ue Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

From pop up tricycles to thematic picnics and concept cuisine to wow your crowd!

Mobile catering is ideal for any event or wedding that requires something with a little more personality than a sit down four course meal. It also offers the ability to bring delicious food to all and every location.

To ensure your event stands out, set a focus on the catering, an element that is memorable to everyone. With this in mind, offer your guests an unforgettable festive feast with a distinct style, delivered in an innovative fashion and designed to leave a lasting impression.

We offer unique mobile event catering solutions globally, in various themes and formats. Below, we have put together a handpicked list of our favourite catering ideas that will make sure your bespoke event and event catering is talked about for weeks to come.

Mobile Event Tricycles

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

A unique and innovative mobile catering solution, delivering the perfect custom-designed prop to your celebrations.


Set the tone of your event with a focal point such as a mobile catering tricycle. A themed tricycle will not only deliver style to your special occasion, it will also act as a decorative prop, delivering endless photo opportunities for your party to enjoy. We have an array of themed tricycles that will add the perfect thematic element to your bespoke event, with the ability to customise serving cones and pots as well as display your company branding or logo, themed colours or personalised message. Our mobile event tricycles offer a diverse mix of cuisines, drinks and confectionary ranging from crepescheesepopcorn and themed ice-cream to waffles, snow cones, Pimms and gin


Your guests will be guaranteed to fall in love with our tricycles, which offer the perfect stylistic prop for your bespoke event. 

Pop Up Bars

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Ensure your themed event is unforgettable with a fabulous pop up bar! 


Add a luxury mobile Champagne bar or Pimm’s bar to your event for classic styling. Delivering the perfect bespoke prop and customised entertainment, a pop up bar is sure to leave a lasting impression. Provide iconic pop-up bar services that deliver the ideal solution for your high-value events. 


We offer the opportunity to brand your pop up bar in your preferred style, theme or colours and can supply cold storage for your selected beverages, to your specific requirements. 


Our custom-designed pop up bars  are perfect for marquees or smaller sites to promote specific points of sale for your event. 


We can work closely to your individual brief to create requested stylings, tailoring a design to meet your personal requirements, with all of our pop up bars being easily transported to assemble on site.

Iconic restored Vehicles

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Add an element of style and a little retro flavour to your celebrations with a Deluxe Bus Bar.


Why not provide your guests with eye-catching bar catering to be talked about for weeks to come and add a little imagination with our selection of lovingly restored iconic vehicles? We have a host of classic vehicles ranging from a Speakeasy bus bar to a vintage Routemaster as well as classic double decker buses with open top decks, presenting fun seating areas and chill out zones. A striking vintage bus with a large viewing platform, high quality sound systems and mood lighting will provide the ideal thematic prop for a show-stopping themed event. 


Transform your event into something refreshingly unexpected with the addition of a classic vintage 1967 red Routemaster bus! Our innovative bar concepts offer stylish seating areas, retractable roofs, a huge canopy with modern chairs and tables and atmospheric coloured LED lighting, perfect for an evening party or a music festival. The exterior features plenty of space to advertise and promote corporate banners, which would also suit a corporate event or product launch. For smaller spaces, opt for quirky catering concepts such as a converted horse box! Serve miniatures with your chosen alcohol and company branding, add magnetised boards to the sides displaying your chosen logo and colours or alternatively have your personalised message written on the chalkboard above the hatch.

Original bar catering solutions

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Add the perfect ambience for your tailored event with bar catering that stands out.


Add style and class to your occasion with a completely customised bar! We offer our designer bars as innovative products, creating the perfect aesthetic for your event.


Alongside your bar, we provide flair bartenders and sophisticated drinks made from the freshest ingredients. Whatever your event or occasion we have multiple tailored Mobile Cocktail Bars for your VIP groups and corporate clients to enjoy. Choose one of our unique concept bars to make yours an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on your guests! 


