Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is the most important one in Europe. During 17 days, the streets and canals of this magical city become the setting for numerous parades, outdoor shows, concerts and balls. At Scarlett Entertainment we know that Venice Carnival is a world-famous celebration that attracts thousands of tourists from all corner of the world every year, and how challenging it  can be to surprise visitors and meet their expectations year after year. 

One of the most famous and beloved celebrations in the world is about to take place and both Venetians and tourists are getting their costumes and masks ready for it. During more than two weeks, the whole city will be transported to  elegant parties and balls from the 17th century. And nothing contributes more to creating the Floating City’s dreamlike atmosphere during these days than the right themed walkabout entertainment. At Scarlett Entertainment we’re specialists at spreading inspiration, which is why we have listed some the most popular and booked themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice. Get comfy, relax and take note of the following carnival inspired entertainment options we can offer.

Circus and street entertainers for open-air celebrations

Circus parade

If anything defines carnivals, it's definitely floats and parades. The Carnival of Venice is an open-air celebration and, as such, people take to the streets in search of fun and parades to follow. Consisting of a wide range of circus and street entertainers, this Circus Parade will immediately attract public attention and invite passers by to join them and walk around the city with them.

This ensemble of aerialists, jugglers, fire performers and actors knows how to perfectly capture the magic of festivals and will create a dreamlike atmosphere more than appropriate for the occasion. Followed by a motorised carriage, stilt walkers dressed in white winged costumes can march around Venice captivating pedestrians, especially children and circus lovers!

Circus Street Theatre

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

The traditional characters of the Carnival of Venice were born from Art Comedy (Commedia dell’Arte). Art Comedy was the way lower classes of society in Italy found to express themselves artistically, mainly through street theatre. This is exactly what this group of circus specialists based their outdoor circus show around. Performed by stilt walkers, aerialists and fire performers among others, this wonderful Circus Street Theatre presents one of the most famous plays in history in a unique and different way.

Based on ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare, our circus and street entertainers have adapted the work by the famous English playwright to bring one of the most acclaimed stage productions in history to the streets. These creative circus performers not only pay tribute to one of the best authors in history, but they  can also pay homage to the Carnival of Venice’s origins, which makes them an ideal circus walkabout entertainment option to consider.

Roaming Venetian Stilt Walkers

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

What could be better than combining circus walkabout entertainment with traditional Venetian masks? This is precisely what these Roaming Venetian Stilt Walkers offer, and one of the most booked and in-demand carnival inspired entertainment shows for this festivity. They bring the essence of Venice to festivals and celebrations around the world, and they can actually provide the Italy's most famous carnival with authenticity and give it a true Italian identity.

This couple of circus and street entertainers will dress with original Venetian masks and costumes and will wander around the centre of the city interacting with  party-goers and creating an atmosphere that will make people feel like they are in a historical version of Italy . These themed stilt walkers are definitely one of the most suitable carnival inspired entertainment ideas to bring back the genuine essence of the original Venice carnival to the streets.

Carnival inspired entertainment involving masks and costumes

Venetian walkabout act

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

When it comes to carnival masks, there is no doubt that Venice is what comes to mind. This group of themed performers consisting of actors and artists from various circus disciplines will make any party feel like a real 17th century Italian ball. This Venetian Walkabout Act can be the perfect carnival themed entertainment option for parties hosted both at indoor venues and open-air spaces in the Floating City any day during Carnival.


These themed walkabout characters will bring Venetian history and tradition to any party or event. Attired in beautiful and extravagant Renaissance and Carnival costumes, including elaborate masks, these walkabout characters will not only dance authentic classic ballroom dances but they will also dazzle guests with mind-blowing juggling, acrobatics and fire tricks.

Venetian Dance Show

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

Visiting Venice during the Festival and not dressing for the occasion can’t be considered a proper visit. With this Venetian Dance Show, visitors and local people can be given the opportunity to dress with historical dresses from the 15th and 19th century and, of course, dance waltzes and other classic ballroom styles.

This group of ten dancers have specialised in classic historical dances and can bring their talent and extravagant outfits and masks to any party in Venice. Guests appropriately dressed for the occasion can join them on the dance floor and feel as if they are in attendance of a real Venetian masked ball. Through music, dancing and a correct characterisation, people can travel back in time a few centuries with this amazing carnival themed entertainment act.

Masked walk around act

Top themed walkabout entertainment ideas for the Carnival of Venice

This group of themed dancers will ensure any event is transformed into a historical Venetian ball. They have an array of   different masks that include Harlequin, Colombina, Pantalone, Doctor, Zanno and Capitano ones. Designed so people of all ages can participate and have a good time, this Masked Walkaround Act will guarantee every attendee participates and that they leave with unforgettable memories of one of the most famous carnivals in the world.
A group of actors, mimes and acrobats will put on their best dresses to transform any room into an authentic Renaissance party and will even teach guests the basic steps of the Venetian minuetto. There could be no better way to educate people on the history of the Carnival of Venice than with themed walkabout characters!
Whether the party takes place indoors or outdoors, there are many carnival inspired entertainment options to be considered. Street theatre, parades and stilt walkers can make open-air celebrations more lively and dynamic. Masked balls and carnival themed walkabout entertainment services are ideal for private parties and theme events that would like their guests to feel part of the ‘real’ Venice. In either case, these themed walkabout entertainment ideas are guaranteed to remind everybody why the Carnival of Venice is one of the most elegant and dazzling events in the world.
We’d love to hear your opinion about the different carnival inspired entertainment ideas listed above. Are you more into street theatre or masked balls? Let us know what your thoughts are  via Twitter tagging us @scarlettent. You can also request further info about any of these carnival themed entertainment ideas by contacting our team of coordinators by email or by calling us on 01626 57072.

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