Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamonds are synonymous with beauty and exclusivity so it’s no wonder that they are a theme throughout luxurious event entertainment. A popular current trend among VIP parties, exclusive guest listed events and lavish entertainment experiences, the diamond is being increasingly reimagined by our artists into new and rare forms of entertainment - worthy of the most elite affair. 

In this blog, we explore VIP party ideas through the splendid world of diamond themed entertainment and how to use the iconic stone for dazzling luxury event inspiration. 

Organise Your Own Diamond Themed Event


After a period of ‘less is more’ among the fashion set, AW 2018 is set to swing back into lavish excess with the return of statement pieces on the catwalk. Oversized chandelier earrings, frosted hoops, and stacked diamond bracelets from the likes of Chanel, Mui Mui, and Louis Vuitton have got us in the mood for some serious VIP party ideas. 


How better to celebrate this current trend for dazzling jewellery than with diamond themed entertainment? This burlesque performer atop a giant diamond ring filled with champagne offers rousing luxury event inspiration.  


The new alternative to a martini glass prop, our burlesque artist’s diamond ring stages her one-of-a-kind routine perfectly for mesmerising guests at high-end corporate events and parties. Performing in an out of this world 20,000 Swarovski crystalled 17.5 inch corset, our burlesque performer delivers the most opulent cabaret performance of all time. 



Our unique Burlesque Performer should be top of your wish list for VIP party ideas 


Plan A Glitter Party For The Glitterati


A favourite among the Instagram set, the glitter party aesthetic shows no sign of abating with glitter beards, glitter roots, and even glitter butts at this summer’s hottest festivals. For a grown-up take, this Immersive Photo Booth Experience delivers plenty of luxury event inspiration. Pose in front of a cascading curtain of silver sequins for unabashed glitter play, or choose iridescent bubbles for a more sophisticated look. 


Aligning closely to our diamond theme entertainment, this futuristic Hall of Mirrors Photo Booth acts as a hollow jewel, reflecting whoever steps inside to infinity and beyond, and is attended by its own costumed host.    


Add an opulent custom-designed set, props and costumes to your photo experience and watch your guests play in a glittering diamond wonderland inspired by the crystal ice caves of Iceland, on the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or wherever your imagination takes you. 


 A luxury party, wedding or high-end corporate event isn’t complete without this addictive and interactive instant photography. After all, even the most elite of VIP guests are only human!



Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Throw a glitter party for grown-ups with an irresistible high end mirrored photo booth


Take An Exclusive Peek 


To discover rare experiences is part of today’s luxury lifestyle so it’s no surprise that unique immersive concepts are being dreamt up by our high end artists. 


Delivering an exclusive diamond reception, our Diamonds Forever experience is perhaps the most sparkling jewel on our books. 


Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, each guest is handed a glass of champagne with a sparkling stone nestled at the bottom. But which of your guests will have the one real diamond? On-site diamond inspectors offer your party a superb theatrical showcase and expert knowledge to immerse themselves in - with one lucky winner.


Waj from Diamonds Forever explains:


“The uniqueness of the Diamonds Forever experience always has a great reaction generally but especially from the winner of the real £1,000 diamond. We’ve seen many happy tears over the years and the theatre of our Diamond Inspectors checking glasses ‘live’ also helps to create great drama and wow factor theatre for all guests present! We love every event we host, which also allows us to travel all over the world meeting great people!” 


Immersive environments such as these Projection Domes deliver the perfect surroundings in which to submerge audiences in your theme. Made up of interlocking triangles, the appearance on the outside can shine like a polished cut diamond, while the inside can become whatever your heart desires thanks to 360 projections. 


Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

One lucky winner at your high-end corporate event could go home with a real diamond!


Mix and Mingle With The Finest - Our Shining Examples


An important part of any immersive experience, mix and mingle artists can offer opulent theatrics for interactive entertainment at high-end corporate events and parties. Hostesses, roaming musicians, acrobats, fire acts… there is any number of roaming diamond themed entertainment options that offer luxury event inspiration.


Why not kick things off with a striking welcome meet and greet from a lavish stilt act dripping in jewels, baubles, and sequins? The avant-garde costumes worn by our Glitter Stilt Walkers glint and sparkle in low light perfect for setting a magical atmosphere.


Or add a touch of elegance with ambient entertainment such as our Crystal Live Event Artist who creates stunning works of art made from thousands of coloured Swarovski crystals. A novel way to brand or personalise goody bag gifts live in front of guests. 


Keep the party grooving with a roaming musician with an instrument that shines with a million crystals - literally! Our Swarovski Saxophonist, Electric Flute Trio, and Electric String Duo each offer stunning roaming live music entertainment. Read how our Electric String Duo recently wowed audiences of an awards ceremony.


Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Swarovski crystals immediately elevate roaming acts for sparkling high-end corporate events

A Glitzy Show To Remember 


Ensuring the after-dinner show wows the most discerning guests at a high-end corporate event can be a tall order. Luckily, our diamond themed entertainment holds a constellation of dazzling stage shows primed to enchant, mesmerise and shock audiences. 


Perfect for any VIP party, this spectacular flying LED Diamond hangs high above guests’ heads and glows with colour changing lights for knockout visual impact. Suspending three aerial acrobats, this contemporary take on diamond themed entertainment fuses high-tech LED with classic circus choreography and a spark of drama to the dynamic aerial show.


Equally as beautiful, our Diamond Video Mapping Show combines creativity, art and music to bring a sense of magic to your event through LED technology. Why not combine this bouncing star video mapping with some classic Vegas showgirl glamour? Our Diamond Themed Dance Show’s dancers will thrill with a flurry of feathers and crystals. 


Luxury Event Entertainment Ideas - Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This stunning contemporary aerial diamond can be performed solo, as a duo or trio 

Diamond Themed Entertainment For High-End Corporate Events


Offering plenty of luxury event inspiration this season, diamond themed entertainment has proven to wow audiences time after time. With timeless appeal this broad event theme allows you to choose your own take with a wealth of contemporary, classic, lavish, and simple yet stunning interpretations of diamonds. 


With everything you need for VIP party ideas with glittering stage shows, immersive experiences, roaming entertainment and more, Scarlett Entertainment holds the key to luxury event inspiration that is out of this world. Get ready to sparkle!


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__By Freya Britton

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