Showcasing Original Entertainment at #InternationalBuskingDay

Original Entertainment #InternationalBuskingDay


On Saturday the 21st of July our Daredevil BMX Rider will be supporting Newton Faulkner at #InternationalBuskingDay in Wembley Park, London. 
Street performance, otherwise known as busking, is important for any major city and is a craft that can shape the entertainment industry significantly. The beauty of busking is that the performers' restrictions are not limited, they are only limited to the physical space they’re are performing in and the artist's ability to be creative. 

Busking comes in a range of forms and #InternationalBuskingDay celebrates this globally by showcasing award-winning street performer. This year London will host famous musicians such as Nina Nesbitt and Newton Faulkner alongside street dancers, emerging music talent, balloon twisters, circus performers, our BMX freestyler and much more.
Busking has increased in popularity over the years and many up and coming artists see it as a way to develop their performance skills and engage with a new audience. Street performances can be political, immersive, thought-provoking or just plain weird. The universal language of music, circus and performance art means busking is accessible to everybody. This  #InternationalBuskingDay you can see buskers in all major cities and performers will be travelling from six continents to perform their sets.


Original Entertainment #InternationalBuskingDay

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Busking creates a vibrant culture and sense of identity in cities that attract visitors and entertains locals like. 
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “London has one of the most vibrant and diverse busking scenes in the world. This will be a great day for families across the city – and around the world – to get together and enjoy a fantastic showcase of the city’s talent, music and street performances.
“We are joining forces with other great cities to show that buskers make a huge contribution to creativity and culture. Ahead of Brent becoming London Borough of Culture in 2020, this celebration will play an important role in inspiring the next generation of musical talent in London, and goes to show that creativity is in every corner of our city.”


Original Entertainment #InternationalBuskingDay

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At Scarlett Entertainment our talent scouts are always on the lookout for the next big thing and sometimes we find some of the highest quality talent busking in cities all over the world. Our Artist Content Manager, Nick Hewlett, grasps the opportunity to visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for new ideas on how we can provide our clients with original entertainment packages so they can do the unheard of. 
#InternationalBuskingDay sheds light on the everyday artist who could well be crafting the next smash hit or entertainment trend of the future. Numerous famous buskers have transformed popular culture internationally and a lot of them are renowned for their performances in London. 
Six Celebrities who started off as buskers:  

  • Rod Stewart 
  • Ed Sheeran 
  • Robin Williams 
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Steve Martin

Newton Faulkner, who performs just after our Daredevil BMX show, said:

“Busking is the soundtrack to the underground and the streets, it’s part of living in London. I don’t think the city would be the same without it.”

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Our BMX Freestyler will be supporting Newton Faulkner and the Mayor of London at the free event on Saturday at Wembley Park so make sure you head down to see him in action. Our award-winning BMX Freestyler will amaze you as he showcases his pioneering flatland moves in an innovative street performance.
Don’t forget to check out the latest social media updates on Twitter throughout the weekend:

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This isn’t the first time our artists have performed at Wembley Park. Our Live Event Artist painted an expressive art piece for the up and coming new urban development.

By Elliot Pettifer

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