The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

When it comes to hosting an event, celebrity A-listers certainly know how to put on a show with stunning event décor, immaculate venues and themes that are ramped up to 100 with over the top spending and glamorous attendees. As we take a look at some of the most extravagant celebrity parties it may seem as if your event is worlds apart from the soirees of the rich and famous, however with a roster of over 10,000 acts we can make any occasion feel as if you have stepped into a red carpet event and make every guest feel like a star. 

With each celebrity trying to throw the biggest and boldest party, the need for unique event theme ideas seems to be in a higher demand than ever before. From P Diddy to Beyonce, Heidi Klum and Kris Jenner the contest for the best bash is tough competition. However, with each event being able to stand on their own merit us mere mortals can simply take inspiration from the Hollywood starlets and create our own A-lister event that will dazzle our guests yet be kinder on the bank balance! 

As we swoon over the most extravagant parties of society’s celebrities we also take a look at how you can create your own A-lister event from the venue to the décor, theme and entertainment. 

P Diddy’s 40th Birthday

Sean Combs or more famously known as P Diddy, marked turning 40 by hosting a glamorous black and white themed event in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel in New York. An event that was sponsored by his own vodka firm Ciroc, P Diddy spent a whopping $28,000 on white orchids alone! With the venue draped in orchids and attendees dressed head to toe in black and white, this simple event theme is effortlessly elegant and stunning to witness.

Create Your Own – Black and White Themed Events

Black and white themed events are incredibly easy to achieve yet present a glamorous and sophisticated backdrop for your event. Now although you may not have the Plaza as your venue, with the right décor you can transform your event into a luxurious occasion.  Like P Diddy, decorate your venue with white flowers, beautiful chandeliers and garlands for the ultimate white party effect, coupled with a black tie attire, your event is guaranteed to stand out.

The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

With regards to entertainment, our White Roaming Doves are perfect for any black and white themed event as they roam about your event on stilts with beautiful feather headpieces and gorgeous wings, capturing the attention of everyone in the room and making for fabulous photo opportunities. Couple this with our brilliant contortionist and your event feels like something straight from the red carpet as our circus performer can wear costumes to complement your colour scheme as well as astound guests with her bendy body and engaging routines.


Naomi Campbell’s 40th Birthday 

For the supermodel's 40th birthday A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, the Beckhams, Grace Jones and Marc Jacobs were flown out to the French Riviera for a birthday celebration that lasted a whole week! A week long event that was held at the Eden Roc Hotel, for each night there was a different theme, from an all white party to a hip hop night and Brazilian samba party the total cost of the luxurious birthday bash came to an outstanding $1.8 million. You can achieve Naomi Campbell's birthday extravaganza with the help of our article on the best luxury entertainment ideas in the French Riveria.


How to Recreate Naomi Campbell’s Birthday


For any occasion that wants to provide an A-lister feel to their event, throwing multiple parties is always a good place to start. Throwing not only a night to remember for your guests but a whole weeks worth of entertainment is very Hollywood and guaranteed to leave your guests in the best mood with memories to last a lifetime.


For your all white party every single guest needs to come dressed head to toe in white. The venue should be no exception, dress the tables in white flowers, centrepieces and serve your guests champagne from the ceiling with our champagne aerialists to bring class and sophistication to the evening. 


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

For your hip hop night, it’s all in the music. You cannot host a hip hop themed event without a stellar DJ to get your guests in the mood to party. Our hip hop and RnB female DJ creates a fun yet fierce atmosphere at every event and has mixed at an assortment of events including supporting J. Cole, Tinie Tempah and Wizkid.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

For your Brazilian Samba party you need authentic Brazilian Samba dancers, complete with vibrant costumes, exciting dance routines and contagious energy, our Samba dancers are a staple piece for any Brazilian themed event. Brazilian themed events are hugely popular and guaranteed to make your event feel vibrant and full of life, for more tips on how to host a Brazilian themed event visit our ideas article on Brazilian themed entertainment.


