Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

To assist event planners and businesses organise conventions and corporate events, our team at Scarlett Entertainment have compiled a top ten list of themes and taglines, incorporating food, entertainment and activity ideas.  The first five are listed below with Part Two to follow!

1) ‘A World Of Opportunities’

Theme keywords: Inspire, Possibility, Global, Innovative

Decor/props - Include posters with inspirational quotes, various national flags and world maps

Catering ideas - Experiement with a variety of international cuisines. We recommend popular Chinese dishes, Indian food, American snacks and English favourites

Entertainment - Hire traditional acts from around the world such as Japanese Taiko drummers to perform as guests enter, Caribbean music for during the food and an African acrobats show for after the meal, followed by Celtic musicians or a Mariachi band!

Key speakers- Opt for innovation speakers with a global outlook. CEOs of multi national corporations can teach international audiences about exploring new and emerging markets. 


Minocher - Manager of international food brands and creator of India's first residential finishing school, Minocher's corporate training company teaches employees the essential business skills required for Indian companies to compete within international markets.

Simerjeet - International motivational speaker and corporate trainer with over 10 years spent working in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia with FT 500 Companies, Simerjeet has a wealth of knowledge to share with audiences.

Team activity: A latin/salsa workshop for attendees, or a Flamenco workshop for guests to get the opportunity to take part!

Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One


2) ‘It Starts With Us’


Theme keywords: Togetherness, Team, Unity, Synergy


Decor/props-  A photobooth so that staff are reminded it’s all about them and a digital graffiti wall (with ultra realistic spray cans!) so that attendees can leave positive messages about the work they do!


Catering ideas- Delegates are encouraged to create their own food for this theme.  Guests take part in authentic culinary workshops to make bread, pizza, international cuisine and old favourites with first class chefs from around the world. Take it step further with ‘a great bake-off’ inspired team exercise for dessert!

Entertainment- Guests can enjoy various games and activities as they mix and mingle. Following the meal (created by attendees themselves as above!), they will be entertained by a world class shadow act (similar to those that have appeared on the ‘Got Talent’ series) who will perform a bespoke show about the company and the staff who are central to its success.  The after dinner show is followed by bandeoke, when guests are encouraged to front their very own band!


Key speakers: speakers for this theme would need firsthand experience and valuable knowledge about how staff are central to any company and its success, and be able to motivate delegates to drive the company forward.  



John S - an entertaining and original speaker, his "motivational humour" energises and inspires conference delegates. 

Rajesh - a motivational speaker and life coach. His approach to achieving success differs from that of other motivational business speakers in that he emphasises the importance of attitude over talent and ability, and focuses on achieving that shift in attitude at a deeper, emotional level.


Team activity- Create an amazing sense of unity and togetherness at your corporate event with an interactive drumming workshop!  This is a powerful team activity that will empower guests and unite companies as everyone performs together on African drums.  An enjoyable and memorable experience for all.


Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

3) ‘Waves Of Change / Oceans Of Opportunity’


Theme keywords: Water, The Sea, Marine Life, Fish, Sea Creatures


Decor/props - Include blue and green colours, palm trees, boats, driftwood and large seashells.  If you want to ‘push the boat out’, a customised sand sculpture could greet guests as they arrive at the venue!


Catering ideas: plenty of seafood!


Entertainment: a Caribbean steel band could welcome guests, accompanied by mermaids and walkabout sea creatures who can also hand out drinks to attendees.  During dinner the mermaids can perform on the Ukulele and after the meal The Aqua Cirque Show can perform their visually stunning act that will have guests mesmerised! 


Key speakers: speakers for this corporate theme would need to have experience of how to overcome change and maximise the potential outcome.  Those who could talk firsthand about how to recognise opportunity and use it to advantage would be ideal keynote speakers.



Richard - advises his audiences on how to overcome huge challenges, take control and achieve more in their lives. For business and corporate clients, Richard presents on Change, Challenge and Leadership, focussing on key strategies which will give your team the fuel to make life-changing decisions and create a positive culture within your organisation.



Team activity- Hula hoop workshop with the 1920s bathing beauties are a fun and unique entertainment option.  Attendees could also take part in interactive games with mermaids/sailors, including; message in a bottle, where guests are encouraged to write notes to other guests!


Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

4) ‘Get Momentum’ / ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’



Theme keywords: Speed, Fast, Drive, Direction


Decor/props- Incorporate racing inspired props and decorations such as checkered flags, fast cars and superbikes! Racing car simulators and motorbike simulators to provide plenty of interactive entertainment as guests mix and mingle.


Catering ideas - High quality hamburgers with plenty of delicious condiments will please crowds and energise your guests.


Entertainment - A speed painter can depict the company logo or event slogan as guests arrive.  Following the meal, a quick-change duo will entertain and amaze attendees with their fast costume changes.  The event entertainment ends with an upbeat/high energy quality covers band!


Key speakers- Speakers who can motivate a workforce to even greater things would be the perfect option for this theme.  They will inspire audiences to maximise their productivity and inspire creativity and innovation!



Scott - Combining unique story-telling abilities with motivational addresses about achieving success and overcoming adversity, Scott speaks on the topics of Leadership, Resilience and Peak Performance.


Team activity- A skalextric competition for delegates provides a fun way to tap into guests' competitive sides.


Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

4) ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’



Theme keywords: Futurism, Technology, Unity, Cooperation


Decor/props- Decorate with metallic colours and LED lighting. Arcade games and augmented reality entertainment will also fit with the theme.


Catering ideas - Create 'space food' by opting for simple, stripped back dishes like freeze dried fruit and pasta. Everything can be served in pouches to add a fun element to the event.


Entertainment - Welcome your guests with amazing and futuristic walk around robot entertainers!  During dinner, delegates will have their likeness taken by an ipad caricaturist who can email portraits instantly (to include logos etc).  Then bring your event to life with amazing LED drummers who can programme their equipment so that the drums flash colours in sync with the beat!


Key speakers- For this corporate theme, professional speakers who have a wealth of understanding and knowledge on how staff can work together to achieve future goals and positive change and/or what can be achieved by working together more effectively for the future of the company.



Michael - is a technology pioneer and 'practical futurist' who combines real business experience with technology skills, to deliver a common-sense vision of change for business and individuals. He is a dynamic speaker, who can effortlessly blend technology, economics, demographics, culture and human nature, and he speaks and consults for clients worldwide.


Mike - bestselling author of FUTURETAINMENT and CEO of innovation research lab Tomorrow, is a leading authority on the digital future and emerging markets.  Constantly travelling the world for the best ideas, Mike curates the most relevant insights into high impact keynotes that allow audiences to not only understand, but also influence the future direction of their industry.


Team activity: Instigate an amazing robot workshop that includes teams of delegates working together to build their own and competing against each other in a series of games and challenges.  Additional tasks can also be set, with prizes awarded to the best teams!


Ideas for Corporate Themes – Part One

__By Beki Polding

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