Immersive VR Event Activations

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Immersive VR Event Activations
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Immersive virtual reality and augmented reality content designed, created and developed specifically for each client

  • Physical build and mixed reality experience uniquely designed and delivered

  • Ideal VR for events in-store, stadiums, business exhibitions, location based brand campaigns and more

  • Associated 360 content can be produced for social channels after physical delivery

  • Based in London, UK, our Immersive VR Event Activations are available worldwide

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Immerse your audience in a bespoke and engaging mixed reality experience with our experts in Immersive VR Event Activations. 

Designed, developed and built specifically to your brief, our virtual reality and augmented reality experts will breathe life into your visions and make the impossible possible. 

Specialising in VR for events, our creators will build bespoke immersive event activations for both entertainment and enterprise purposes. Highly experienced, our team has delivered over 300 immersive productions for a range of high-profile clients including Uber, Facebook, Google, Sky, The North Face, Condé Nast, and Land Rover among many, many more. 

Harness the power of highly engaging and immersive content with virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality for mind-bending experiences that will stop audiences in their tracks. Increase footfall, deliver one-of-a-kind adventures, bring brands to life and demo products or services in an arresting way. 

Leading the charge in immersive storytelling, our creators are developing some of the most exciting VR for events with ground breaking virtual reality technology. 

Top Tip:

Keep the hype alive after your event by utilising your VR content on social media channels post physical event. Mixed reality content is just as powerful online and will increase reach across vital visual platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Perfect for integrated campaigns!

Based in London, UK, our Immersive VR Event Activations also have teams on the east and west coasts of the US and China for true global reach across Europe, the US and Asia.

Scarlett Entertainment offers an increasing range of VR for events across the world. Discover our exciting virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality entertainment options for further exhilarating experiences and inspiration. 

To book a project or inquire about how our experts in Immersive VR Event Activations can help wow audiences at your event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.