Kris Jenner’s 60th Birthday


In true Kardashian style no expense was spared when Kris Jenner turned 60, with flower walls, sequins and feathers everywhere this has quite easily got to be one of the best Great Gatsby themed events to date! With spectacular attention to detail from the Kardashian clan everything from the invites to the décor to dress code was overflowing in true Gatsby style. A perfect theme for any occasion that wants an event to be glamorous, over the top and aristocratic.


How To Achieve A Great Gatsby Themed Event


To achieve an authentic Great Gatsby themed event, following in the Kardashian’s footsteps will stand you in good stead! With every angle covered we can ensure that your Great Gatsby event will be the party of the year, complete with flower walls and garlands from our beautiful event suppliers that can customise their hand made flower walls to suit your colour scheme and occasion perfectly down to flapper girls and swing bands, we’ve got you covered.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Our 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers are the ultimate entertainment for any glamorous occasion and Gatsby themed event! With flapper girls and 1920s themed male tap dancers our performers can welcome your guests to your event, pose for photographs and perform a high energy fully choreographed 1920s dance routine.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Keep your guests dancing all night long with our immaculate Crooner Duo, performing swing music interlaced with current hits and classic favourites our suited and booted duo add to the overall impact of your Gatsby theme as well as providing live music that embodies the roaring 20s. For more ideas for an extravagant Gatsby themed event visit our ideas blog for sensational Great Gatsby Entertainment!


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

North West’s 1st birthday – Kidchella

This has got to be up there with the most extravagant birthday parties for one year olds! A fun spin on Coachella, Palms Springs’ most sought after festival, the Kardashian’s kept up with their reputation for throwing the biggest bashes with a child version of the hit festival! Packed with a Ferris wheel, face painting, karaoke, snow cones and not to mention personalised Yeezus tees, this mini festival was guaranteed to be the envy of all toddlers. A fantastic idea for an event that not only calls to your inner child, but that provides the ultimate event idea for your next big shin dig!


How to Host Your Own Festival For Your Event


Festivals are a very much sought after events with fun around every corner, this is a chance to WOW your guests and provide them with an experience that feels exclusive, out of the box and the envy of all their friends. By hosting your own festival you not only gain recognition for throwing the most epic event of the season but you are guaranteed to stimulate attention both online and offline making this a perfect opportunity to spread the word about your brand and company. Whether it’s a day event or a whole weekend extravaganza, we can offer everything you could ever need for your very own festival.


Tents – You cannot host your own festival and not have a tent to host your guests in! With a variety of different themes and styles to choose from, whether you are hosting 80 people or 800 people we have the right tent for your occasion!


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Food and Beverage Stalls – For any regular festival goer, you’ll know what we are talking about when we say that food and drinks stalls are essential! Whether it’s to keep your buzz going with bars and alcohol or to feast yourselves on delicious food, you need to have a variety of food and beverage stalls to cater for all tastes and preferences.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Entertainment – Festivals are all about being with good company and listening to good music so whether you want a top band to perform your favourite cover music or a tribute artist to embody your idols we offer plenty of musical tribute acts and party bands that sound just like the originals to keep your festival attendees dancing all night long. Our Bruno Mars tribute act is the perfect headliner for your festival with performances packed with energy, authenticity and good quality music, this Bruno Mars entourage will cause a huge buzz at your event.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Beyonce 35th Soul Train Birthday Party

In true Queen B fashion Beyonce didn’t hold back when she turned 35 as she hosted the ultimate 70s glam party that even featured a surprise appearance from renowned boy band Blue. With every guest donning their best spandex pants and leg warmers this is one of the most fun and vibrant event theme ideas that is guaranteed to be a hit with every attendee.


How To Achieve a Soul Train 70s Themed Event Like Beyonce


The era of disco, this vibrant decade is easily identified by afro hair, flares, bright colours and of course…disco balls! The fun really lies in the costumes, with each and every guest dusting off their leg warmers your event instantly suggests fun as soon as the theme is named. For any 70s themed event you need a disco, so why not couple your dance floor with a giant mirror ball that can unfold to reveal a performer or multiple performers inside! The ultimate entrance to any event this giant mirror ball will sparkle and shine throughout your entire event.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

70s Band – Get caught in a time warp with our exciting 70s disco band, overflowing with nostalgia and disco fever this brilliant band will have every one busting a move on the dance floor.


