Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Businesses searching for new markets and customer retention should know that advertising is no longer the only effective way to promote a brand. The rise of experiential marketing campaigns has placed the focus on events and offering both loyal and potential customers the opportunity to experience a brand. 

Looking back at our previous events, we were glad to rediscover a range of exemplary event marketing strategies we had the privilege to be involved in and others some of our artists have helped build. If you don’t know what experiential marketing campaigns are about or you would like to explore creative experiential marketing ideas, you’re in the right place.


Experiential marketing campaigns are not as new as you might think...


Although the concept sounds like something created for ‘Millenials,’, there’s nothing further from the truth. Experiential marketing campaigns are strategies that allow consumers ‘experience’ a brand. One could say that it all started with World Fairs such as the ones that Chicago and Paris hosted in 1893 and 1900, respectively. These fairs were the perfect occasion for companies developing new technological projects to showcase what they’ve achieved. Considering how uncommon this type of occasions were for ordinary citizens, these events meant a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Without being aware of this, the World Fairs’ organisers were pioneers in the implementation of event marketing strategies. However, it was not until the 1970s when experiential marketing campaigns took off as we know them today. In 1998, the book The Experience Economy perfectly summarised how consumers were willing to pay a premium for products or services that offered an experience along with their purchase.


How To Create A Brand Experience: Our Top 5 Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns


1. Microgaming at the ICE Totally Gaming

Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

When Microgaming got in touch with a brief for the ICE Totally Gaming, - a three-day event for the gaming industry, - our entertainment experts got down to work, brainstormed and came up with unique ideas to make this exhibition memorable for those attending it. This was an excellent opportunity for the software development company to promote some of their new games. With this purpose in mind, it was agreed that bringing some characters to life was an effective way to allow attendees experience the newest games first hand.


This Aerial Heart Themed Show, Nitrogen Ice Cream Buggy and our Foot Archer were the acts chosen to create a brand experience. Their new branded game with Playboy™ Gold, Fortunium and Cash of Kingdoms were perfectly represented by these artists, who not only impersonated some of the characters in the games but also provided guests with a taste of what’s new in the gaming world. In fact, they did this literally by transforming their stand into a steampunk golden city themed immersive environment and provided attendees with delicious ice cream flavours including salted caramel or gin and tonic. 


Read more about the event.


2.  Bloomberg at E World Energy and Water Conference


Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns


The E World Energy and Water Conference is an international trade fair that allows exhibitors to share their latest products and technology. Focusing their efforts on numerous technological sectors, Bloomberg took this opportunity to create a brand experience by hiring this Interactive Event Robot to convey their core message, deliver surveys and offer people brochures and premium items.


A great example of experiential marketing, this robot was the perfect way to represent a brand as a leader in various technological sectors and attract delegates to the stand. The fact that the robot was fully branded with Bloomberg’s logo and colours in addition to its interactive nature helped increase brand awareness and made people become interested in the services they offer. Experiential marketing ideas like this allows participation and enables interaction: touching the robot, talking to it, answering questions - it was all part of the experience!


Explore more about how we helped Bloomberg drive footfall to their exhibition stand!


3. Hublot at the World Cup After Party in Moscow


Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot was the official timekeeper of 2018 FIFA World Cup. The world’s greatest football celebration of all was an excellent opportunity for the brand to showcase some of their latest products, prove their watches’ features such as their goal-line technology and host an after party to create a themed brand experience for their loyal and potential customers. 


Hublot trusted us once again after a successful brand activation at Harrods. Aiming to transmit a luxurious feeling, - similar to the one you feel when wearing one of their watches -, Hublot brought together our Crystal Wing Act and Lunar Mime Character in order to built an on-brand experience that linked these acts to their famous brand ambassador, DJ Snake.


Experiential marketing campaigns allow people to participate in the brand’s events. Hublot opted to involve their VIP guests and brand ambassadors, resulting in an immersive brand experience that guided guests from the entrance to the main stage and beyond.


Read more about Hublot’s experiential World Cup marketing campaign.


4. Eye Art Photography at Specsavers Events


Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Our Top 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns


Among one of our favourite experiential marketing ideas of all times, what our Eye Art Photography service offered to Specsavers’ event guests took the brand to a whole new level. Loving everything eye-related, UK national opticians Specsavers wanted to provide their event attendees with the opportunity to see what they usually don’t see: their own eye in perfect detail.


Allowing people to explore the beauty of their eyes, the British optical group set up a branded space where those interested could approach and get their eyes photographed. Making use of their own-patented technology, photographers took ultra high-resolution pictures of different eyes and then printed them so everyone could take their own pattern of forms, shapes and colours home with them.


A unique and original approach for an industry that has seen it all (quite literally), event marketing strategies like this truly make a difference and get people talking, sharing moments on social media and sharing the experience with their friends. As they say, there may be no better sales tool than a happy (and pleasantly surprised) customer!


5. Shopping Ladies Night at Meadowhall Shopping Centre


When you face the challenge of promoting not one or two but numerous brands, what’s the best way to create a brand experience for your guests? Event marketing strategies such as shopping ladies night are an excellent solution. Meadowhall Shopping Centre got in touch with a brief for one of this events and their goal was very clear: they wanted to reward mall-goers by creating engaging activities that made them connect and feel identified with their brand.


Our Brass Fusion Act, Professional Salsa Dancers and our gorgeous Fleur de Reves roaming hostesses were the brought together to transform the shopping mall into an interactive and immersive shopping experience! A unique night of offers and discounts, other activities such as manicure services, massages or free gifts and takeaways completed a night full of surprises. 


Classic but effective examples of experiential marketing, shopping ladies nights are spontaneous encounters that allow clients' experience your brand first hand. Watch the video above to see the overall result of this successful event.


Read more about this ladies shopping night


Stand out by using experiential marketing in your next campaign

With 80% of marketers considering live events are critical to their company’s success, there is no question that experiential marketing campaigns will be playing a more important role in marketing campaigns. They offer an opportunity to let creativity run free. Event marketing strategies can not only help increase sales of a specific product or service, but most importantly they can make consumers establish an emotional connection with a brand. This is precisely what the above examples of experiential marketing pursued and achieved.



Share experiential marketing ideas!


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__By Juliana Rodriguez

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