Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

Southern Spain is well known for hosting some famous and colourful feasts during the spring months. Coinciding with Easter, cities like Seville, Malaga and Cadiz get ready for their traditional festivals, of which the best-known is the Seville April Fair. These festivities are the home of Flamenco, a traditional form of art and authentic Spanish entertainment that has become popular worldwide. Today, flamenco dancers and guitarists and other types of entertainment in the Spanish culture are requested to entertain guests at corporate events and parties held in all corners of the planet.
Whether you're hosting a Spanish themed party or a corporate event, Spanish and Flamenco acts can be an ideal entertainment option. Pure flamenco performances are exceptional live shows executed by energetic and passionate dancers and musicians who always perform with great  intensity and high doses of drama. Flamenco, the Spanish Folk Dancing form par excellence, has brought the Spanish culture to all corners of the planet, and international audiences applaud it and request it with enthusiasm. The sensual beauty, elegance and exquisite costumes make it irresistible and a pleasure to watch. But not only flamenco shows are requested by international spectators. Other Spanish musical genres such as rumba catalana and zarzuelas are also in high-demand. Would you like to know why? We will tell you.

 Flamenco dance: A history

Before checking some Spanish themed party ideas, let’s immerse ourselves in the history of this traditional art form. Flamenco dance history is the resulting of a mixture of cultures. This is not surprising, as we know from history that many different civilizations inhabited Andalucia. So we know that the roots of Flamenco are a mixture of Phoenician, Greek, Carthaginian, Arab, Roman, Gypsy and, of course, Spanish cultures.
Although Flamenco is thought to be an ancient art, it started to be recognised as a Spanish Folk Dancing style in the 18th century. During this period, Jerez, Cadiz and Seville were the locations where flamenco dancers and guitarists began to proliferate. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the most popular Flamenco festivals are held in these Andalusian cities. As aforementioned, the Seville April Fair is the most famous one among these festivities, although all of them attract thousands of national and international visitors year after year.
These traditional Flamenco fairs are some of the events that have contributed to the spread of Spanish dance and music all around the world. Thanks to them, Flamenco has become an international benchmark and classic entertainment from Spain including rumba catalana groups and other music styles such as Zarzuela are requested by event organisers hosting corporate events all around the world.

Spanish and Flamenco themed corporate entertainment for worldwide events

Why could Spanish and Flamenco themed corporate entertainment be a good choice for your event? Pure flamenco performances are widely applauded and loved by people from different cultures. Flamenco performers’ quick footwork, mesmerising choreographies, beautiful costumes and energy are something worth watching. By booking authentic flamenco shows and live Spanish music, you will ensure your guests immerse themselves in a different culture for one night.


Flamenco dancers and guitarists can also provide any occasion with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Spanish and Flamenco acts involve colourful and spectacular long-tail dresses that are very characteristic of Andalucia. Female dancers usually wear flowers, big shawls and castagnettes and other accessories such as fans. Dressed as authentic ‘bailaoras’ and ‘bailaores’, our performers will transport guests at your event to the real Southern Spain.


Take this Spanish theme as a chance to get your guests involved by asking them to come dress in flamenco dresses and matador suits.  This way, no matter where the event is being held in the world, people will feel as if they really are a part of an authentic Spanish party.


Flamenco and other classical entertainment musical forms and Spanish Folk Dancing like zarzuela are well-known by audiences worldwide. Bringing some of these traditional shows to your event can make it an occasion to be remembered, as there is no spectator that hasn’t been delighted by the unusual fast foot taping and the sensual and exotic rhythms of Spain.

Spanish Themed Party Ideas

There is a wide range of Spanish and Flamenco acts Scarlett Entertainment can offer for events all around the world. Among them, Flamenco dancers and guitarists are the most in-demand performers, as they are the best-known artists of this art. However, there are choices beyond that. Let’s see some of the diverse options available and some of the reasons why they could be the best Spanish and Flamenco acts for your specific occasion.

