Spotlight on iPad Magician Tom: Digital Magician & Magic Innovator

Spotlight on iPad Magician: Digital Magician & Magic Innovator

There are hundreds of thousands of magicians in the world and hundreds on our website alone, so how are you meant to decide which performer is right for your event? One man emerges as a force to be reckoned with on the entertainment scene and his name is iPad Magician

Meet one of the youngest members of The Magic Circle and one of the busiest magicians in London. Born in Kent and interested in magic from a young age, our magician was hired for his first professional show at just 16. Discovered by prominent event magician Etienne Pradier, our magic artist was invited to learn advanced close up magic, propelling him on a trajectory to successful a career in the magical arts. 

Paying close attention to developments in technology, he is always ahead of the game and can use any device or app to create a personalised magic act for your event. A versatile and creative performer, our iPad magician has provided iPad magic for a huge number of VIP guests and high profile corporate clients including One Direction’s Liam Payne, supermodel Cara Delavigne and companies such as Ford, Barclays, Microsoft and John Lewis. What makes him so desirable? He's incredibly charismatic and personable and his polished tricks can be completely personalised to accommodate your product, event type or company. 

Case Study

Spotlight on iPad Magician: Digital Magician & Magic Innovator

Hired to perform corporate event magic at a presentation and lunch for 1500 people, our digital magician was characterised as “the most consummate professional” after his show. Wowing guests with a variety unique magical tricks, the event organiser described our magic artist as “Always on time. Always in a great mood. Always engaging the audiences regardless of venue.” Never failing to lighten the atmosphere of occasions with his unexpected tricks, our iPad magician delights and confounds guests, “I still have no idea how he does his magic tricks. Incredible!” (Michael, corporate event)


Types of Magic


Spotlight on iPad Magician: Digital Magician & Magic Innovator

Magic Stage Show


Creating onstage magic with each specific client in mind, our practised performer uses a projector screen to make his act visible to even the largest of audiences and can incorporate themes, logos and buzzwords into his spectacular live iPad magic shows. His incredible and seemingly impossible predictions are really the star of the show, having made them hours or even days before the show it's baffling how his numbers are ALWAYS right!


Close Up Magic


Face to face magic has a huge range of purposes, as our magician knows. An engaging footfall magnet for trade shows, an entertaining ice breaker for wedding receptions and a light distraction for conferences, our experienced close up magician draws crowds whenever he performs. Charming and immediately likeable your guests won't be falling for just his magic tricks!


Corporate Event Magic


A unique addition to product launches and corporate events, our magician specialises in creating custom tricks that are completely unique to each event. Performing a mixture of stage magic and walkabout entertainment he will atract attention to the specific product or company in hand, his powerful illusions create a buzz around brands and promote it in a memorable way.  


Coming Soon…


Our iPad magician still has much more up his sleeve. With two top secret new projects on the cards, our magician is set to take magic performance to the next level. Soon clients will be able to book a magic show that incorporates audience participation like no other, harnessing the power of portable devise, social media and of course magic this magic stage show will bring audiences right into the midst of the action. Whilst his other work in progress will combine all of your favourite elements of magic, 3D video mapping and hologram technology… all we can say is watch this space and remember that you heard it here first!


Not your average magic act, our magician offers clients the personal touch. Able to create bespoke tricks to cater to almost any theme or event, type, whether you are looking for a large scale magic stage show to make guests’ jaws drop or an entertaining close up magician to preoccupy guests while you pose for photos at your wedding, our practised magic artist has a trick or two up his sleeve to ensure that your event goes down in the history books. If you would like to know more about the technical requirements of booking iPad Magician for your special occasion, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team of entertainment coordinators at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.  


__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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