Why not ask our mixologists to create a cocktail in your branded company colours or with an ingredient that represents your chosen party theme? Our expert bar staff and mixologists can rework classic cocktails, giving them a new look using unusual ingredients, wowing your crowd with a modern version of a classic recipe whilst staying true to your themed event.

Concept Catering

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Delight your guests with personalised menus to match your event, providing a completely unique experience. 


We can provide inspirational spreads for your thematic occasion that will ensure a stand-out event. We offer an array of revolutionary concept catering ideas for an unforgettable themed event. 


For an eye-catching display, we can supply inspirational spreads and themed picnics, happily adapting to create tailored event cuisine combining both contemporary and traditional food design. Our menus can be manipulated to suit personal taste or theme for any give occasion, offering a huge range of the most delicious flavours and ingredients.


It’s the little touches that will give the wow factor to your occasion so make sure it is memorable, our creative team spend their days brainstorming new ideas to achieve just that!

Experimental & Fusion Food

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Flavoursome creations and molecular surprises to inspire.


Add a unique flavour to your occasion with experimental and fusions foods, such as Sushi, Nigiri, Hand rolls, Sashimi and Carpaccio, ideal for major product launches, corporate events and private parties. Our fusion concepts are an ideal solution for creating a beautiful spread to leave a lasting impression, setting your occasion apart with delicious cuisine that is not only a taste sensation but also aesthetically beautiful, meticulously displayed and ready to serve. 


Incorporate Indian cuisine and fusion foods along with a molecular bar services and themed decor. Our exceptional catering teams enjoy unrivalled reputations, introducing many popular dishes, inspired by the fusion of Asian and Indian food. 

Seasonal Catering

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Flavoursome and fresh is what our seasonal event caterers are about.


Opt for seasonal catering to bring expertise to the table, implementing your thoughts and ideas, designing an inspired sumptuous menu or an entire event that will ensure your party are treated to an unforgettable dining experience. Hiring seasonal mobile caterers is not only more cost effective but also great for the environment, delivering the perfect option for organisers looking to go green and hold a sustainable event.

Creative Food Design

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Bring something bespoke, luxurious and innovative to your celebrations.


Leave a visual imprint on your guests with an incredible display of creative food design, bringing thematic, tailored event cuisine to your chosen venue. We provide bespoke, luxurious and innovative cuisine and concept catering to wow your crowd, delivering a stylistic and unique approach with a focus on aesthetics and innovative flavours.


Our exclusive mobile event catering solutions will deliver versatility, expertise and professionalism to your corporate or private event.

Something Sweet

Unique Mobile Catering Solutions For Your Tailored Event

Allow your guests to immerse themselves into an array of sweet treats.


Provide your party with the most sought after sweet treats around! Our sweet treats range from alcoholic cupcakes, pipette cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate covered Oreos and eye catching dessert tables.  All of our bespoke options are presented with a quality service. Delicious sweet sensations combined with innovative ideas will be certain to set your event catering apart. 


For the perfect afternoon tea experience, create the whole look for your themed occasion with freshly baked cakes, decorative bunting, cut flowers and vintage china ware. Ideal for an Alice in Wonderland tea party or vintage themed event. 


Add a pop up vintage ice-cream van or tricycle for an eye-catching element and bespoke prop. Your guests will be charmed not only by the luxury ice-cream served but also by the array of vintage display props, offering a quirky yet classic touch to your occasion, perfect for photo opportunities, presenting a focal point to your event. 


Whatever theme you decide on for your event catering, ensure it brings your celebrations to life with inspiring concepts and flavours. Whether you choose to keep your celebrations traditional or add a more modern twist, we have the perfect mix of concept catering, pop up bars and fusion foods to compliment your event. 


Why not contact one of our event specialists at Scarlett Entertainment & Events, who will be happy to talk through and discuss your ideas and come up with the perfect solution for your bespoke occasion. Get in touch on: 0044 (0) 1626 527072

__By Natalie Millar-Partridge

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