Global Haka Workshop Visits Entertainment HQ

Global Haka Workshop Visits Entertainment HQ


Today we energised our workforce when our Global Haka Workshop visited Entertainment HQ in Devon.

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Our team provide Haka experiences for corporate clients all over the globe. In addition to spectacular stage shows, our Haka performers create captivating workshops that energise, motivate and bond employees or conference delegates through learning haka. 

This afternoon began with a brief discussion about what our clients can expect from a haka workshop before we all learnt the famous haka Ka Mate, the Ngati Toa haka made famous by the All Blacks. 

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The Haka Workshop is a great tool for:

  • Engaging your audience - haka generates excitement and spectacle as Maori warriors storm the stage with a Haka performance.
  • Energising your team - learn Haka chants and actions to bring energy to your event!
  • Build team unity - by performing the Haka with passion, with vigour and commitment as a united team.
  • Communicate key messages – our speakers emphasise the link between your event themes or challenges and the lessons from Haka - whether that’s about unity, facing challenges, thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries. Drawing on knowledge of the All Blacks and Maori culture to inspire and unify.
  • Haka is for everyone - women, men and all ages!

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Karl is the Managing Director of our Global Haka Workshop, he said:

“What a great opportunity to share the vibrancy of haka with Scarlett Entertainment. Their openness and enthusiasm meant they took their haka to a powerful level very quickly. Through their participation, they are now well placed to share the value and their enthusiasm of haka with their clients around the world.”

We discussed the origin of the Haka, why it is important to Maori, to New Zealanders and how the core values inherent in haka such as authenticity, team and purpose can be utilised by businesses to strengthen their teams and connect their people to their purpose.

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Nick Hewlett, Artist Content Manager said: 

"We know that interactive workshops are the perfect post-lunch energiser for a corporate event. To be visited by such a high profile presenter gives our Sales Team the first-hand experience they need to understand the Haka workshop and, importantly, the impact it has on those involved. I could tell from how everyone got fully involved in the Haka that this is a powerful shared experience that unites a team."

Global Haka Workshops have teams of Maori haka performers situated in the UK, the US, Dubai and Australia and New Zealand so we are well placed to come to your event anywhere in the world.

At Scarlett Entertainment we have a wide a range of entertainment available to energise your conference and meetings. Our #Funintheoffice initiatives enable our Entertainment Coordinators to be experts in their field and share their in-depth knowledge of the industry with our clients

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