Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

We all know that Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st, an amalgamation of spine-chilling folklore, ghost, ghouls and witchery! Today, a melting pot of beliefs, rituals and traditions, Halloween is a popular celebration, which has grown year after year. Traditionally celebrated by children dressing in costumes, carving pumpkins and door-to-door trick or treating, it is a well-known fact that Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Adults are enjoying it just as much nowadays, with studies showing that corporate Halloween parties in America have more than doubled in the last five years! But where did the tradition come from?

The Origins of Halloween

Halloween, also known as “All Hallows Eve” during early Christian times, dates back to the ancient Celts where the day marked the end of summer and the beginning of the dark, cold winter; a time of year that was often associated with death. They believed this day called forth a host of evil spirits and so it became customary to light great fires in an attempt to ward them off. The Celts would leave treats and gifts out in the streets for roaming spirits in hope that they would pacify the evil and ensure next years crops would be plentiful; this custom has since evolved into trick or treating!

Today there are many versions of the origins and customs of Halloween; different cultures and religions view and celebrate Halloween in alternative ways. In Mexico it is called the 'Day of the Dead' and it is a day of remembrance, happiness and celebration; with people often having picnics on the graves of their relatives and lighting bonfires to guide the souls of their dead ancestors home. Some Christians used to mark Halloween by banging pots and pans together, letting the dead in heaven know they have not been forgotten. 

Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

Frightfully Good Entertainment


Here at Scarlett Entertainment, Halloween gives us an excuse to get a little weird and take our imaginations to their limits. It is also one of the best times to create really unique entertainment packages to ensure your USA Corporate Halloween event is horrifyingly haunting!  We have a hair-raising roster of entertainment perfect for your corporate Halloween party; from murderous walk about acts, gruesome freak shows, curiously carved vegetables, to fiery cocktails, we can cater for all of your needs.


Get the party started with a roaming freak show!  Welcoming guests at your corporate event; these extraordinary, dark creatures scream Halloween as they wander around with nails in their heads. Grabbing attention with fire eating, sword swallowing and chainsaw juggling stunts, they are guaranteed to make a lasting impression as they roam in, or outside your event. Or how about a stilt walking Frankenstein's bride,  providing fantastic and memorable meet and greet entertainment, an unforgettable interactive scare factor!


Once inside, corporate Halloween events provide an opportunity for employees, or clients, to engage in a more relaxed atmosphere, the celebration allows them to mix and mingle and of course…dress up! Fearing for their souls, the Celts used to dress up in ghoulish costumes, and wreak havoc on the town to scare the spirits away. Although that’s not quite the case nowadays, all year people contemplate a costume that will be the envy of all the trick-or-treaters. Make your corporate party more interactive by booking our Event Body Painter she will masterfully create terrifying creations that work fantastically as an interactive ice breaker when your guests are mingling.


Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

Mentalists and magicians also work well as a fantastic icebreaker; Mentalist Haim is one of the world’s most respected entertainers. He will combine mind-blowing mentalism with his trademark humour and charm, as he works his way through the crowds delivering incredible psychic powers and supernatural ability! Alternatively, how about a roaming snake charmer! Katia can walk around your corporate event with a tamed Python on her shoulders, as well as providing unique magical illusions, which include snakes appearing from different magical props…Spine-chilling!


Besides the costumes, swinging chandeliers, and mountain of spider webs, spectacular visual effects can be achieved by hiring acts such as The Laser Show Mexico. This incredible visual effects artist creates a journey for the senses; with live interactive lights and a smoky atmosphere, he manipulates coloured laser beams and creates a dark ambience that any ghost would be envious of! The laser can work alone to create a fabulous atmosphere or alongside live music or a DJ; a sure crowd pleaser, the lighting creates wonderfully spooky surroundings. Talking of surroundings, no Halloween party is complete without spooky decorations and corporate branding can still be part of this fun! Originating from Central America and originally used to discourage evil spirits, pumpkins are today a huge part of the celebration. By hiring unusual acts such as Fruit and Vegetable Sculptures you can bring hidden life to light, creating curious looking characters complete with your company’s logos and branding.  


Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

All of this frightful entertainment needs washing down with some tasty treats from a Flair Bartender who will really spookify your cocktails! Creating murderous martinis, pumpkin liquors and drinks that glow in the dark, these creepy cocktails are great additions to a corporate Halloween party.


Not for the Faint Hearted


The finale! Whether you opt to dance the night away with a gorgeous, yet strangely curious Lady Gaga Tribute who will create spellbinding live entertainment, complete with purple wigs, and out of this world costumes. Or keep the scare factor alive with a spectacular stunt show, we have something for everyone. Inferno offers a terrifying and daring fire show, filled with wild flames, fire whips and fire poi to create a completely unique visual spectacle that will hypnotise guests.  Alternatively, create a memorable finale with an electric fusion of Cirque Du Soleil, Tim Burton style! . This mysterious, tantalising, dark, funny and sometimes dangerous, circus show will invite your guests on an immersive journey into a dark underworld populated with vampires! Fully tailored to your needs, they can also incorporate products, branding, themes and special guests to end your night with a real bang!


Spine-tingling Halloween Entertainment Ideas for your USA Corporate Event

Happy Halloween!...  For more inspiration for your corporate Halloween event, check out our amazing USA entertainment roster or email the team at info@scarlettentertainment.com.


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