Life of An iPad Magician: 5 of the Coolest Events Performed in 2016

Life of An iPad Magician: 5 of the Coolest Events Performed in 2016

Our iPad Magician has been on a rollercoaster of high-end VIP events so far this year, and they just keep on coming!  We’ve decided to pick out five of his coolest bookings for this year so far to give you a taste of what it’s like to be one of the world’s most in demand iPad magicians.

1) Film Premier, Barcelona

June this year saw the release of the eagerly awaited ‘Now You See Me 2’, after its predecessor stormed box offices on its release in 2013 coming second only to Fast & Furious 6.


Our fabulous iPad magician was booked to perform for a VIP audience at a pre-screening of the film in Barcelona, and boy did the audience love him! Showcasing his latest interactive magic show, which combines the use of portable devises and social media with magic, he created a truly special experience.


He wowed 1500 people in the auditorium. They loved him. And it was so unique using digital devises.” Michael, Corporate Event Organiser


Everything about his performance was completely bespoke. Guests were asked to take out their phones and log in to a website that had been specially made for this event. Once logged in, audience’s phones were under our magician’s control for the entirety of the show. A continuous flashing of the screen signalled that you’d been chosen to join our magician on stage, a prediction come true would be played on the screen, and the simple message  ‘now please put your phones away ‘ signalled to the audience that something big was about to begin.


Custom tricks included:  a pack of 52 cards, each card has a song name written on it, one is picked at random and placed down with no one having seen it. A member of the audience is asked for a song…  it just so happens that it’s the same song written on the card, which our magician predicted days ago! Don’t believe him? It was posted to the client’s social media account days ago which suddenly appears on the audience’s screens whilst their speakers blast out the song.  This really is interactive magic at its best! More traditional iPad magic tricks included pulling a string of ‘Now You See Me 2’ film tickets from his iPad screen.


Of course the interactive principles in this magic show can be applied to any event, and manipulated to create something completely unique.


2) Birthday Party, Geneva


One lucky little girl got the best surprise at her 13th birthday party! A Harry Potter themed affair that saw our iPad magician appear as Draco Malfoy, alongside a Harry Potter lookalike! He created a fully customised Harry Potter themed magic show that could work alongside the iPad treasure hunt also booked to entertain guests.


Never one to pass up a challenge, our magician came up with some truly ingenious themed tricks that when performed on the day completely amazed attendees!


The interactive magic game began with party guests logging into a website made especially for the event. Once in, their phones began flashing with the names of the four Hogwarts houses and stopped on a name for each guest, sorting them into four teams of 10 – pretty ingenious huh! The rest of the performance included a golden snitch being pulled from his iPad and then made to vanish and become part of the treasure hunt, with a prize for whoever found it first. Wands were made to appear and disappear from his iPad, as well as Gringotts’ coins and notes which were made smaller and larger to the astonishment of all! The birthday girl also received an extra surprise when a card that she picked out from a bespoke pack of Harry Potter cards disappeared in a poof of smoke only to be transformed into a personalised, engraved, horcrux to keep!


A testament to our close up magician’s innovation and passion for designing custom tricks that will amaze and delight, as well as his unique ability to interact with audiences of all ages, this Harry Potter party is by far one of his coolest events of 2016.


3) VIP Corporate Event, Portugal


This fantastic event in Lisbon really put our iPad magician's versatility to the test, not only did he appear as a world-class magician he also co-hosted the event – is there anything this guy can’t do?!


Appearing on stage along side a professional MC he punctuated co-hosting the event with incredible 3-4 minute magic tricks which worked really well – keeping guests engaged throughout the whole of the presentation and expectantly waiting for the next show of jaw-dropping iPad magic! After the show he proceeded with a mix and mingle magic set that would bring close-up magic right into the midst of event attendees. Performing custom made tricks throughout the event, he was an absolute, undisputed hit with guests – and the client!


4) Top Secret Corporate Event, Beirut


Don’t even try to get out of us who this VIP high-end client is because it won’t work. Just know that they have exceptionally high standards hence why they booked our amazing iPad magician whose infallible reputation precedes him!


Once again our iPad magician worked around the clock for this event to create an array of bespoke magic tricks personal to the company and event attendees. This fantastic event and sensational venue in Beirut saw our London magician pulling specially designed coins out of his iPad – mementos for guests to keep – as well as business cards and an array of bespoke paraphernalia!


Taking humble iPad magic to the next level, this event saw all manner of on screen and out of screen magic happen!


5) Corporate Summer Party, Edinburgh


Performing a bit closer to home for this event, our magician had his work cut out creating custom magic tricks, themed around banking and finance, that would impress 150 of Deloitte UK’s top clients.


Putting together graphic rich magic tricks that included complex graphs, stats and metrics all integrated into not just the visuals but also the very essence of each trick, he really pulled it out of the bag with his bespoke performance. Guests were utterly amazed and astounded by what can only be described as a jaw-dropping feat of inventive wizardry and showmanship.


To conclude…


Our iPad Magician pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a digital magician. A true pioneer of magic performance, his tricks delve deeper than ever before into the world of programming, design technology and digital interactivity. Also one of the most genuinely likeable and charismatic people you will ever meet, it is no wonder that our magician has been booked to perform at such amazing events.


To find out more about his edgy, innovative and down-right mind-blowing magic performances, get in touch on 01626 572072.

__By Alanna Bestwick

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