Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion

Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion

As we get older most of us seem to shy away from announcing to the world our actual age, forever knocking off years and giving anyone who reveals our age the death stare, but in your younger years birthdays are to be celebrated and rejoiced! With children’s birthday parties getting bigger and bigger each year, the pressure to provide your little ones with the most amazing party can be pretty daunting at the best of times. 

Your birthday is a special day that no one can take away from you, it is your one day where you can put yourself first and not feel bad about it, but when you’re as little as five what does that matter! To kids, birthdays are a day where their parents’ let them eat sweets, birthday cake and they get to have fun surrounded by balloons and brightly coloured decorations all day long. 

Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion

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Choosing the theme

With each birthday party tailored to each individual child’s favourite thing whether it be girly pink unicorns or an explosion of footballs and ninjas, how can you make your little one’s special day one to remember?


The theme is one thing, but keeping up to 20 kids under the age of 12 entertained for a couple of hours is a totally different matter, and that is where the reinforcement comes in. Children’s entertainers are a fantastic (if not necessary) addition to any children’s party as they get all of the kids involved and keep them giggling and smiling for the entire party.


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion

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Children’s Party Trends

Trends within the children’s party sphere have definitely emerged with more engaging workshops becoming increasingly popular. Our Children’s science party is a prime example of a party idea that has become  trendy children’s entertainment. This is evident in the 500,0000 children across the UK who have been amazed by this fun and engaging children’s entertainment providers.


A no mess, no stress science party that offers something completely different for your little ones to enjoy, this team of scientists won BBC’s Dragons’ Den investment and the Netmums Award for the Best Kids Party. With every science party jam packed with magic tricks and amazing experiments, sweet making experiments, spectacular science and gooey slime making – this children’s party theme is perfect for any budding scientist birthday boy or girl!


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Princess Themed Parties

From hands on science experiments to making your child’s dream come true with Princess Impersonators, these real life princesses will dazzle your child and their friends as they sing a theatrical medley with five or more characters. With Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbelle, The Little Mermaid, Anna and Elsa and Rapunzel all invited to the party, they’re guaranteed to be a hit at your little ones birthday.


Offering a family stage show, storytelling and heaps of audience participation these real life princesses will make your children feel like they’ve jumped into a fairy tale. A trend that we most certainly don’t see falling out of fashion anytime soon, these roaming princesses will brighten any children’s birthday party.


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Let’s Get Involved

So as we all know, kids need to be kept entertained and what better way to keep them occupied than a giant floor piano! A fascinating interactive piano that can be played by walking or dancing on it our duo will show your kids just how it’s done as they dance up and down the keys, playing sweet music as they dance. Offering your kids an opportunity to try it for themselves, children of all ages will love this unique piano and may even get the hang of it!


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Multi Skilled Children’s Duo

A hilarious multi skilled children’s duo who will not only get the kids laughing but will even appeal to audiences of all ages. Incorporating magic, ventriloquism, circus tricks, hilarious sketches and much more, this comedy act will entertain your children for hours on end. The perfect addition to any themed children’s party, our circus duo are highly interactive, engaging and extremely funny, making them an ideal entertainment option for all kids parties.  With an impressive selection of props, this multi skilled duo offer a luxury entertainment option for their little ones that is guaranteed to keep them entertained as they perform a jam packed show that is bursting with different tricks, sketches and costumes!


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Face Painter

If you don’t have a face painter at your kid’s party, is it even a party? A fantastic addition to any kiddie’s event, face painters can transform your little ones into their favourite superheroes, gorgeous butterflies and anything that pops into their mind! Our face painter offers a roaming face painting service to ensure that every child can be painted no matter how big the party; the only limit is the kid’s imaginations!


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Themed Bubble Magician

A talented bubble magician who dresses as a wizard-like character, performs mind blowing tricks that will captivate your little ones and even amaze the adults! Taking bubbles to the next level this bubble magician is perfect for luxury children’s parties as his act goes above and beyond your standard children’s entertainer and instead mesmerises guests and draws them into a fantasy world bursting with magic and mystery.


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Fun Snacks

Think outside the box with what to eat at your kid’s birthday party with the ice cream scientists. A completely bespoke and exciting alternative to traditional ice cream these cool scientists offer a one of a kind experience that will have all guests crowding round their station. Not only that but they offer a range of sweet treats from liquid nitrogen ice cream to popcorn, candy floss, hot chocolate, pancakes and more.


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


Party Bags!

One final treat before the party draws to an end, party bags are an exciting present for all the children to take home with them, offering little mementos of the party as well as providing a nice gesture to thank your guests for coming. Why not go ahead of the crowd and hire our incredible 3D Chocolate Carver and provide your guests with an edible lollipop with their faces on! A fun and exciting addition to any event this is fantastic for both adults and children. Check out our news piece of what happened when the 3D chocolate carver came to Scarlett HQ!


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion


To really set your party bags off from the rest, why not include the incredible print yourself in 3D and bobble heads that can be completely customised to each party guest! Creating your very own mini me, our creators scan your guests into their computer and turn them into a tiny figurine of themselves. Taking 3D printing to the next level, these lifelike figurines will be a massive hit at your child’s party.


Luxury Children’s Party Entertainment For That Special Occasion

To conclude

Organising a children’s party needn’t be taxing, however with exciting and new trends popping up such as science themed parties and bubble magicians your little one’s party can be transformed into the party of the year!


With an exciting combination of children’s shows, walkabout entertainers and customisable 3D chocolate lollipops you can host a fantastic party that will make you the favourite with your child and all of their friends!



To find out more about hosting children’s parties or if you would like to book one of our children’s entertainers, contact our Entertainment Specialists on 01626 572072.


Interested in reading more? Head over to our ideas blog for more helpful advice and tips on top entertainment trends, up and coming acts and innovative themes for your next occasion. 

__By Charlotte Russell

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