Our Top 10 Movie and TV Themed Party Requests

Our Top 10 Movie and TV Themed Party Requests

The culture of cinema is becoming more ingrained in the way we talk, behave and celebrate. Children are no longer the only ones choosing film-inspired party themes for their celebrations: adults are also demanding parties based on their favourite movies and TV shows.

When we speak to our clients we identify popular event requests and trending themes. In the past year we’ve seen a rise in requests for film and TV themed party ideas. In this blog we look at the most popular ideas and some that you may not have considered to give you the toolkit to create a film and TV themed event that will be a ‘reel’ hit. Probably just like you, we would also love to attend a party based on the magical universe of J.K. Rowling or the fantasy land of George R.R. Martin. Do any other movie party ideas come to mind? 

Find below a list of our top 10 movie and TV themed party requests. So here we go, lights, camera, action! 


Top 10 Movie and TV Themed Party Requests 


1. The Greatest Showman: Celebrating the Birth of Show Business

An overwhelming favourite since it premiered in December 2017, The Greatest Showman is a film that marks a generation. The film tells the story P.T Barnum, a visionary who created a live entertainment spectacle that became a worldwide sensation and was well ahead of its time. We can say that in the last year we’ve received requests for parties using this theme from across the world.

Recreating the film’s stunning scenery, decor and, - above all, - the entertainment is a challenging but exciting task. Circus performers are definitely a must, whilst event decor such as vintage circus tents, giant bird cages and extravagant table centrepieces would create an immersive environment where entertainers revive the most spectacular scenes from the musical.

Curious/fun facts: Did you know some of the costumes worn by the cast came from the real Barnum Circus? To create that authentic vintage circus feel our performers source the highest quality costumes that create an impact from a distance and feel genuine up close.

Acts featured on board:

Circus Dance Show Australia
Delight Circus Parade
Flaming Sax
Interactive Circus Ushurettes
Giant Birdcage Prop For Hire

2. Grease: ‘Summer Nights’ and 50s Rock n Roll Vibes!

“It’s the theme that we want...” No list of film-inspired party themes would be complete without Grease! This classic musical is set on an American high-school and tells the romances and adventures of a group of adolescents from the 50s. The film focuses specifically on Danny Zuko and Sandy’s summer love story and the obstacles they overcome to make their relationship work.


Music and dance should play a significant part in any Grease themed party. One of our most requested holiday party themes, 50s themed dancers, vintage rock n roll bands and retro roller skaters are some of our favourite choices for Grease-inspired events. Interactive activities and acts such as vintage photo booths and interactive ushuerettes can help guests immerse themselves in a 50s summer nights atmosphere and decorations and food such as milkshakes, popcorn or retro Coca-Cola bottles are imperative accessories to complement your event decor. Get ready to rock n roll!


Curious/Fun facts: One of the most famous teen romance movies in history, did you know actors playing main roles were in their late twenties? Doing our research, we also found out Carrie Fisher (everyone’s beloved Princess Leia) was almost cast to play Sandy’s role. Can you picture Sandy without her iconic blonde hair? Impossible!



Acts featured on board:


Grease Musical Show
1950s Themed Dancers
Vintage Photo Booth
The Roller Guys
Roller Skate Girls Nice
Interactive Ushurettes

3. Alice in Wonderland: The Fantasy World We All Want To Visit

Originally an 1865 novel written by British author Lewis Carroll, the book has been adapted into numerous films, TV movies and TV series. The book and films adaptations follow the adventures of a girl who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of anthropomorphic creatures. These odd beings include beloved characters by us all such as the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat or the Mad Hatter.


Any holiday party themes ideas list should include Alice in Wonderland. Not only popular among little ones, Alice and her wild bunch of companions are also among our most requested film-inspired party themes for adults. All the much loved characters can show up at your party and interact with your guests in a number of ways. They adapt Alice’s story and perform a theatre show based on Lewis Caroll’s timeless tale. For those of you hosting a Halloween party (link to halloween party ideas blog), our Halloween Alice in Wonderland themed characters will ensure your event is as fantastical as spooky. Theatrical photo sets and decorative trees can add the final touch and transform your venue into the perfect wonderland!


Curious/Fun Facts: There are so many TV and film adaptations of the book that it was difficult to find when the first movie was filmed. It was actually in 1903: it was a 12-minute silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. Another curious fact we were surprised to find out it’s that there’s a neurological disorder named after the book ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’. Caroll himself suffered from it: he had strange hallucinations and saw things bigger or smaller than they actually were!



Acts featured on board:


Epic Fairytale Parade

Wonderland Cirque

Halloween Alice in Wonderland
Walk Around White Rabbit
Theatrical Photo Sets
Tree Event Decor


4. Moulin Rouge: Welcome to Paris’ Dazzling Cabaret


Best-known for being the birthplace of modern can can dance, this iconic cabaret venue became even more famous after the release of the jukebox musical Baz Luhrmann film starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Taking the famous Parisian venue as the setting of a tragic romance between an English writer and a singer at the Moulin Rouge, this tragicomedy brought cabaret back into fashion. 