Cartagena Flamenco Show

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

Bring an authentic ‘tablao’ flamenco to your upcoming corporate event or Spanish themed party with this fantastic group of Spanish dancers. Consisting of Spanish guitarists, percussionists, flute players and both male and female dancers, these passionate performers are sure to carry out a show that brings together all elements of flamenco on one stage. This Cartagena Flamenco Show will take audiences on a 90-minute journey through flamenco dance history and will evoke the rich sounds of Spain and the true essence of the beautiful southern coasts. Ideal for after dinner experiences and evening events such as award ceremonies, guests will not leave unsatisfied.

Violin and Flamenco Dance Duo

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

An alternative to classic Spanish guitarists, this Violin and Flamenco Dance Duo are as elegant and traditional as any other group of Spanish performers. A wonderful and sophisticated ‘bailaora’ accompanied by a talented violinist create an original and unique Flamenco dance show that is an explosive fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. This pair of Flamenco performers are the perfect choice for gala dinners, private parties and even weddings.

Los Vivancos

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

This award-winning group of dancers is one of our most in-demand all-make spanish dance crews. Consisting of seven male brothers, these wonderful flamenco performers consider dance a way of life and are committed to maintaining and transmiting their artistic heritage through dance and music. With both academic and professional experience, these dancers, choreographers and artistic directors can offer a flamenco show that is a faithful representation of the Iberian culture. Los Vivancos have captivated spectators all around the world and have even been personally invited by Princess Stefanie to several festivals and award ceremonies held in the Principality of Monaco. As aforementioned, they’re the perfect entertainment option for award ceremonies, festivals and other special occasions like new trade shows, exhibitions and private parties.

Video Mapping Flamenco Dance

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

Tradition and technology are brought together in this Video Mapping Flamenco Dance. This original flamenco dance show proves that even the most classic Spanish performances can be unique and even more visually stunning that expected. This fusion of traditional and modern elements can be enjoyed by international audiences regardless of age. Especially loved by technology lovers, fans of traditional dance styles like flamenco will also enjoy this display of visual effects. The perfect dance show for trade fairs, 

Rumba Catalana Group video

Although Flamenco is the best known Spanish dance style and music, there are many other musical styles to be explored. For example, Rumba Catalana Group is another good entertainment option that can bring a Spanish flavour to any corporate event. Rumba Catalana origins are in the north-eastern coast of Spain, specifically in Catalonia (thus the name). This musical genre is very popular within the Spanish borders, but a little less known by international audiences. Its rhythms are derived from flamenco, but it’s a genre that also has influences from Cuban music and rock and roll. Our rumba catalane group can be a great alternative to more classic forms of entertainment from Spain, but it could be as well a culturally enriching experience. Award ceremonies attendees and private parties’ guests are guaranteed to fully enjoy this experience.  

Spanish Soprano Recital

Reasons To Book Spanish and Flamenco Theme Corporate Entertainment

Talking about alternatives to traditional flamenco shows, this Spanish Musical trio can also be an option to consider when thinking about booking authentic Spanish entertainment for your corporate event or Spanish themed party, especially if you know that your guests enjoy musicals and opera. This trio of artists perform zarzuelas, a Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that combines acting with music. Through their performances, our artists reflect Spain’s true identity, including some of the country’s most ancient traditions like bullfighting.

Hiring Classic Entertainment from Spain - What now?

Widely applauded by spectators worldwide, Spanish and flamenco acts are becoming more and more popular thanks to the mysterious beauty, exclusive elegance and exotic touch pure flamenco performances can provide any event with. Traditional and modern forms of flamenco, rumbas catalanas, zarzuelas and other classic entertainment from Spain are in-demand spectacles, and all of them can add a Spanish flavour to any occasion, not to mention the sophisticated twist they add to any celebration.
Scarlett Entertainment can provide a wide range of Flamenco dancers for parties and events held anywhere in the world. For further suggestions and Spanish themed party ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of coordinators and ask for some inspiration. You can call us on +34 91 123 26 39 or make an enquiry by filling in our contact form.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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