Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

If all of your childhood “entertainment” memories involve pasty clowns with synthetic wigs and dispirited personalities then join the club. Once an exercise that children would dutifully embark upon as if participating in housework, the concept of entertainment has evolved into an altogether sparklier, more colourful and ultimately more engaging beast.  There is no end to the vibrant entertainment options available to our little darlings today. Whether you are on a limited budget trying to plan an exciting birthday party or you are part of an organisation looking for the best children’s stage shows, kid’s entertainers and walkaround characters in the world, our creative team at Scarlett Entertainment is focused on sourcing the most fun and unforgettable acts for all family occasions.

With an extensive range of children’s shows and characters for kids on our roster, you can set your imagination free and let it roam into the most whimsical corners of possibility when planning your event.


Children’s Live Shows

Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

Encompassing a wide variety of genres, family stage shows are without doubt one of the most enchanting and diverse entertainment options. From magic shows to professional dance performances, every one of our acts is different from the next and can offer something unique to educate and delight your youngsters.


If you want to turn your event into a cirque spectacular, the beautiful International Circus Arts Show is certain to do the trick. Inspired by Japanese and Chinese aesthetics, the show aims to foster an inclusive attitude to different cultures. Featuring aerial artists, contact jugglers, poi performers, stilt walkers and even a fire-breather, our kids show promises to have little ones glued to their seats. 


Packed with beautiful costumes and mesmerising choreography, dancing stage shows are always a good way to engage audiences. An elegant choice for young crowds, The Nutcracker is a truly sensational ballet performance. Retelling the Hans Christian Anderson classic with stunning costumes and delicate choreography, your children will be drawn into the graceful world of a sentient nutcracker. If ballet is not your thing, why not opt for child star dance company, Nu Sxool? The lively Britain’s Got Talent finalists are always a popular choice for family events because kids find it really easy to connect with the young performers. Another spirited family entertainment alternative is Gleeway. A high-energy tribute to the hugely popular television programme Glee, this musical act features everyone’s favourite song covers and mash-ups from the hit TV show.


Walkabout Acts & Interactive Entertainment


Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

If you are looking to encourage lots of interaction at your children’s party, festival or shopping mall event, walk around entertainment is a must. Scarlett Entertainment’s catalogue of roaming entertainment features world-leading costume characters, skilled party entertainers and astounding magic acts. 


Bridging the gap between reality and imagination, our mythical stilt creatures are a fantastical roaming act, sure to enchant children at any event. Accompanied by elf herders, you can get up close and personal with mystical beings that look like they have emerged from a rift in time and space. Brought to life by skilled puppeteers, parents can watch their children react to meeting a real-life fantasy creature in the flesh.


Interactive Acts


Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

Not solely limited to character portrayals, interactive entertainment comes in many forms and is one of the best ways to maintain young guests’ attention. 


Children’s balloon artists, bubble magicians, face painters and children’s entertainers are all popular choices for parties and festivals. It is a good idea to combine lively, highly interactive acts with some calmer entertainment options to make sure that children aren’t too tired by the end of the event. A unique kids entertainment option is Children’s Interactive Ipad Art. Giving youngsters the opportunity to unleash their inner Picassos, children draw directly onto Ipad screens and the images are combined into colourful animations which are projected onto the walls, floor and ceiling of your venue. 


Themed Entertainment

Inspiring Children’s Entertainment for Family Events

One of the most enjoyable aspects of planning any children’s event is deciding what theme to choose. Of course, the event doesn’t have to be themed, but kids love it and don’t pretend that you don’t too! 


The list of possible themes is almost endless, so make sure to leave enough time to make a decision and plan how to implement it. If you are throwing a party for your son or daughter, you are likely to be privy to their film or pop star obsessions, making the choice a straightforward one; however, if you are planning a festival or community event, your theme will take a degree of thought.


The boundless options include seasonal themes like Christmas, Easter and Eid, timeless subjects like dinosaurs, butterflies, fairies and princesses or themes based around specific books, television shows and movies, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and Sesame Street. You could also consider a pop-themed event, featuring lively tributes to Katie Perry, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. 


Whatever theme you decide on, remember that children’s party entertainment is only one part of the whole shebang! Creating an effective themed event means paying attention to detail. The food you serve, decorations, party gifts and, of course, children’s costumes, can all be tied into your overall motif. Whilst time and effort will certainly be required to fulfil your event brief, money does not need to be a factor because themed events are greatly improved by taking a DIY approach to decoration and catering. To gather more inspiration for your fabulous themed event, visit our dedicated Pinterest boards, providing the ultimate kid’s party ideas to help you out.


Get Creative

Having worked with numerous clients to create vibrant kids theatre shows and roaming entertainment for all occasions, our dedicated creative team are happy to cooperate with you to bring a concept to life in full singing and dancing glory. Through forging connections with talented performers, costume designers and writers, we can help you to produce never before seen entertainment that will ensure that your event goes down in history.

__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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