms are no longer looking for standard print outs, but instead want something that’s sharable, whilst capturing the energy of the day.


Animated GIFs are the latest go to in photography services that do exactly that, and are an innovative and fun way to congratulate newlyweds. Instantly sharable via email or text message, the GIFs can be branded to feature the wedding date, bride and grooms names, or personalised messages.


From classic catering to unique gastronomy experiences!


‘Boring’ canapés are no longer of preference to 2019 couples. When it comes to out-of-the-box wedding entertainment ideas, original and personalised catering services will predictably be among our top requests. Innovative services that have caught the attention of couples looking to make an impression include our Event Cocktail Pearls: sophisticated molecular cocktails encapsulated in a bubble of flavour. An original gift for wedding guests and a unique way of enjoying a delicious cocktail, they are available in different colours and flavours to suit all wedding themes.


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019
Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

Wedding decor and entertainment will experience a transition from white to bolder colours in 2019. Couples and event planners will create sensorial experiences for wedding guests


Trends from 2018 that will carry over into 2019


Flower walls remain, but their colours change 


Flower walls were huge in 2018 - used for photo opportunities or as a backdrop for the top table, they are a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing addition to the day. For this reason, the demand for flower walls will continue into 2019, however, there will be a change in their design to suit the bold colour trend mentioned earlier.


White walls will be replaced by vibrant colours, and they will also double up as a talking point amongst guests as designs advance to offer a service beyond photography. Our Prosecco wall will be an in-demand option for this years couples, holding over 30 champagne flutes for wedding drinks receptions and evening celebrations.


Illustrative invites and live event artists


Illustrative invites were a big trend last year, as a way of giving guests a sneak peak of their day in advance of the main event. Being both unique and personalised, this trend will continue into 2019 with the addition of live illustrators performing on the day as well.


Creating fashion illustrations of guests as an alternative wedding favours, of using an illustration of the bride and groom as guestbook for family and friends to sign, the illustrative invite trend will continue to grow in other directions as our bride and grooms look for new ways to incorporate the artistic element.

On a similar note, event painters will remain a go-to for many couples - providing them with a beautiful gift that they can treasure forever.


Live music that creates an immersive experience


Always a must-have at weddings, live music is imperative and one first wedding requests couples reach out to us for. So what type of live music will be popular for weddings this year?


Considering 2019 will be all about creating experiences, roaming musicians emerge as a new favourite. From acoustic bands during champagne receptions to DJs and live musicians who join guests on the dance floor in the evening, couples want the music to follow their guests wherever they go!


Rustic-style bands have been on trend entertainment for weddings for what seems like forever, and it looks like they will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2019. Couples will still be looking for vintage and retro bands that put their own spin on modern tracks as a way of catering to guests of all ages - pleasing the mother of the bride, as well as the best man and maid of honour!


Couples opting for destination weddings will also be on the lookout for local music styles in order to give their reception an authentic feel from the place they chose to make their vows.


Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019
Wedding Entertainment Trends for 2019

Creating an experience through live music will be a top priority for couples in 2019. Photo booths of different sizes and shapes stay strong this year 


Providing wedding guests with an immersive experience rather than a service is a priority for modern couples. Encouraging friends and family to participate in the celebration and make them part of the whole process is essential. 



Interaction, innovation and bright colours will be key when it comes to wedding trends for 2019. The above wedding entertainment ideas are current top requests among couples as they combine all these elements. If you’re considering booking any of the above acts or similar for your big day, we’d love to help you out! Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and mention us whenever you need help or further inspiration. 


Take a look to the past and check what our predictions for 2018 were, which has helped us give shape to our wedding trends for 2019. If you would also like to take some inspiration from past wedding entertainment trends, check also our 2016 and 2017 reports.


__By Juliana Rodriguez

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