Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event

Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event

If there is one event theme that has a timeless appeal and that can work to make any event, from hen parties, to weddings, from corporate celebrations, to New Year’s Eve parties truly memorable, it is 1920s Great Gatsby and Prohibition.

An era packed full with fun and fancy and renowned for the prevalence of illicit gambling and speakeasies, flirty flapper dancers, dazzling dames and dapper gentlemen, and swinging jazz bands, the 1920s is a great decade to theme your event around. It offers a wealth of exciting opportunities to be coordinated into your event in a number of different ways, from elegant décor and incredible outfits, to deliciously decadent cocktails and themed entertainment that is sure to cause a sensation!

The epitome of extravagance, luxury and ostentation a 1920s theme, Great Gatsby theme and Prohibition theme is the perfect way to make your next event really special.

The Band

Playing the music that will set the tone for the night and create an ambiance that will couple with your venue and décor to ensure that your guests have a fantastic time, it is of the utmost importance that you choose the perfect 1920s style band to for your event!  Which is no mean feat when considering how many amazing choices there are.

Luckily for event planners everywhere we have an impressive range of 1920s style bands playing everything from classic 1920s jazz numbers to jazz hits with an electro swing groove – perfect for events with a younger guest list.

Fusing cool 20’s swing with breakbeat, house, drum and bass and dubstep our stunning 6-piece electro swing band from Birmingham, can provide the perfect soundtrack to an awards after party, a wedding evening party, or New Year’s Eve party. Their powerful combination of electric double bass, vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, synths and electro beats transforms classic 1920s hits into something truly special.



Alternatively, if you’re looking for more of a classic jazz sound with just a hint of electronic funk, our Washington electro swing band is the perfect choice; and they can also switch to perform regular jazz covers as well.  Performing swinging versions of popular chart toppers our fabulous Gatsby Style Prohibition Band will entertain audiences of all ages. Keeping true to that authentic 1920s style in sound and look, this amazing band can appear as a trio or in a range of line-ups right up to an 8-piece band.



For a hot 1920s jazz band that not only plays Gatsby-esque jazz from New York but also New Orleans and Paris style jazz from the 1920s our NYC jazz band are the perfect choice – they can also sing in French and Mandarin!


Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event


The Dancers

Of course no 1920s themed event would be complete with out some sensational Gatsby dancers to an authentic visual to proceedings. Dressed in extravagant costumes with plenty of tassels, feathers, sequins and jewels, our fabulous 1920s dancers can create custom performances that will not only add a sense of scandal and excitement to your event but also encourage guests to try out their own moves on the dance floor!


Comprised of some of the world’s best dancers and choreographers, our 1920s dance ensembles can perform swinging Charleston numbers, the Lindy Hop, scandalous Shimmys and electrifying American Tangos as full dance ensembles with over 8 dancers, or with as few as two or three 20s theme dancers, depending on your requirements and venue size.


Team these girls up with one of our aforementioned world-class bands, fabulous décor and a bar manned by a mixologist serving up incredible 1920s themed cocktails and you’ve got yourself a party that even Jay Gatsby would be jealous of!


Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event


The Show

Bringing together all the elements needed to make a night of 1920s themed fun, our sensational 1920s themed shows combine powerhouse vocals, high-energy dance routines, beautiful costumes and elaborate vintage props and stage set-ups.


The perfect way to entertain guests after dinner, our 1920s dance productions bring to life the fast-pace, scandal and riotous atmosphere of excitement that permeated throughout the 1920s. With cast members also available to meet and greet guests in character after the show and pose for photos, your guests will be utterly star struck.


So whether you’re looking for a circus style 1920s variety show with acrobats, dancers, singers, stilt walkers and more, or a true tribute to Gatsby, we have something for you!



Something A Little Different

If you want to make your 1920s themed event stand out, we have a range of amazing unique 1920s acts that offer a refreshing take on the theme! Taking a small departure from the usual, our extraordinary gentleman juggler, 1920s fire show, acrobatic Charleston act and Gatsby burlesque artist offer themed entertainment that will add a unique edge to your event.


