Immersive Entertainment at an Awards Ceremonies In Austria

Immersive Entertainment at an Awards Ceremony In Austria


Our expert Female Digital Illusionist created a futuristic atmosphere as she embodied the artificial intelligence theme into her act at an award ceremony in Austria. 

The award ceremony brought together brands from around the world to celebrate the benefits of the latest technology to new car buyers in Austria. With a strong focus on artificial intelligence, the award ceremony designers reflected the theme by working with Scarlett Entertainment to create a ‘futuristic and sci-fi themed event environment’.

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European entertainment specialist Roberto Alessandrelli provided our client with entertainment that offered an experiential insight into artificial intelligence and technology. Our Female Digital Illusionist performed a stage show where she used a pre-recorded version of herself predicting the evening’s events. The on-screen entertainment interacted directly with audience members and our female digital illusionist, showcased another way technology is being merged with real life interactions.  

Following on from her spectacle on stage our female digital illusionist headed into the crowd to connect her stage show with customers by performing a close up, individualised, Ipad version of her stage show.


Immersive Entertainment at an Awards Ceremony In Austria

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Our Female Digital Illusionist has mastered the art of digital magic for corporate audiences by using a combination of artificial intelligence, sleight of hand and futuristic magic circle techniques. 
Entertainment Coordinator, Roberto said:

“I love providing unique entertainment that adds to the feel or theme of event spaces, whether its an artificial intelligence theme for an awards ceremony in Austria or a traditional Italian theme at a conference in Rome. I’m excited to work on other projects like this to enable my clients to change environments and achieve their goals.”

If you are looking to create an immersive experience and need entertainment to help you with that, then get in touch with our Entertainment Specialist who will help you reach your goals. 

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