Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Red carpet events are the parties we all wish we were invited to - whether in Hollywood, New York, Chicago, Florida or Las Vegas, celebrity A-listers know how to party. Think glamorous fashion, red carpets, breathtaking entertainment, memorable parting gifts, and star-studded guest lists.

Events such as the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Met Gala, Golden Globes and the like are usually reserved for the elite celeb glitterati. Take the Met Gala for example, with a strict invite-only guest list, and tickets rumoured to cost in excess of $25,000! 

But how do they do it? How do the people behind the scenes throw a flawless red carpet event? And how do we get involved?  We share our best tips to host an event that rivals any showbiz Hollywood awards party.

Welcome Guests in Style 

The iconic Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is home to more than 150 red carpet events per year and has hosted the Golden Globes 47 times. Michael Robertson, the hotel manager suggests that the experience starts the moment guests step out of the car: “Remember these guests have seen it all; We use creative decor, over-the-top audiovisual technologies, and stage sets to keep things fresh and exciting. Our team really tries to transform each space so that even the most seasoned partygoer will be impressed” 

To wow guests from the moment they step foot at your event we suggest creating a thoroughly immersive environment.  We supplied our stunning Cascading Violinist on the steps of NYC Public Library at the prestigious Knot Gala, to welcome guests in style. Her flowing 20-foot gown welcomed guests with a vision of luxury, instant wow-actor and ultra insta-worthy snaps.  

Read about it: Behind the scenes at the Knot Gala



And it isn’t a red carpet event without a red carpet, is it? The red carpet was notably first rolled out in 1922 for the premiere of Robin Hood at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. By 1961, the red carpet made its debut at the Oscars – and it's been part of the furniture for showbiz events ever since!


The 50,000 sq ft red carpet for Academy Awards is one of the most famous carpets in the world. Unsurprisingly, a carpet of this size doesn't come cheap, with an estimated cost of $24,700 according to reports. Fancy recreating this exuberant look? - Red Carpet Hostesses will create a striking and sophisticated welcome reception as guests arrive at your special occasion. 

Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

For an alternative, red carpet entertainment option, our incredible Sky Drummers can create a breathtaking walkway, towering above guests and performing drumrolls and rhythmic beats that will capture the attention of every single person as they enter your venue. A treat for the senses and excellent for setting a dramatic first impression as they welcome event guests in style.

Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Strike a Pose


Any Hollywood awards party wouldn’t be complete without the paparazzi. An Event Photographer is a great way to capture the guests best poses as they walk your red carpet in their finest fashions. For a fresh alternative option, our interactive Selfie Robot can autonomously roam your red carpet capturing memorable moments with instantly printable photos and easily sharable GIFs, with the ability for the photos as well as the robot itself to be branded. This is a great choice for ensuring plenty of social media sharing at your event.


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Five Star Service 


As soon as your guests have got through the incredible red carpet entrance, make sure they get a drink. Sophisticated cocktails or champagne on arrival is a fantastic way to welcome guests to the main event in style.  Our award-winning flair bartenders are an excellent choice for drawing in the crowds, providing wow-factor entertainment with their energetic flair routines whilst creating moreish drink concoctions for guests to enjoy during your red carpet occasion.


Champagne aerialists combine stunning aerial routines with champagne pouring for guests, a great way of serving drinks whilst also providing mesmerising and glamorous, ambient event entertainment.


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

If you’re hosting a premium event, you also need to serve premium food. Circulate sumptuous canapes with roving canape tables and consider lavish food stations. Or perhaps invite a celebrity chef along!


Our nitrogen cocktail and ice cream bar uses liquid nitrogen to freeze delicious treats in a cloud of smoke before your guests’ eyes. This sophisticated and chic dessert experience has been enjoyed by guests at parties held by Hilton Hotels, MGM Grand, Marriott Hotels, McCormick Place and more.


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Looking the Part 


Showbiz events and their attendees are always focused on looking the part, hair and makeup stations can be set-up, where professional makeup artists will give guests a few minutes of pampering and get them paparazzi ready - activity stations also come with the added bonus of being highly Instagramable, meaning your event can achieve additional exposure through digital platforms!


Our Nail Print Artist creates unique and quirky printed nails. The unique pop-up nail bar creates selfies, logos and art prints within mere minutes, a celeb blogger’s favorite!


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Fantastic fashion illustrators can capture stunning illustrations of guests in all of their finery, branding or personal messages can also be added to the designs and guests can take them away to treasure as a unique reminder of your event.


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Shimmering Stage Entertainment 


The trend is for showbiz red carpet events to get bigger and better each year, with more wow-factor entertainment and bigger and bolder set designs. Last year’s Oscars saw a sparkling stage that was decorated with a staggering 45 million Swarovski crystals, which took 3,250 hours to make!


Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

Source: Ed Herrera—ABC/Getty Images



To create a wow factor stage set to impress VIPs, look no further than our Customised Video Mapping, able to create a completely bespoke set design from video projection alone to create an equally impressive stage surround, without the enormous amount of man hours and the need to own half of the world’s Swarovski crystals!


Now that you have a stage, your glamorous event demands show-stopping entertainment to perform upon it.  Our Classic Orchestra can perform dramatic Hollywood style stings between awards and as guests walk to the stage collect their prizes.


For a modern and unique take on this classic option, the LED light orchestra will blow guests away with a sensory performance of light and sound like no other. The orchestra fuses classical hits with electronic dance music to create an exciting live experience that guests won’t have seen anywhere else!  Our LED Orchestra has previously performed with artists such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber Pitbull and Drake so they are bound to be a hit with your VIPs.



Red Carpet entertainment to make your event award winning!

We recently booked LED light orchestra to perform at The Linq in Las Vegas for over 2000 people, Watch the video here.


Diahann Hall, Account Manager for North America said:


“We aim to exceed expectations and our LED Light Orchestra did exactly that, warming up the crowd and filling up the dance floor. Our LED Orchestra is not your typical orchestra by any means. The energy at the event was fantastic and this entertainment option was a fine example of the exceptional experiences we provide at Scarlett Entertainment”



Everyones a winner 



Only a select few get to take home the gold at Hollywood showbiz events such as the Acadamy Awards, but the losers don’t go home empty-handed. Awards nominees are normally awarded a lavish assortment of freebies, ranging from vacations to diamond jewelry! The ‘Everyone Wins’ Gift Bags given to Oscars nominees have been valued at as much as $230,000!


Although this may be slightly extravagant, unique giveaways and event favors are a great way for guests to take home a unique reminder of your event and these can also be branded for additional free marketing! From cool party favors such as customisable nitrogen popcorn in branded packaging to delicate champagne flutes or glass awards statues etched with guests names, corporate logos or personal messages, created live at your event by our glass artist; a perfect gift for guests to take away with them, ensuring they remember your event for years to come.



So you now have everything you need to host your own award-winning red carpet event, you had better start putting together the VIP guest list!  Don your finest suits, bow ties and cocktail dresses and get ready to throw the party of the year! 


If you need some more inspiration, check out some more of our wow-factor entertainment, or contact our entertainment specialists who will be happy to suggest more sparkling entertainment ideas to take your red carpet event to the top.


With everything, you need to host your VIP party, from dramatic and glamorous arrival entertainment, shimmering stage shows, mix and mingle entertainment, activity stations and catering ideas, Scarlett Entertainment will provide luxury event inspiration for a glitzy occasion to remember. 


__By Lara Stephens

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