Chinese New Year - The Inside View

Chinese New Year - The Inside View


The Power Of Local Knowledge: Jodie Cooper’s Chinese Entertainment Options

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Chinese entertainment specialists and star of Chinese Idol Jodie Cooper uses her previous experiences to enhance the future events and entertainment she arranges in Asia. Speaking in an interview, Jodie reveals more about the importance of traditional and authentic Chinese entertainment during Chinese New Year.

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Jodie lived in mainland China and performed as an event vocalist and DJ across the country for over four years. While in Asia, Jodie auditioned for the talent competition Chinese Idol, where she wowed the nation and made it to the live stages of the show.

Jodie's success on Chinese Idol taught her how to create and execute Chinese entertainment that appeals to a local audience. In addition to playing incredible shows across Asia, as a singer for clients such as Porsche, BMW and Sony Records, Jodie Cooper is now widely recognised by her achievements as a successful international Entertainment Coordinator who specialises in Chinese entertainment. 

Entertainment Coordinator, Jodie Cooper, says:
“If there’s an opening of a new shop or business there will always be a Lion performance because it symbolises good luck and fortune on the event”

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Scarlett Entertainment is a global agency with an international roster of local Chinese acts available to hire for Chinese New Year events anywhere in the world. The entertainment agency prides itself on providing authentic entertainment and is one of very few Agency's who can fly authentic Chinese acts from Asia to your event.

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Jodie has created Chinese Entertainment for clients in China, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the UK. Her multilingual skill set allows her to communicate across cultures and organise exceptional Chinese events from start to finish. 

Jodie talks about her experiences working with many different clients in Asia and how she adapts her work to ensure the smooth running of events. 

“I’ve coordinated entertainment with less than three days notice, where together, with the client we pulled off a huge event which was magnificent. I understand that many organisations in Asia need a quick turnaround with major events because they are managing a range of different projects at one time, which is why I ensure that the events created for clients are hassle-free.”


Chinese New Year - The Inside View

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Chinese New Year is a global event which takes place in communities across the world in mid-February. One-sixth of the world's people celebrate Chinese New Year, and the celebrations are alive with red lanterns and traditional Chinese New Year entertainment. Using her Locally sourced knowledge, Scarlett Entertainment's Jodie Cooper provides her clients with ideas and a range of Chinese Entertainment to produce an authentic and spectacular Chinese New Year celebrations, globally. 

If you would like Jodie to create an event for Chinese New Year or a Chinese themed private party, then don’t hesitate to give her a call.

You can find out more about Jodie Cooper and her own performance options on her artist page on the Scarlett Entertainment website.

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_ By Elliot Pettifer

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