Liquid Nitrogen Custom Popcorn

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Liquid Nitrogen Custom Popcorn
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Liquid nitrogen popcorn will turn your guests into smoke breathing dragons!

  • Popcorn can be flavored to your specifications, creating custom popcorn or events

  • Fun food related entertainment that will be a huge hit with guests of all ages

  • Perfect for both indoor & outdoor events, weddings, corporate events & more

  • Book our liquid nitrogen custom popcorn for events in NYC & worldwide

Liquid Nitrogen Custom Popcorn photos

Our amazing liquid nitrogen cooled popcorn will turn your guests into smoke breathing dragons!

Popcorn for events just got a whole lot more fun, this unique act offers an unusual take on food related entertainment combining delicious popcorn flavours with a memorable eating experience - it’s not everyday you can breathe out plumes of cold air when you eat!

Our liquid nitrogen popcorn comes in a range of flavors and can also be customized to meet your specifications, whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, or something to match a specific theme food theme.

Presented in paper cones that can be customised with a specific design or logo, our popcorn makers are perfect to book as event catering for corporate events, weddings, festivals and much more.