What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

A sensation that began on Daytona Beach, Florida on March 8th 1936 where drivers brought their convertibles, sports cars, hard tops and coupes to see who had the fastest car and determine the best drivers. 

Out of the 27 cars that started the first race at Daytona, only 10 managed to survive the race as heavier cars became stuck in the sand and the lightweight cars took the top 6 places.

What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Since then NASCAR and race car driving has become an exhilarating sport that has accumulated over 75 million racing fans, an average NASCAR race attendance of over 99,000 and with over 12.5 million households tuning in to watch the Daytona 500 it is safe to say that this renowned racing event provides the ultimate entertainment for anyone who thrives off danger, speed and cars!

Why Choose NASCAR for your event theme?

A sport that is exciting, fast paced and daring – race car driving is the ultimate theme for events as it is different to the typical black tie theme yet just as impactful. It is the perfect theme for any event that wants to reach out to its guests who are sports enthusiasts as well as providing a new experience for those who are yet to witness NASCAR within an event setting. NASCAR has become a popular event theme over the years as the possibilities of what you can do for a NASCAR themed event are endless! It is an interactive and exciting theme that is guaranteed to impress guests of all ages.


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

What you need for an authentic NASCAR themed event

Over the years trends within the racing world have emerged with Grid Girls becoming an attractive factor in the whole excitement that surrounds NASCAR. When attending a race car themed event be prepared to see glamorous Grid Girls strutting their stuff in racing jumpsuits, crop tops and tight pants. Grid Girls most certainly add glamour to NASCAR as they encourage the drivers, display race number placards on the grid and take part in photo opportunities with fans.  At an event Grid Girls apply the same role as they do on the track as they enhance the race car theme with their racing outfits, mix and mingle with guests and provide the ultimate photo opportunity for any NASCAR loving fan. Not only do grid girls present fantastic photo opportunities but they are brilliant for meeting and greeting guests as they enter an event, immediately setting the scene and adding a more personable touch. Grid girls can be booked to show guests to their seats as well as serve appetisers and drinks – making for the ultimate hostesses at any and every NASCAR themed event. 


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Take to the wheel

If you want to host a NASCAR themed event that is truly authentic, you should be prepared to step into the drivers seat with a high tech racing simulator that makes you feel like you are in the race, whether it be the Daytona 500 or the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Racing simulators are a fantastic addition to any event and are guaranteed to bring out the sporting nature in guests as they take to the wheel like a true pro. The ultimate racing entertainment that is a guaranteed hit with guests of all ages, this racing simulator will provide entertainment for hours on end. 


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Stand tall on the podium

After driving the best race you have ever driven in a racing simulator stand tall in your rankings on a mock up podium that celebrates the top three drivers at the event – a hilarious addition that will make any competitive guest feel like a true champ. Not only that but we can also supply a virtual F1 champagne podium where your guests can experience exactly what it feels like to stand on that winning podium. Watch as your guests hold a replica Jeroboam bottle - but don’t worry, there is no risk of champagne spillage at your event as our simulator makes guests look as if they are spraying the champagne all over themselves and each other without even spilling a drop. With its own social media system your guests can instantly share their winners video on their social media to show all their followers how great your event is. 


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Be prepared to become surrounded by chequered flags!

In the true style of NASCAR and race car themed entertainment, when attending a racing event you will most certainly see the odd chequered flag or two! The symbol of the finish line, this iconic flag is guaranteed to make it into every NASCAR inspired event and rightly so. The black and white chequered flag is a statement décor piece for every race car themed event and is guaranteed to transport guests to the track and set the tone of the event as these racing colours instantly symbolise race car driving. 


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Creative food ideas

For any event, food and drink is the holy grail, whether guests flock to the food at first glance or take a while to work up to it – whatever the theme, food and drink is always going to be a high demand. Some of the more creative race car themed events have followed these simple but effective ideas to really set the scene at their NASCAR event:


Tyres filled with popcorn – Buy bowls in the shape and design of car tyres and use them to fill with popcorn and other tasty snacks. Also – to add to your décor, placing stacks of tyres around your venue will really make your guests feel like they are at the track.


Car inspired food – Now you may not have considered this before, but Oreos make for pretty perfect NASCAR tyres! Expect to see stacks of Oreos at NASCAR themed events as these little treats make for a great addition to any race car themed event.


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Have your cake and eat it 

With a multitude of talented bakers and food artists we can supply the perfect car inspired cake for your NASCAR event. Feast your eyes on a giant cake sized F1 car or hire our food artist Sarah to create life sized car parts for your guests to swoon over. Not only can our food artists bake phenomenal cakes but she can also create popcorn with your face on! This is a fantastic addition to your banquet as you can even get the faces of famous NASCAR drivers placed onto the popcorn that you serve your guests! The finishing touch to any NASCAR infused food selection. 


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

Pit Stops

Just like the professional race car drivers, stop off and refuel at pit stops around the venue. This is a fun and interactive idea that we think all race car themed events should do as guests visit different pit stops with different food and beverages displayed, making this a delicious yet creative feature at any racing themed event.


What to expect from a NASCAR themed event

You’re ready to race

So now you have had an insight into racing entertainment and what to expect from a NASCAR inspired event. We hope that you are raring to go as this theme really is the fastest on the market and slightly different to the average black tie event. 


If you want to find out more about NASCAR themed events or if you are looking to host your own race car inspired event whether it’s in time for the Daytona 500 or Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +1 702 563 4452. 

__By Charlotte Russell

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