Japan as tech leaders and their influence on the entertainment industry

Japan as tech leaders and their influence on the entertainment industry

We’re putting Japan under the spotlight as tech leaders and exploring their influence on technology and entertainment worldwide. Technology entertainment in Japan is a huge deal, and you should be following in their footsteps, whether it be by booking a VR experience or LED entertainment, to keep on top of the latest trends. 

The Japanese have a globally recognised reputation for being innovators and continuously pioneering new and exciting digital technology. A global perception of Tokyo is a city of bright lights, animated billboards and thousands of inhabitants using the latest tech gadgets. It all sounds like something from a science fiction movie but in reality, it is totally true. 

With scientific advances and hi-spec computers through to using mobile internet and contactless payment way before anyone else in the world, we have a lot to thank the Japanese for. Their advances in technology have dramatically affected the progress of event entertainment. Technology and entertainment have been increasingly linked with each other in the last decade and Japan has helped shape the likes of LED entertainment, VR Experiences and the use of robots for entertainment

Booking the latest technology entertainment in Japan is a must for attracting the attention of event attendees or potential clients as well as making a memorable entertainment experience. At Scarlett Entertainment we have a roster full of this incredible talent based in Japan and here is our selection of homegrown talent and why that type of technology is significant to Japan.

Japan pioneered walking, talking and interactive robots for entertainment  

Japan as tech leaders and their influence on the entertainment industry

The Japanese are responsible for pioneering android robots, and robots in general. As well as multiple uses such as hospitality, construction and medicine, there is an increase in demand for robots for entertainment purposes. We don’t mean people in costumes, we mean fully functioning, programmable robots for entertainment at trade shows, exhibitions, educational events and conferences.


Every two years since 1973, Tokyo hosts the International Robot Exhibition. At this event, most of the exhibitors are Japanese companies who together manufacture $6,000,000,000 worth of robots each year, two-thirds of which are exported. Back in 2003, researches at the Osaka University unveiled the first-ever all-talking, blinking and breathing human-like robot called Actroid which can now be booked for your event, through us, along with many other extremely exciting robots.


We have a long way to go until we reach the level of robot interaction Japan does. They are surpassing a point where using robots for entertainment is becoming a practicality as well as a diversion. Technology and entertainment in Japan blurs with everyday life. In Japan, one of the current biggest tourist attractions is the Robot Restaurant and in Nagasaki you can stay in a hotel that is almost entirely staffed by robots.


VR experiences are becoming a normal part of the culture in Japan


Japan as tech leaders and their influence on the entertainment industry

The Japanese are mad for virtual reality (VR). The combination of this immersive technology and interactive entertainment is one of the biggest trends right now and steadily increasing in popularity all over the world. Japanese entrepreneurs are constantly developing new business ventures to provide VR experiences. Virtual reality arcades and theme parks are already huge in Japan with totally immersive video games, adrenaline-fueled simulators and a range of VR experiences attracting thousands of attendees every day.


VR experiences have been a form of sought-after technology entertainment in Japan for a long time and there are multiple ways you can create a VR experience for your guests. VR Entertainment Japan has all kinds of simulators and VR experiences to fit with any event type or theme (please can you give some examples). By simply putting on a headset VR Entertainment Japan offers guest opportunities to jump into virtual reality scenarios with simulators, VR theatres and much more. Their high-end VR solutions are fully adaptable for the public and corporate market for both entertainment and experiential marketing.


Completely taking VR experiences to a whole new level, our exclusive VR illusionist Hara Hiroki has developed an exciting stage-based performance that uses a virtual reality storyline as the primary focus of his show. In this storytelling stage show, Hara wears a VR headset whilst the audience sees what he see on a large screen. He manages to combine virtual reality scenarios with quick illusions.


To fully understand the difference between VR and AR read our recent blog on the subject.



You can thank Japan for LED Entertainment


In the 1990s three Japanese scientists sparked a revolution by producing highly sought-after high efficiency blue LED lights and were subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Find out why this was revolutionary in this article posted on Popular Science. This paved the way for those robust tiny power saving light bulbs to be used in energy efficient TVs, huge screens, smartphones, computer screens and, as you know, they have been applied to costumes, props and instruments as technology and entertainment have crossed paths with exciting results. LED entertainment is one of our most popular requests and its applications make many acts visually stand out above the rest.


From the simple use of this technology in acts like our LED Hula Hoop Act or the Japanese LED Jugglers to more complexes uses in the LED screens of the Video Mapping Dance Combat, there is no denying that LED entertainment brings a much need wow factor.


If you confuse LED and UV then refer to our handy blog - 15 Tech terms Every Event Planner should Know.



The future is now so we all need to make the most of it


We can learn from the fascinating technology entertainment in Japan to push the boundaries of entertainment experiences at events the world over. At Scarlett Entertainment, we constantly keep up to date with innovative ideas, trends, technology and entertainment the world over so that we can provide clients with insightful knowledge and the latest high-tech entertainment options. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Entertainment Experts at the beginning stages of planning your event so that we use our expertise and know-how to create an impactful and memorable experience. 


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