Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Whether you’re a mad F1 fan, NASCAR racer, IndyCar follower, or have a love for any kind of motorsport, you’ll agree that race day is a thrilling experience for spectators. 

While much of the action happens on the track, race days are a fantastic opportunity to showcase entertainment for motorsport events and pull out the stops for fans with an adrenaline-fuelled experience of jaw-dropping stunt shows.    

Exciting, dangerous and jam-packed full of nail-biting high octane entertainment, stunt performers and stunt shows are a sure fire way to capture an audience’s attention and keep them coming back time and time again. 

Gearing up for the year’s racing events, we take a look at our top entertainment picks for motorsport events. Get ready to race!

Wheel of Death, USA

A daunting and dangerous spinning wheel that moves at unbelievable speeds, this cirque spectacle showcases our stunt performers' acrobatic skills. Performing an assortment of different acrobatic tricks inside the spinning death trap, audiences will be held spellbound as they deliver knockout tricks.

Why we love it:

The mechanical aesthetic of the wheel of death creates a head-turning spectacle even before the stunt show begins! Position this incredible piece of giant engineering in the middle of the track or entrance of your venue for maximum impact.


Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

A wheel of death makes for frantic entertainment for motorsport events


Human Cannonball, USA 

A classic act from the golden age of circus, a human cannonball never fails to impress. Today’s high octane interpretations use a jet of compressed air to propel the stunt performer, but fireworks and smoke effects can be used to create extra theatre around the daring performance. 

With an incredible twenty-three years of cannon experience, this is the most powerfully accurate human cannon on the planet.

Why we love it:

Free flying through the air at speeds of 55mph, heights of over 65 ft, and distances of 165ft, our human cannonball hits his target at the centre and takes off his helmet in a heartfelt victory salute! Create a custom cannon in the shape of a champagne bottle or racing car, and add logos for a fantastic branding opportunity.


Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Opt for the ultimate circus stuntman: a human cannonball


Jumping Stilts, Global

Simple yet highly effective, our Jumping Stilts perform multiple tricks and somersaults using spring-loaded stilts. Easily themed with custom costumes and props, create your very own high-octane routines featuring race drivers, pit crew, grid girls and more.

Credits include numerous television appearances on Top Gear Live Motor Show, London's O2 arena and at theme parks such as Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, as well as Superclubs all over the world.

Why we love it:

Breathtaking performances can also include angle grinding, fire skills, breathing fire, spinning poi, and throwing staff tens of feet into the air.


Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Racing events call for themed acrobats such as these stunt show jumping stilts


Fuel Girls, Global

Going far beyond conventional and standard fire performers, the Fuel Girls deliver passion filled high calibre fire shows that leave audiences stunned and hot under the collar. With a style and fire show that wouldn’t look out of place in Mad Max’s Beyond The Thunderdome, the edgy rock and alternative chicks are truly one of a kind.

Why we love it:

Fully customisable fire shows include an almost limitless choice of costumes and supply of fire props such as fire sticks, fire poi, fire fans, fire whips, fire swords, fire hula hoop, fire breathing, sparkle fire, and even flame jet gun.


Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Add drama and get audiences hot under the collar with our fiery Fuel Girls


Motorcycle Stunt Act, USA

Taking their extreme act inside a unique steel cage, our stunt performers ride through the cage up and down walls, crisscrossing each other to provide the perfect illusion of bikes colliding into each other for a true edge-of-your-seat experience.

With up to five motorbikes inside the cage at one time and stunts which include a bikini-clad assistant, guests won’t believe their eyes!

Why we love it:

Also able to be lit up in coloured LED lights, this unique wheel is extra effective in the dark and for night time events.


Top 5 High Octane Entertainment Ideas For Petrol Heads

Wow fans with a never-seen-before stunt show such as our Motorcycle Cage


High Octane Entertainment for Racing Events

Unbelievable stunt shows, fire props, daring stunt performers, custom themes and costumes… Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we have all the high octane ingredients to develop sensational entertainment for motorsport events and racing events. Speak to our experienced team about booking entertainment for your next event.

Looking for more?

A sport that is exciting, fast-paced and daring, race car driving is the ultimate theme for all kinds of events from outdoor community events and private celebrations, to black tie corporate parties and gala dinners. 

Check out our piece on how to plan a NASCAR-themed event for more inspiration! A sensation that began in the 1930s on Daytona Beach in Florida, NASCAR has accumulated over 75 million racing fans today. 


__By Freya Britton

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