Sassy can can dancers and luxury diamond themed entertainment: that’s how we picture the perfect Moulin Rouge-inspired party! Among all movie party ideas listed in this article, this is the most monochromatic. Your venue should flooded in scarlet red and decorated with gorgeous heart-shaped props, magnificent chandeliers with champagne aerialists hanging from them and beautiful floral arrangements with red roses. 


Curious/Fun Facts: Satine’s diamond necklace is to date the most expensive piece of jewelry ever designed specifically for a film. Another curious fact: the film’s 1920s Paris was produced digitally as the movie was largely filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. 



Acts Featured on Board:


LED Can Can Girls
Parisian Cabaret Show
Aerial Heart Themed Show
Parisian Stilt Walkers
Vocal Ushurette Trio
Champagne Chandelier Act


5. Harry Potter: Restricted Entry to Muggles


The series of fantasy novels written by J.K. Rowling reached worldwide fame after the launch of the first book Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. The story of an orphan wizard and his adventures alongside his inseparable friends Ron and Hermione were followed by millions of fans around the globe. Those fans helped transformed this literary phenomenon into a blockbuster saga that inspires hundreds of parties and events annually.


The undisputed star of the saga can show up at your party and perform some mind-blowing magic right before your guests’ eyes! Our Hogwarts headmaster can also be invited and spread some of his wisdom around whilst a mysterious fortune teller can give your guests insights into the questions they want answering. One of the most popular film-inspired party themes among the magic (and muggle) community, there are many creative ways, event decor and food that can transform any venue into the Hogwarts’ Great Hall! From house flags to creative cakes and even the famous butterbeer, there are plenty of food and props to be used for the perfect Harry Potter themed party!


Curious/Fun Facts: The exception to British only cast had only one exception: Verne Troyer, the 2’8’’ American actor who portrayed (but did not voice) Griphook, a goblin who worked at Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Diagon Alley. We were also surprised to find out Daniel Radcliffe had gone through over 160 pairs of glasses by the end of the saga. We’re sure he was thankful for the reparo spell...



Acts Featured on Board:


Harry Potter Lookalike
Fortune Teller Enchantress
Wizard London
Wizard Magician New York


6. Game of Thrones: A Party That Can Turn Out Unexpectedly 


Among all the TV show party ideas, this is definitely the most requested one since the Red Wedding traumatised the entire world. Set on a fictional Medieval universe, Game of Thrones narrates the bloody fight for power between families and territories. First famous as a series of novels, the HBO TV series inspired by George R.R. Martin’s books has broken numerous rating records. 


The show’s famous settings such as King’s Landing or Winterfell can be recreated with the very own iron throne and other props such as wooden structures and oxcarts, big barrels or straw bales. Characters lookalikes and other Medieval creatures or beings such as white walkers can be your party’s distinguished guests. You can keep them entertained with Medieval themed musicians and an exciting knights tournament! Last but not least, an splendid banquete with red wine and grape bouquets add the perfect decorative touch to make your party as realistic as possible. 


Curious/Fun Facts: Atchomar Chomakaan! (Hello to a non-dothraki). If you’re interested in learning other languages, you should know Dothraki is actually a language. Crafted by a professional linguist, there’s actually courses you can take to speak like Khal Drogo! 



Acts featured on board:


Medieval Walkabout Act
Cirque Winter Wonderland
Medieval Walkabout Creatures
Medieval Themed Decor
Medieval Folk Ensemble
Knights Tournament


7. Peaky Blinders: Get Ready for 1920s Birmingham!


1919 Birmingham is the setting of this criminal drama, a TV series revolving around the comings and goings of the Shelby family, an English criminal gang that may or may not have existed during the Great War. Dealing with the aftermath of the First World War, ambitious war-hero Tom Shelby returns to run the gang and expand it nationally and internationally.


Fans of flapper dresses, flat caps, vintage clothes and charleston: among all the TV show party ideas listed, this is definitely one that gives your guests a chance to shine! Stunt men impersonating Tom Shelby and his fellow gang members can burst into your party and transform it into an illicit gang duel! 


Less dramatic but hilarious and equally exhilarating, our roaming comedy gangsters can make a scene with slapstick humour, circus tricks and tap dancing! With live swing music and charleston dancers in the background, your Peaky Blinders-inspired party can definitely get people talking. Why not add an interactive element such as our unique Living Jackpot Machine, a unique type of interactive entertainment that brings the old-fashioned fruit machine to life.


