How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event

How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event

Sporting events today are about so much more than just the match. Loyal sports fans have an emotional connection to their sport and team, and what better way to reward their dedication than with a fun day out of sporting entertainment that takes a game to a whole new experiential level? 

We take a look at ways to engage fans at sporting events so that event organisers can raise the bar, exceed expectations and keep fans coming back for more. From fan zones and stadium matches to product launches and sporting exhibitions, you’ll find all kinds of entertainment for sports events below.

Start with a High-Octane Opening Ceremony

Why not kick off your sporting entertainment with an awe-inspiring opening ceremony? A grand opening event provokes excitement, curiosity, and a sense of community among sports fans and creates a buzz that extends beyond the event itself, especially if you have fans watching live streams on social media. 

Think about sporting entertainment that can be delivered in a country’s flag or team colours, and that can work together for fantastic visual impact. Why not have entertainers perform again afterwards as a mix and mingle set or photo opportunity for the crowds?


Build opening ceremony buzz with:


A dynamic performance from our Sporty Olympic Rhythmic Gymnasts, highly versatile LED Flag Walkers, Freestyle Basketball Show, or even a Human Cannonball


How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event


Bring Fans Closer to the Action


Whether it’s mini sporting challenges for spectators, vendors with clever product demonstrations, or roaming lookalikes and freestylers, any fan engagement that can help crowds feel closer to the action will keep them physically and emotionally immersed. Can you offer expert advice from a sporting hero? Create event-exclusive backgrounds and props for photo opportunities, or educational activations to teach people about technique or the latest sports kit technology. Perfect for fan zone entertainment!


Action to engage fans with:


Smoothie bikes that reward fans with a fresh smoothie for their efforts, sportsman lookalikes, interactive sports walls, Maori Haka workshops and more! 


How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event


Enhance the Live Experience


Today’s incredible technology enables brands to add even more value to their sporting events. Creating multi-sensory environments, harnessing the power of the crowd, connecting fans and developing VIP experiences are just a few of the ways technology can enhance the live experience. Personalised entertainment is a great way to send fans home with a unique memento of their day. 


Build additional value with:


Glowing LED Wrist Bands that connect the crowd with programmable colours - sophisticated effects such as a waving British flag or colour blocks can be created. The Lifelike Inflatable Mini You allows fans to create a personalised version of themselves in their team’s kit! Consider VR, AR, video mapping and holograms to overlay planes of content onto real life.


How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event


Go Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes content has never been more popular! Thanks to the rise of vlogging and social media, fans are thirsty for more backstage access into the lives of their heroes. Offering up never seen before scenes of iconic sporting venues, team practices and the lead up to a match helps fans feel connected to the human stories behind their team. A sneak peek into the locker room through a virtual 360 tour, or following the latest in sports pitch technology is fascinating entertainment for devoted fans.


Take a sneak peek with:


Our Interactive 360 Walk-in Booth, a fully immersive room that displays bespoke graphics to allow users to explore a number of environments. Create experiences with VR headsets, or hire a sports speaker for an expert Q&A session.


How To Engage Fans At Your Sporting Event


Fan Engagement for Sporting Events


Fan engagement and fan zone entertainment can be achieved in many ways - both large and small - to build more of an experience around a sporting event. Consider a range of entertainment from walkabout acts to high-tech virtual reality activations to educate, excite and enthral fans!


Looking for More?


Get inspired by browsing our roster of fan engagement and sporting entertainment. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you develop tailored entertainment for sports events.


__By Freya Britton

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