Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

Mermaids, the sirens of the sea, are associated with perilous mishaps or unbounded benevolence depending on which folk tales you read. These mythical creatures are still a source of fascination today and the basis of many a fantasy. They’re also a favourite with events for both children and adults, whether you’ve got an Under The Sea theme or you just want to add a touch of make-believe. 

To celebrate the popularity of mermaids and the fantastical edge that they can add to events, we’ve decided to pick out our favourite mermaid performers and event ideas!

No excuses sit back and indulge your imagination.

Mermaids and Product Launches

Launching a new product? Need something imaginative to inspire guests? Even if your product or company lacks an aquatic connection, don’t let that stop you from hiring a mermaid or two! 


Mermaids have been known to appear at events to launch beers and beauty products – their feminine essence appealing to both feminine and masculine brands and audiences in different ways. Mermaids can be used to convey themes of femininity, fantasy, decadence, and the forbidden.


Beauty brand Elemis has most recently used mermaids in the launch of their new Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, artist and illustrator Tania Estevez was commissioned to hand paint mermaids on 25 product boxes to match the aquamarine colours on the Elemis bottle.



Mermaid performers are incredibly versatile and can be booked to perform in water or on land. There are no restrictions and you certainly don’t have to have a body of water to make the most out these themed performers. 


If you’re hosting a car launch, mermaids can elegantly lounge across the bonnet or roof. If you prefer to have them set up on a static elaborately decorated table, they can hand out samples of your products, and even drinks and canapés. Of course mermaids also present a fantastic photo opportunity for guests and will ensure that your guests and your brand event are immortalised on social media. 


Mermaids and Corporate Events

Much like product launches, corporate events and celebrations are often in need of a theme that will capture guests’ imaginations and create a buzz surrounding attendance.


Whether it’s to match your venue – having boat party? Overlooking the ocean or river? Or to match your company’s business, this theme is ever popular!  Having an ‘Under the Sea’ themed corporate event will appeal to both your male and female guests – there is plenty of opportunity for themed costumes on both sides. 


Our real mermaids performers can perform in giant bowls of water inside or outside the venue – perfect for summer parties!  We’ve already mentioned the fact that our mermaids can set themselves up on static platforms and appear as living statues or hand out drinks and canapés. 


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

We’ve previously booked aquatic and under the sea themed entertainment to perform at themed corporate events and they’ve been an absolute hit! Last year we provided our Aquamen and Mermaids to perform at a corporate event in London, you can read the case study here. 


Mermaids and Weddings 

There are so many romantic themes to choose from that reflect a couple’s personality and tastes – whether it’s Bollywood, Vintage, Game of Thrones, or Disney. 


The Little Mermaid is many a woman’s idea of a romantic fantasy wedding and of course no wedding of this theme would be complete without some stunning mermaid themed entertainment and décor. There is plenty of inspiration out there and we’ve spent many an hour fawning over incredible themed photo shoots like this one.



Offering a fresh colour palette that works especially well in spring and summer, having a mermaid or ‘The Little Mermaid’ themed wedding has a lot to offer including: shimmering tablescapes, aquamarine coloured accents, under the sea themed accessories, and adventurously designed sweet treats.  If your wedding venue is located on or near the beach, then this theme is even better! 


Why not have your guests gather down at the beach in the late afternoon for an enchanting performance from one of our real mermaids in the sea. 


Mermaids and Birthdays

A birthday theme that never goes out of favour – whether you’re 3 or 30 – there are countless ways to adapt it to both children’s and adult’s birthday parties! 


Childrens’ mermaid parties can incorporate themed interactive games including pass the parcel, musical statues, sing-along songs, balloon modelling and of course themed face painting so that each little one can be turned into a mermaid or sea creature of their choice!


You could also hire a professional children’s party entertainer dressed as a mermaid or even Princess Ariel herself to lead proceedings and keep kids entertained and having fun.   


If you need some inspiration for your little one, the Kardashians threw a mermaid themed birthday party for North and Penelope last year to celebrate their 3rd and 4th birthdays.



If you’re hosting a big celebration to mark a birthday milestone, your mermaid themed partycan be made to feel more grown up with the addition of glitter face painting – complete with jewels, fake eyelashes and glitter beards for the men! If you’re having a girls-only birthday bash then hire a nail artist to provide your girls with some stunning mermaid themed nails. 


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

You could also have your band give a modern performance of ‘Under The Sea’ and performed other sea and beach themed songs to complete the setting. 


Introducing the professional mermaids

We have a huge array of mermaid themed performers that can easily adapt their costumes and type of performance to suit specific events and venues. 


Swimming Mermaid


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

This mermaid performer’s costumes are truly impressive  - she really does look like a mermaid. She has two different coloured tails, one aquamarine and one red. She also has a range of different wigs, including a beautiful red one that makes her look exactly like everyone’s favourite mermaid: Ariel! 


She can also appear with additional characters including a pirate or fairy. 


Real Mermaid Performer


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

This real mermaid performer boasts an incredible custom-made tail that showcases impressive attention to detail with thousands of iridescent scales. A true professional, she can perform both land and water based acts and has access to a portable 42-ton dive tank – perfect for larger events!


Stunning Mermaid Performer


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

With bright pink hair and vibrantly coloured sea urchins adorning her body, this mermaid performer has a unique aesthetic even amongst her mermaid peers! Performing in water and on land she can easily adapt her performance for audiences of all ages. If you’re so inclined, she can also offer a Halloween themed mermaid performance! 


Aerial Mermaids


Mermaid Themed Entertainment For Your Next Event

These mermaids are to perform on land, water and in the air! With a freestanding aerial hoop rig, these mermaids can take their performance high above the heads of your guests to create an aerial spectacle unlike any other. 


What next?

All of these mermaids can perform in water or on land, to see our full array of mermaid performers visit our Under The Sea and Beached Themed section on our website!


If we’ve inspired you to make your next event Mermaid themed – or at least Under The Sea themed – get in contact with our Entertainment Coordinators who can help you find the perfect entertainment and décor! 



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