Curious/Fun Facts: A non-smoker in real life, you can rarely see actor Cillian Murphy without a cigarette on the show. He smokes herbal cigarettes when he puts himself in the shoes of Tom Shelby. The Irish performer has claimed to have smoked over 3,000 of those ‘herbal rose things’ throughout a season!



Acts Featured on Board:


Prohibition Themed Stunt Men
Roaming 1920s Comedy Gangsters
1920s Comedy Gangsters Show
Vintage Gangster Swing
Live Action Stunt Show
Living Jackpot Machine
1920s Dancers Czech Republic


8. James Bond: 007 agent, licence to entertain


When Ian Fleming created this fictional character as the central figure of his works, he couldn’t have imagined Bond would become the most famous secret agent of all times. Payed by six actors in over twenty-four films, James Bond is not only an undisputed reference in pop culture but also an endless source of inspiration for holiday party themes, film and British-inspired party themes.


When choosing 007 for your movie and tv themed party, there’s no better choice than creating an fully interactive experience for your guests. You can immerse your guests in a casino atmosphere with a blackjack trickster and a sophisticated female vocalist who can sing some of the movies’ famous tunes such as oscar-winning song ‘Skyfall’ by Adele or ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ by Sam Smith. A James Bond lookalike and parkour secret agents can provide your event with real action whilst a cigar specialist gives a refined and sophisticated feel to your party with his expertise. 


Curious/Fun Facts: James Bond not only inspires hundreds of movie party ideas worldwide, but he also inspired the very own George Lucas to give shape to the most famous archeologist in the history of cinema. We were also surprised to find out actors such as Hugh Grant, Mel Gibson or Will Smith were once considered for the role. Can you imagine the Fresh Prince in the shoes of Mr. Bond? Spot on!



Acts Featured on Board:


Blackjack Trickster
Parkour Secret Agents
James Bond Lookalike
Female Vocalist Paris
Cigar Specialist


9. Pirates of the Caribbean: Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate


The series of fantasy swashbuck films follow the adventures of  the loveable rogue Captain Jack Sparrow. Portrayed by the multifaceted Johnny Depp, the cheeky captain won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide with his mischievousness and naughtiness. Introducing audiences to a fantasy universe of ghosts, mermaids and mysterious legends, Pirates of the Caribbean is one the most popular movie party ideas among our readers.


You can leave your guests wide-eyed when naughty Captain Sparrow shows up at your party! The famous pirate lookalike can pose for photos and spread lots of laughter at your party with his bold ideas and mischiefs. Live music can be played by a pirate band or a string quartet that can in fact delight listeners with the films’ soundtrack. Other entertainment options such as circus performers dressed as pirates can be the perfect complement for any movie and tv themed party inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. A swimming mermaid can also add a unique and fantasy touch to ensure your celebration is the event of the season!


Curious/Fun Facts: One of Disney’s most popular franchises, the saga’s filmmakers included numerous ‘easter egg’ references to Disney throughout the films including hidden Mickey Mouses.



Acts Featured on Board:


Pirate Themed Band
Jack Sparrow Lookalike
Cruising Pirate Walkabout
Pirate Pole Dance Show
Singing & Swimming Mermaid UK
Pirate Medley String Quartet


10. Mamma Mia!: Here The Party Goes Again!


The ultra famous Swedish pop quartet ABBA inspired a chart topping jukebox musical written by British playwright Catherine Johnson. Set on a fictional Greek island, the play tells the story of an independent hotelier who gets back in touch with three men from her past when her daughter decides to get married. Translated to more than 22 languages since it premiered in London in 1999, the musical was adapted into a film in 2008 starring the delightful Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.


Our list of holiday party themes this season would not be complete without Mamma Mia! You can transform your venue into an idyllic Greek island with the bright colours of some flowers and delicious punches and spirits. ABBA tribute bands are an essential entertainment option to provide your party with authentic 60s and 70s vibes. Other acts for film-inspired party themes such as this include retro performers such as a vinyl DJ or stunning LED winged dancers. The final touch for the ultimate retro party can be provided by a Giant Mirror Ball, an splendid sphere crafted from 8,000 glimmering mirrors. Welcome to the 70s!


Curious/Fun Facts: If you’ve seen Mammia Mia! Here We Go Again, you probably know Cher plays Meryl Streep’s mother on the film. Did you know she’s only three years older than Meryl? This is what they call the magic of cinema!



Acts Featured on Board:


Abba Tribute Italy
Giant Mirror Ball
French Vinyl DJ
Abba Tribute Stockholm
UK LED Wing Dancers
Wedding Florists


Tell us your favourite party themes!


Which our the above are your favourite tv show party ideas and film-inspired themes? We would love to know your choices and if any of them have inspired any of your events. 


If you choose any of the above for your movie and tv themed party this season, we would love to see some pictures! If you would like further inspiration and move party ideas, contact us and let us know what you have in mind: our Entertainment Experts will be happy to go through all the options with you. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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