Organising Your Mini Summer Festival in the UK: The Practicalities

Organising Your Mini Summer Festival in the UK: The Practicalities

Of course it’s not all fun and games when organising your own mini festival, there are also some important practicalities to take into consideration that will fundamentally impact the overall success of your event!

We’ve helped you find the perfect venue, pair it with sensational entertainment and ensure the party atmosphere is enhanced with obligatory décor, good food and good drink. Now we’re here with some practical tips including making sure your event has minimal impact on the environment, and that you’ve got all the correct licences.  


Traffic Control


One of the main bug-bears of any festival, mini or not, is the associated traffic congestion, parking problems, and localized pollution that is inevitable when a large number of event attendees descend on one location at the same time.  

The most positive way to alleviate these concerns is to promote public transport where possible, but if your location is too remote why not put on a park and ride from an approved location in the nearest town.

Visit ‘A Greener Festival’ for other factors to consider along with pointers on how to ensure traffic to your mini festival doesn’t have a negative environmental impact.


Don’t forget the portaloos!


Sadly all, if not most, festival venues come without the usual plumbing facilities that most event attendees have become accustomed to in state of the art conference centres and world-class hotels. However, fear not because there is a solution to this teeny-tiny problem! Portaloos, but probably not the ones you are used to experiencing at your average festival.

There are some luxury options available that won’t let the rest of your festival down. ‘When Nature Calls’ luxury event toilets provide flushing WC’s and warm water hand wash facilities using the latest vacuum technology. The WNC toilets are designed to handle large numbers and are eco-friendly without comprising on cleanliness, a breakthrough in the world of portaloos! Delivery comes along with a crew to ensure the highest level of hygiene throughout, cleaning each toilet after every use.




Depending on the scale of your mini festival, you may want to also consider security. FGH specialise in festivals, concerts and events. They offer an extensive and experienced team, and tailor all their staff training to your specific requirements and needs. They realise that event security is often the first point of contact guests will receive when coming to a festival, therefore they ensure that everyone gets a warm welcome.


Respect the environment


Festival waste management is one of the most important elements of successful event organisation though can often be overlooked. Hire a waste management service that covers all areas of the festival including clinical waste, oil disposal and bulk waste removal.

The team at M.J.Church Event Wast Management are fully trained and will be on-site throughout the build, duration and de-rigging of your festival with constant litter picking and waste station emptying using non-intrusive ‘mules’.




PRS Licence - As a festival organiser, you must ensure you have the correct licences in place to stage your event, covering all relevant sites for the duration of the festival. A PRS licence is one such licence and will give you the legal permission you need to play the songs you want at your event. The PRS licence will enable you to submit programme and setlist details, guaranteeing an accurate assessment of your fees. You will only be charged for the music PRS licensing controls or that of the affiliated societies. You will also have a hotline direct to the music licensing specialists. You can find out more by clicking here.

Alcohol Licence - Make sure you apply in advance for your alcohol license. Wherever you are in the UK, you will require two licences to sell alcohol.
1) Personal Licence - required by law to undertake a licensing law course, along with sitting a licensing exam.
2) Premises Licence - this allows the sale of alcohol or the provision of regulated entertainment to be carried out within the premises in question.
To find out more about how to apply for your alcohol license click here.


Let's shout about noise pollution!


Noise pollution is an important factor to take into consideration when planning your festival, especially as it is most likely to take place in a rural area. The Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at concerts should always be followed.

It is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the initiatives put forward by ‘A Greener Festival’ - a not for profit company committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices.

Now that we’ve imparted all of our festival organiser tips, expertise and supplier options to you, you are ready to finalise the details of your mini summer festival in the UK! We’ve been looking at the weather report and the end of August going into September promises to offer beautiful clear skies and warm temperatures (don’t hold us to that!) so get in contact with our entertainment coordinators and get planning!

__By Natalie Millar-Partridge

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