Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

With technology constantly surpassing itself, the need for new and innovative entertainment is imminent. 

As technology advances in all areas of society as does the need for the entertainment industry to keep up with emerging trends. With artists now transforming these trends and incorporating them in their performances the scope for revolutionary concepts within entertainment is ground breaking. 

We have compiled some of the most up to date entertainment and technology trends from Las Vegas that we have on offer here at Scarlett Entertainment so that your next corporate event, private party, brand launch, car reveal or PR stunt is guaranteed to be at the forefront of the entertainment and technology spheres.

Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination for people from all over the globe to indulge in one of the best entertainment and nightlife scenes in the world. With the glow of slot machines, dazzling lights and exciting clubs, we have narrowed down some of the most innovative entertainment options straight from Las Vegas for your next event.

From robots to LED laser shows, futuristic drum machines, video mapping dance crews and many more, we have some of the best futuristic entertainment options on the market, guaranteed to astound and amaze audiences of all ages.

Dancing LED Robots

Watch your event become alight with vibrant LED colours, popping and locking dance routines and remarkable robot performers! Dressed head to toe in state of the art LED robot costumes our robot dancers are the perfect way to energise a crowd and bring your event into the future. Offering a completely customisable performance our LED robots can tailor their impressive routines to suit your event perfectly.


Robot Stilt Walkers

Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

If you have dancing LED robots why not hire giant stilt walking robots to transform your event into a futuristic plane filled with roaming robots, breakdancing and stilt walkers. Standing at an impressive 10ft tall our robot stilt walker has over 600 digital LED lights that change colours to the beat of the music – perfect for nightclubs, festivals and any occasion that desires an exciting robot performer to ignite your crowd and keep the party going.


Futuristic Drum Machine

Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

Crowned the Highest Tech DJ on the continent by Mechanics Magazine this revolutionary DJ has opened for renowned artists such as Katy Perry, Fat Boy Slim, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Jason Derulo. The only artist to use this custom made machine, our DJ uses a one of a kind 55” transparent holoscreen combined with 13 light drums and cymbals to create a live performance that is out of this world. Breaking the conventions of drumming this DJ is at the forefront of a new genre of music.


Laser Show

Watch as our female performer manipulates, bends and controls lasers in this futuristic routine as she wears a programmable LED suit that works in time with the lasers. A captivating and visually stunning performance that makes lasers look as if they are spear like objects! Our fantastic LED act is guaranteed to captivate everyone in the room and will take your event to the next level in an instant. In addition to showcasing visually stunning routines this laser show is a phenomenal way of promoting your brand or product as the laser performer can tailor her show to incorporate branding and logos, making this an effective marketing technique as well as providing high tech entertainment.


Video Mapping Dance Group

Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

Be transported to another world with this remarkable video mapping dance group. Mixing real-time figure tracking with projection, this revolutionary act showcases the perfect fusion between human movement and algorithmic animation, creating a completely bespoke performance that is dynamic, innovative and completely immersive. Our performance team has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys and Katy Perry as well as working with major events such as The Official Grammy’s Celebration, Coachella, Shambhala Music Festival and many more! Watch your visions become a reality with this futuristic dance performance and astound your guests as the digital and physical worlds collide.


Out of the Box Video Mapping

An immersive act that takes you on a journey that breaks the barriers of thinking inside and outside the box opens your mind to new understandings that there really is no box at all. An extremely talented creative who uses his video mapping to tell a story creates new worlds, characters, illustrations, whimsical beings and places in a Victorian era hyperspace dimension. The ultimate video mapping performance that will leave guests astounded and transfixed on our performer as the world around him evolves into new places, animations and narratives. An act that combines brilliantly choreographed moves with video and light is bound to leave everyone questioning the saying ‘thinking outside the box’.


Futuristic Event Ideas Roundup 

Top LED and Futuristic Acts in Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas LED acts and futuristic entertainment options are guaranteed to catapult any and every occasion into the future as they break the barriers between the past, present and future to create entertainment that is of the highest calibre.


The possibilities of what you can achieve at your event when using latest technology acts are endless, with out of the box video mapping artists who can create visual concepts and narratives that are told through video mapping journeys and imaginative creations, dancers who manipulate lasers, futuristic DJs and living robots – with our help you can transform your next event into a front runner for innovation within the events and entertainment industry.


If you want to find out more about creating your own futuristic event or if you are looking to book one of our acts, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +1 702 563 4452.

__By Charlotte Russell

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