The Voca People: Behind the Scenes of an International Sensation

The Voca People: Behind the Scenes of an International Sensation

An international sensation first seen on YouTube that has now performed ‘sold out’ tours around the world in: Europe, south America and spent over a year on off Broadway, The Voca People have wowed millions worldwide!

We talked to the show’s creators Lior Kalfo and Shai Fishman about exactly why the Voca People are so popular with audiences, and what you can expect from one of their performances.

The Show

This is a  stage show like no other! It’s based on a cappella and beat box technique.  As the creators of the show say: ‘no playbacks, no musical instruments, just eight vocally gifted aliens’, it’s ‘an intergalactic phenomenon!

The Voca People are eight musical aliens from a different planet that have crash-landed on earth!  Hilariously funny and musically gifted, the only way that the Voca People can reenergise their spaceship is through the energy of music. Thus they are travelling the world learning and performing the music of Earth, and recharging their spaceship as they go!

The Voca People: Behind the Scenes of an International Sensation

When we asked the show’s creators, Lior Kalfo and Shai Fishman, about why this show is so unique they said:


This is a show like no other, with unique compositions and arrangements that are unlike any other in the a capella community… It’s about a simple, yet captivating story, in which music becomes the language that bridges the gap between aliens and humans who have no other way of communicating.


Of course as much as the music is hugely important, the show also places great emphasis on the movement of the body as a ‘means of conveying the artistic message’ and the choreography of the show ‘is built around the sound and rhythm’. This creates something that is as much visually captivating, as it is audibly thrilling.  


Performing over 70 well known earth songs from across the decades, in their stunning a capella style, with plenty of humour and audience participation, the Voca People offer a performance that is ‘suitable for all ages, all language speakers, and for every planet’.

Behind The Scenes

This is also a show with a conscience. Although highly entertaining and incredibly fun to watch and listen to – an all round exciting live experience – The Voca People also has deeper aspirations.


The Voca People: Behind the Scenes of an International Sensation

When asking the creators about their artistic mission and what they wished to communicate through the performance, they replied simply:


Do the best you can without compromising and always listen. Often the people or Aliens you’re working with will have better ideas than you. Knowing that guarantees the best of both worlds and everybody wins. It makes for a creation that is larger than the sum of its parts.’ – Shai Fishman


… the main mission of the Voca People is to calm down humanity. Maybe if people were more involved with music they would be less busy fighting and doing evil.’ - Lior Kalfo


On a mission to promote harmony through music and the benefits of working together, the show is perfect if you’re looking for an inspirational performance to bring out the best in your audience, delegates, or team.

What Do The Audience Say?

You don’t have to take our word for it when we say that Voca People is an extraordinary musical show, the reaction of audiences from around the world says it all:


The audience is ecstatic… They do not stop laughing and they always walk out singing… We have never had a difficult audience. It never fails, they always give us a standing ovation, sing with us, jump with us, and go home happy, singing, and floating on air.’ – Shai Fishman


So endearing are the characters of the Voca People, so relatable is the music and the whole atmosphere that is created, the audience ‘don’t want to leave. They want to personally know each of the Vocas because of the special intimacy that is created.

Book Now

The Voca People: Behind the Scenes of an International Sensation

An electrifying, one-of-a-kind stage show that has touched the hearts of audiences around the world, Voca People is available to book for your event!


Packed full of sensational vocals, fabulous iconic costumes, hysterical comic moments, and audience participation, the Voca People is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that will go down an absolute treat with any audience.


Get in contact with our entertainment coordinators on 016265 72072 to find out more about booking the Voca People for your event!


__By Alanna Bestwick

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