LED Mirror Men

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LED Mirror Men
Reasons to book this LED Mirror Men
  • LED Mirror Men dazzle guests as they refract light from every angle

  • Can perform with LED poi as well as fire for a striking live show

  • Available as solo roaming characters as well as up to eight mirror performers

  • Perfect for corporate entertainment, private parties, nightclubs, brand launches and openings

  • Based in Sweden and available for worldwide bookings

LED Mirror Men videos

LED Mirror Men photos

Roaming about your event, watch as these mirrored characters become their own light source as they bounce and reflect lights from their LED props off of their shimmering costumes! Transforming their performance space into a giant disco ball arena, these LED Mirror Men sparkle all night long.

Our light show of two to eight artists can be tailored and adapted to the size of the event as well as the overall theme.The show can also include LED rock rings, dance and acrobatics with LED and laser costumes, scene effects and pyrotechnics that can also be adapted for indoor use to create a spectacular showcase.

Watch as our LED Mirror Men refract light from every angle as they spin and twirl LED poi around their mirrored bodies. Also available as a fire performance option our Sweden Mirror Men take walkabout entertainment to exciting new levels and boast the ultimate mirror performers for any event looking to stun their guests. 

An LED Mirror Men act that stuns guests in attendance as well as online, these Sweden Mirror Men are perfect for creating a huge buzz at events and make for stand out online campaigns and promotional videos that are incredibly visual. 

Top Tips:

Our LED Mirror Men can feature your branding and your company logo in their LED Poi, integrating it with futuristic patterns and dynamic choreography. 

Performing to electronic music these Sweden Mirror Men move with precision and are synced with shifting images that are projected with the LED staffs. The ultimate roaming characters for any event looking for next level walkabout entertainment, our mirror performers astound and amaze at all events. 

To book our LED Mirror Men or for more information about hiring mirror performers for your walkabout entertainment, contact our team of helpful Entertainment Specialists today.