New Year's Resolutions for Event Planners: Entertainment Advice For 2020

New Year's Resolutions for Event Planners: Entertainment Advice For 2020

Starting The Year Right

We have compiled a list of essential tips and tricks to keep you on track for creating spectacular events throughout the year. Calling on years of experience, we’ve spoken to some of our senior event team members to find out the tricks of the trade that make booking entertainment a breeze!

  • Identifying Your Themes & What To Accomplish

Whether it’s a standalone event or a series of functions throughout the year, identifying your themes early allows you to research the best supporting entertainment and supplier options available to you, as well as allowing you to correlate your themes with your brand proposition or event values. At this time, it’s also crucial to identify your aims for the event(s). Is it a staff party, a product launch or a tradeshow? Each will pose it’s own set of challenges and some entertainment options will be more suited than others. 

  • Set Up A Team 

Getting a team together is often overlooked, but it’s a great way of sharing the burden between numerous people as well as being more productive. Two or three people working together is often quicker than an individual trying to organise multiple elements of an event, and it’s great for generating ideas and brainstorming.

  • Create An Event Calendar

No one likes to be rushed, and a good event is no exception. In order to give yourself ample time for planning, sit down and organise your event calendar throughout the year. A good idea is to identify cultural events or areas that coincide with your business or theme and create events that align with these time frames. Forward planning here is key; certain performers or event suppliers will experience high demand during these time frames so leaving it too late might end up with you having to settle for an alternative to your first choice.

  • Network To Get Results

If you're planning an event in order to network, entice new customers or meet new prospective clients, then it's important that you're prepared to network both in advance and at the event to maximise your potential. Reach out to attendees ahead of time to get them to share the event, or alternatively be prepared to write news pieces, social media posts and bulletins about your event to maximise it's success.
At the event itself, allocate a person(s) to network, get feedback and generate new relationships that may be useful in the future. Be sure to thank all the attendees after the event, and reach out to them for further feedback or to continute conversations had at the event. 

  • What Our Experts Say

'Time is definitely your friend when looking to organise an event! We often get requests for entertainment from clients with very little time to find an appropriate performer or supplier, and often a client's first choice is unavailable on short notice. To ensure you can get the act you deserve, contact us as early as possible with detailed requirements of the kind of performers you're looking for so we can provide as many as possible'

Here To Help

As always, if you're looking for guidance and advice about hosting your next event, simply contact us here and one of our Entertainment Specialists will be in touch to discuss your every need. 

__By Matt Parker

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