How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog

How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog

Happy employees are more productive, creative and better at sealing deals. Aware of this, each year an increasing number of employers opt for outdoor team building experiences to motivate their employees and encourage them to socialise outside the office. 

Building trust, improving communication, boosting teamwork besides breathing fresh air and reconnecting with nature...these are just a few of the many benefits of team building activities in the open. Allowing employees to connect in a different level and create memories together contributes to a better work atmosphere. By helping to bridge the gap between them, employers ensure better economic and social outcomes. 


Cut Employee Stress and Boost Productivity with Corporate Team Building Outdoors


Whether you’re already confident corporate team building outdoors is what your employees need or you are still hesitant, check out the below outdoor team building ideas and make up your mind about them!

Open-air Activities for Work Teams


Off-site activities such as outdoor group challenges and beach games encourage communication, collaboration and can reveal some hidden skills! These games share the same dynamic: participants are split into different groups headed by a leader. All groups will have to carry out different activities including races, insect tasting, riddles, obstacle courses, and so on!


Suitable for people with different abilities and talents, these outdoor team building experiences can be adapted to different levels of fitness so everyone can participate. 


Maximum number of participants: Up to 30 for outdoor group challenges, and up to 1,000 for beach games


Ideal for: Active people with an adventurous spirit and willing to demonstrate good sportsmanship

How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog


Fun for Childish Grown-ups!


Allowing employees to reconnect with their childhood will not only bring back fond memories, it’s also the perfect way to bring individuals together to achieve a common goal. Fun and engaging, this mega inflatable assault course can help work teams develop and realise their competitive potential whilst they have a great time!


This soapbox race might be the perfect outdoor team building idea for those teams needing a push or some motivation to improve their results. An activity that requires multiple talents including design, creative flair, innovation and driving skills, this exciting team bonding experience involves building a soapboax vehicle (that needs to pass an MOT) and competing in various challenges including a Grand Prix finale! 


Maximum number of participants: TBC for the inflatable assault course and 400 for soapbox races.


Ideal for: Work teams needing the motivation to achieve their goals and young professionals who enjoy physical activities


How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog


Relaxation and Meditation 

If you’re considering team building activities in nature but would like a completely stress-free experience for your employees, then immersive yoga is definitely what you should go for! Delivered by an international yoga instructor, these sessions help build strength, vitality and create mental clarity, which in turn contributes to better concentration and productivity. 

Experiencing a rise in popularity in recent years, mindfulness has also become an in-demand activity. Transforming it in a unique outdoor team building experience, this sand artist organises group activities focused on creativity and teamwork. He provides some guidelines on spontaneous creative expression before allowing participants to produce their own large sand art creations using only elements from nature. 


Maximum number of participants: Both yoga lessons and sand art workshops are completely flexible in terms of number of participants. 


Ideal for: Creative minds, yoga lovers, mindfulness followers and anyone interested in practicing meditation 

How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog


Team Building Decor and Craft Ideas

Team building activities in nature actually inspired by nature are trendy and truly help work colleagues connect as, in some cases, they discover hobbies and passions they have in common. This rose floral workshop, for example, includes a beautifully prepared lunch, lessons on how to create floral arrangements such as bouquets and also incorporates experimental watercolour painting. 

Also fun and fully interactive, this mosaic workshop promotes teamwork and allows participants to demonstrate their artistic skills. Consisting of building a Gaudi-inspired giant mosaic with smashed tiles, this original outdoor team building experience encourages communication, develop problem-solving capabilities and improve creativity and time management skills. 


Maximum number of participants: 20 for the rose floral workshop and groups of up to 1,000 people for the mosaic workshop.

Ideal for: Arts and crafts enthusiasts and art and nature lovers 

How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog


Themed Team Building Experiences

Opt for changing the work vibe drastically by transforming your employees into completely different people! You can do that with themed team building experiences such as this Musketeer activity, a unique and immersive 3-day seminar during which work teams will become musketeers! Based on emotional intelligence, this activity involves different problem-solving games in an environment that will be fully adapted to transport participants back to the Renaissance. 


With this treasure hunt adventure, work teams will see themselves transform into pirates with eye patches, bandanas and pirate hats! Divided into different groups, participants need to find a hidden treasure following the given instructions and maps with marked spots. Along the way, they will encounter challenges that they will have to solve with (inflatable) sword fights! A fun and exciting game that they can do whilst enjoying the fresh air.


Maximum number of participants: Up to 40 for the Musketeers activity, and up to 1,000 for the treasure hunt.


Ideal for: New and existing work teams looking to focus on the foundation of their values or improving their communication 


How to Build Team Spirit with Outdoor Team Building Activities | Scarlett Entertainment Ideas Blog


Rewarding your employees with some fresh air and fun team bonding games might be what your staff need to improve their productivity and produce better results. Filled with activities to suit all preferences, our global roster keeps extending every day with innovative group experiences. Make sure you subscribe to our e-newsletter to be up-to-date with our latest additions!


Explore Other Outdoor Team Building Ideas 


If you liked the above outdoor team building ideas but still hasn’t seen what you’re looking for, feel free to explore other options on how to build team spirit by checking other off-site activities.


Otherwise, give us a call today or email us with your ideas or concept and we will make sure we create the perfect outdoor team bonding experience for your staff. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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