This Week In The Event Industry: 6th January

This Week In The Event Industry: 6th January


It’s our first event industry roundup in 2017 and it’s clear that event profs are brimming with event resolutions and expected trends for the coming year!

We’ve found some seriously exciting content that will help reinvigorate your event practises in 2017. Our to four finds for this week include news on how leading brands are incorporating fitness activations into their promotions, immersive winter themed experiences, and ways in which you can improve your event practices in 2017.

Event Resolutions for Event Profs

Who said that New Year’s resolutions were limited to your personal life, why can’t they also apply to your professional life?

Eventbrite show you how not only can you improve you’re the success of your events, but also the fulfilment that you get from your career, with a short list of event resolutions to make for 2017.

The New Way to Event Survey

2017 is the year to revolutionise the way you conduct surveys at your events. Why is it that we often way until after our events to gather feedback? We could be discovering what our attendees want before and even during the event, in order to pre-empt problems and fix any that occur instantaneously.

Here’s what Event Manager Blog has to say about intra-event surveys.

Sports Themed and Fitness Activations

Everyone is on a health kick in January – you could say it’s a worldwide tradition. Event Magazine take a look back and some brands which harnessed this ‘get fit’ will power and used it in fitness activations throughout last year.  

Harnessing Seasonal Advantages

No matter your brand, one sure fire way to stay current and meet your target audience’s needs it to appeal to the seasons. A fantastic example of this documented by Event Magazine is Subaru’s ‘Seize The Snow Day’s’ campaign, which sees the car brand pitch themselves to the winter sports community as the perfect vehicle to facilitate their passion. All brands can learn a lesson from this. Read more here.


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