Large Scale Sand Artist

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Large Scale Sand Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A highly talented sand artist who produces unique nature-based pieces of artwork

  • Can work in beaches under proper conditions and other open-air spaces covered by sand

  • Offer workshops and groupbonding activities for those interested in the principles of sand art

  • Previous clients include Disney, The Weather Channel and Turkish Airlines, among others

  • Based in San Francisco and available for bookings all around the world

Large Scale Sand Artist videos

Large Scale Sand Artist photos

This Large Scale Sand Artist produces mind-blowing sand creations that immediately catch the eye. He specialises in nature-based creations. Our skilled sand artist can produce henna-inspired and landscape inspired sand drawings; he can create abstract pieces and geometric figures; he can also draw messages in the sand and abstract forms.

This highly talented professional can work either in beaches or use natural materials to produce his sand masterpieces. His mind-blowing sand creations are site-specific and temporary. As you can see in the pictures above, he can create different figures using different natural materials such as sand, rock, foliage, straw, etc. Our Large Scale Sand Artist can create bespoke drawings. His unique pieces of artwork are several hundred feet long, especially if he creates them on the beach.

For those interested in learning the principles of this unique art, they can participate in his sand art workshops. Our skilled sand artist can offer a guided experience during which he will explain the history of sand art and discuss some ancient geometry, the language of nature and he will provide some directions on spontaneous creative expression.

He can also provide a groupbonding activity focused on teamwork and creativity. These types of interactive exercises are usually carried out outdoors and have been especially designed for large groups of people.

Allow passers-by and guests at your beach celebration to witness how this skilled sand artist produces unique pieces of artworks by only using elements in nature. His talent and boundless creativity attracted the attention of renowned brands such as Disney, the Weather Channel and Turkish Airlines, who have previously booked him for some of their events and activities.

As global experts, Scarlett Entertainment can offer a wide variety of sand artists for both events indoors and outdoors and all around the globe.

If you’re event or workshops takes place outdoors and you’re interested in booking this phenomenal Large Scale Sand Artist, then contact us today and make your enquiry. Our in-house team of coordinators will be happy to assist you and answer all the questions you may have.

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