Dressed in top hat and tails and performing to some fabulous upbeat jazz numbers, our gentleman juggler will woo guests as he expertly twirls his cane at lightning speed and uses his hat in some impressive balancing acts!  The perfect addition to a drinks reception, or as your event’s opening act, our 1920s themed juggler is sure to add intrigue and get guests talking.



Our incredible acrobatic dance duo has devised a dazzling acrobatic show paying tribute to the wild side of the 1920s. With an authentic vintage gramophone providing the soundtrack for this high-energy acrobatic Charleston performance, our hand-to-hand acrobats give an exciting acrobatic performance with a hint of humour added in for good measure. Guaranteed to put you and your guests in a good mood, book our 1920s balance act for gala dinners, VIP clubs and private events.



If you’re looking for something with a little more wow-factor and a lot more dramatic, book our 1920s fire show! Dressed in 1920s inspired attire and performing at a high-energy soundtrack of electro swing, our fire dancers’ fire show will certainly turn up the temperature of your event!


Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event

Of course nothing says decadent like a Gatsby themed burlesque act performing around a giant Art Deco frame! Our fabulous 1920s showgirls can also perform to a backdrop featuring an Art Deco sunburst – both these options can then be used as giant props for photos.


Sensational Entertainment For Your 1920s Gatsby Themed Event


Dress Code

For the ladies an extravagant style dress with plenty of sequins is a MUST. A glittering tiara or headband, gold arm bangles, long necklaces and sparkling shoes complete the outfit and will have you feeling a million dollars! It was all the rage to have a stylish bob or up-do during this fabulous era so for attendees with long hair gets some bobby pins or kirby grips in hand and find a youtube tutorial! P.S. red lipstick is completely encouraged.


Gents need to embrace their flamboyant side and grab a pinstripe suit, choose from pink, blue or all white if you have a Jay Gatsby look in mind! Waistcoat and tails with a top hat, braces, white gloves and cane are also an option if you’re attending an exclusive affair.


Décor & Visuals

Three words: black and gold. Two iconic colours guaranteed to turn ANY event into a Gatsby themed extravaganza, there is so much that you can do with this decadent colour scheme. Here are just a few ideas:


Glitter, glitter and more glitter. Gold glitter encrusted champagne bottles, glasses and photo booth props, glittery table clothes, table centrepieces… the works.


Vintage Gatsby-style wallpaper backdrops ensure that in every photo guests at your event look completely immersed in the era; no stray cues to suggest that they haven’t been transported back in time!


Honeycomb pendants make a great addition to venues with high ceilings in need of a bit of glamour, as do helium filled balloons.


Additional props include: chains of pearls draped across chair backs and light fittings, a vintage gramophone or two wouldn’t go amiss either!



Any one of our amazing cocktails artists and mixologists can create a custom 1920s themed menu. Request the ‘Bee’s Knees’, ‘Between The Sheets’, ‘Mint Julep’, ‘Highball’ and a personal favourite of ours the ‘Gin Rickey’ – 60 ml of gin, juice of ½ lime and top with soda! This delectable offering was featured in The Great Gatsby when on that long hot summer’s day, Daisy orders her husband to make a cold drink before turning to Gatsby in his absence and declaring her love for him!


The Finále

So whether you’re looking for a full show with performers of multiple disciplines, a fantastic prohibition themed live band, dazzling 1920s dancers, a sensational 1920s fire show or something all together out-of-the-box our entertainment and event specialists can find something that will really set your Gatsby themed event apart from the rest.


Able to find acts that can tailor their performances to display that 1920s edge, whether it be through their costumes, musical soundtrack or props we can create custom-made entertainment options perfect for you and your event. Almost nothing is out of the question and beyond the realms of possibility!


From the entertainment, to the décor, to the venue and everything in between Scarlett Entertainment can provide you with a complete event solution for your positively breathtaking 1920s themed party! Check out our fabulous Pinterest board for more decor, costume and entertainment ideas:



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