Retro TV Heads – That’s right you heard it here first, walkabout retro TV heads! These vibrant characters are perfect for any 70s themed event and will turn heads wherever they go! Great for photo opportunities and mingling with your guests these loveable walkabout characters are a hit with guests of all ages.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party 

Ask us to choose our favourite Heidi Klum Halloween extravaganza, never! The Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum certainly knows how to nail a costume or two with many looking to the queen of scream for Halloween party inspiration, Klum’s annual bash is one of the biggest Halloween events in America. With A-listers arriving dressed in their best and scariest Halloween costumes, Klum’s Halloween party has become somewhat of a spooky sensation with the majority of America pinning for an invitation.


How To Recreate Heidi Klum’s Halloween Bash


Going up against the Queen of Halloween is most certainly a tall order, however you can create a Halloween event that mimics the most extravagant US parties in a more accessible manner with our spooky entertainment acts.


Thriller Flash Mob – It’s undeniable that we’ve all tried to master the iconic dance routine that is the Thriller. Our flash mob truly have hit the nail firmly on the head with their performance of Thriller as they emerge out of your crowds to perform the incredible Michael Jackson instantaneously.


Pumpkin Carving Sculptor – A live event sculptor that not only astounds guests with her remarkable skills for carving highly advanced characters into pumpkins but a sculptor who instantly adds to your event décor! The perfect combination of incredible live artistry and imaginative event décor that adds an exciting dynamic to any Halloween themed event. For more Halloween ideas, visit our Top 10 Freaky Halloween Ideas article and really give Heidi Klum a run for her money!


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

Elton John’s 50th Birthday Party

Elton John is renowned for throwing the most extravagant and expensive events however for his 50th birthday party he went above and beyond as he dressed up like Louis XIV in a costume so outrageously huge that he had to ride to the party in a moving truck…. On a custom made gold throne! With 500 famous friends in attendance Sir Elton John’s 50th birthday bash is most certainly up there with one of the most extravagant celebrity parties.


How to Host an A-Lister Event Like Sir Elton John


When Sir Elton John hosts a party nothing is done is half measures, everything is over the top, fabulous and outrageously extravagant! To host an event worthy of A-lister status everything must be oozing with glamour, luxury and drama. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone in your business, revealing a new product or simply celebrating a big birthday like John your event can be the event of the year with our help! If you want to go for a historical theme like Elton, take a look at our historical themed entertainment.


Welcome your guests to your event with this mobile piece of architecture that sees aerialists dance in mid air whilst being suspended from great heights! An eye catching act that will set the tone for your event as soon as your guests arrive.


The Most Extravagant Celebrity Parties and How to Create Your Own

LED Butterflies – In the spirit of providing entertainment that your guests will have never seen before our stunning LED butterflies are decorated with more than 3,000 light points and magnificent wings, providing a mesmerising and captivating performance that is perfect for any extravagant event.


After it emerged in the media that Elton John ‘likes flowers’ following a £293,000 florist bill it seems only right to feature roaming Fleur de Rêves! A wonderful walkabout act that brings a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere to any luxurious event embodies the style of Sir Elton John effortlessly.


Feeling Red Carpet Ready?

So there you have it, some of the biggest and boldest parties from the rich and the famous and how to recreate their epic parties for your own event. With celebrity birthday party themes often becoming industry trends these extravagant US parties are perfect for taking inspiration from for your next corporate event, brand launch, milestone birthday extravaganza or any occasion that desires an A-lister vibe. 


As we look back at some of the most extravagant celebrity parties from Kris Jenner’s 60th to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash, the entertainment and décor possibilities that you can take from these soirees are endless! Whether you use these celebrity birthday party themes as a starting point for your next event or you want to recreate a like for like party on a smaller scale, we have the resources and acts to turn your visions into a reality, taking your event from 0 to 100 in no time. 


To enquire about our most extravagant acts and décor ideas or if you require further information about booking our A-lister worthy acts and suppliers then please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +44 1626 572072.

__By Charlotte Russell

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