New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Trending societal movements to inspire alternative incentive travel


Incentive travel is big business! We all know that employees are looking for discovery, ‘Instagrammable’ experiences and a big helping of culture. But with the mainstream travel industry quickly catching up what can set your employee incentive program apart?


Guy Heywood, chief operating officer at Alila Hotels and Resorts explains:


“Luxury used to be about gold, marble and chandeliers, big lobbies and glitzy hotels. It’s now about the experience. It’s about the destination. It’s about what I, as a guest, am getting out of this from an educational point of view and an emotive point of view”


We take a look at trending societal movements to inspire alternative incentive travel experiences around the world.

Go K-Pop Crazy in Hong Kong

From skin care and makeup and k-pop culture and food, South Korean culture has been enjoying a moment in the spotlight as a wave of influence sweeps from East to West.

While K-pop boyband, BTS, has been taking over the American and UK music charts, K-pop girl group, Blackpink, is making sure they leave their mark, too. The first K-pop girl act to perform a set at Coachella, Blackpink’s badass singing and rapping four-member K-pop girl group has generated a surge in popularity.


But K-Pop culture is exploding closer to home, too. Hong Kong has long had a fascination with K-Pop and the city’s millennials huge fans of K-Pop music, soap operas and fashion. Our award-winning K-Pop Dance Crew is perfect for bringing a slice of K-Pop culture to your Hong Kong adventures.


New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Put Drag Under the Spotlight in Scotland

Camp is rapidly moving from subculture status into the mainstream. From the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute’s Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibition, which opened in May this year, to the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag artists are a rising star in entertainment.


Perhaps not the first place you’d think of for LGBT entertainment, Scotland’s gay scene is exploding with everything from film screenings and debates to parties and ceilidhs.


Edinburgh's gay pride festivities, Pride Scotia, sees people of all ages and walks of life march through the city, finishing with a festival which includes a BBQ, health and community fair, live music and entertainment. Glasgow's Pride celebrations are famed for their fun, friendly atmosphere and their great programme of events including parties, club nights and art exhibitions.


Top off the sight-seeing, gallery-hopping and partying with a performance from our fabulous Drag Show.


Highly-choreographed, hilarious, moving and sparkling in more ways than one, the musical show is an arresting visual spectacle that leaves audiences speechless. Having dancers of mixed genders as well as highly talented performers keeps this show from becoming exclusive, and it undoubtedly has wide appeal for adults in a range of environments. 


New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Join the New Sustainability in Sydney

Sustainability among brands is undergoing a renaissance as eco-conscious consumers demand ethical practices, responsible behaviour and innovation to cut excess. In response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly.


The current global movement towards sustainability is an initiative that resonates well with today’s Australians. Amid conservation projects to preserve the Great Barrier Reef, forests, and native flora and fauna, Australia is changing the game when it comes to protecting its stunning natural landscapes.

Tap into this mindset with incentive travel experiences that promote eco-friendly behaviours. Our Environmental Magician uses his expertise as a wordsmith combined with the power of magic to inspire new ways of thinking about recycling, sustainability and conservation. Everything from his playing cards to clothing accessories is upcycled and sustainably sourced!


New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Find Big Meaning in Small Rituals in Chengdu

In today’s hectic world there’s been a huge shift towards slowing down to pause and appreciate simple tasks.


Everyday processes are being elevated by turning them into considered rituals for ‘me time’. From lovingly preparing a cup of tea with the correct apparatus, receptacles and brewing time, to indulging in multi-step skincare routines, we’re all looking to pause and appreciate magical moments in the day-to-day.


No culture does this better than the Chinese. The gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony, involving the ritual preparation and presentation of tea. The term literally means ‘making tea with skill’.


Using a long list of traditional tools and equipment, our Tea Masters transport viewers with a mesmerising series of considered movements, precise chemistry and temperature to present a brew that tastes delicious and is satisfying to the soul.


New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Eat Bugs in Toulouse

The burgeoning edible insect industry churns out protein bars, pasta, and chips made from insects, most notably crickets.


Eating insects has both ecological and health benefits - raising insects produces fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water and space than beef, chicken, and pork. Bugs are also good sources of protein, fibre, and fatty acids. It's on these merits insects gained legitimacy and found themselves on 2019 food trends lists, part of a broader movement toward healthy and eco-conscious foods.


What better place to experience a new delicacy that the gastronomy capital of the world, France?


Offering Wine and Insect Tasting, our Sommelier takes you through different wines and tasting of different insects. Gourmet morsel or ick factor fad? You decide!


New Wave Entertainment For Your Incentive Travel Program

Entertainment for Incentive Trips

Taking inspiration from current societal movements and interests can be a great way to theme your incentive travel program and tap into emerging trends your employees want to uncover.


Feeling inspired to discover new wave entertainment in cities across the globe? Speak to our team for their cutting edge insight into trending entertainment options for your employee incentive program and create unforgettable experiences.


__By Freya Britton

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