Video Mapping Dance & Combat

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Video Mapping Dance & Combat
Reasons to book this Video Mapping Dance Show
  • Combined elements of Karate and Nunchaku with street dance

  • Offers a breath-taking show of a completely new type of dance style

  • Introduces traditional Japanese culture to worldwide audiences

  • Company logo can be integrated into video mapping performance

  • Based in Japan and available to perform at events worldwide

Video Mapping Dance & Combat videos

Video Mapping Dance & Combat photos

Wow your guests with the amazing Video Mapping Dance & Combat. This one of a kind video mapping Japanese act combines high tech visuals with traditional Japanese martial arts in a unique act unseen before. The incredible visual performance can be used to stun audiences all over the world and works exceptionally well as a product launch as the technology allows to incorporate logos and branding into the video mapping.

This Japanese act combines the movement and rhythm of Karate and Kabuki and astounding use of Nunchaku. Kabuki is traditional of Japanese culture and a type of theatrical street dance. Combined with the masterful uses of the nunchucks and karate stylings, this Japanese act creates an original video mapping dance show. 

Created in 1991, they started to study about the uniqueness of Japan’s traditional culture, and realised that karate stances and Kabuki poses have distinct rhythm and movements. They extracted this rhythm and movement, and combined it with street dance to create a totally new type of dance. The video mapping dance show looks like karate but is not karate, it looks like dance but it is not a dance, it is a very unique style.

The Japanese act has performed their breath-taking original dance show to audiences around the world. Their interactive video mapping project mixes real-time figure tracking with projection that brings the WOW factor to any event.

The Video Mapping Dance & Combat was performed at the opening ceremony for the International Olympic Committee in Kuala Lumpur as Japanese act representing Asia. Also this original dance show inspired Beyonce who used one of his routines at the Billboard Music Awards.

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