How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

In a world walking determinedly towards isolationism, it seems cultural experiences are making inroads in incentive travels. Offering employees a real inspiration and an opportunity to get to know and understand other cultures, cultural entertainment, workshops, and activities help build a world that is inclusive.

According to Kevin Hinton from Incentive Magazine, a study by Bersin by Deloitte states that “a company's ability to attract and engage people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, and types is paramount to business success”.


As a global entertainment agency with a multicultural team, here at Scarlett Entertainment, we are committed to ensuring entertainment and cultural understanding go hand in hand. As incentive travel experts, we would also like to share how incentive travel promotes cultural understanding among employees and list some of the most exciting options you can book to make this happen.


Entertainment and Cultural Understanding


Live Performances

With music being a universal language, traditional musicians have become a fantastic way to introduce people to new cultures. Our female qanunist and Japanese koto players are two of the most in-demand traditional entertainment options among businesses choosing the Middle East and Asia for incentive trips.


Traditional and quite uncharted, these string instruments allow travellers to discover new sounds and immerse themselves in an authentic Asian and Middle Eastern environment. Commonly dressed in traditional costumes, musicians also contribute to creating this genuine atmosphere and making audiences show interest in their culture and traditions in general.


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

Folk dancers and other traditional artists such as fire performers are also a go-to choice when it comes to incentive travel and corporate events. These performances overcome language barriers and are a unique way to provide a positive first impression as they are filled with colourful costumes, props and visually stunning fire effects.


For companies choosing Thailand as a destination, these Koh Samurai fire performers and Thai dancers might be the ideal choice. A delight to watch, both groups of performers can create fully bespoke Thai-style shows to welcome your employees into a trip full of tradition, colour and charm.


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

If the Old World is your chosen destination, there are endless performance options you can choose from. Some of our favourite ones include these Irish drummers, a group of energetic percussionists dressed in warrior-style outfits that bring the spirit of Ireland into a room with exhilarating performances that make the perfect opening act for a dinner, workshop or conference.


For countries with a strong royal tradition such as Denmark, performances like the ones delivered by the Danish Youth Guard are key for visitors to understand a country’s identity. Formed by boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16, this group of young wardens is also a marching band that can provide events with an authentic Danish feel and is the perfect welcoming act for people visiting Denmark for the first time.


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

Workshops and Experiences

Being a mere spectator can be fun, but transforming into a performer yourself is what makes workshops and team-building experiences such in-demand activities. For businesses flying their employees over to New Zealand, haka workshops are definitely a must-do. The ritual has become so famous that it’s not only the Pacific island where visitors can come in contact with Maori warriors: now you can book haka team-building activities all over the world!


Something similar occurs with flamenco workshops. A highly popular activity in Spain, flamenco sessions can also be enjoyed anywhere in the world. For those still wanting to experience Spain first-hand in Spanish soil, this flamenco workshop in Barcelona allows participants to literally put themselves in the shoes of flamenco dancers so they learn how to tap dance, clap and improvise!


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

If you’re looking to reward teams with a more sensory experience, then a food tour might be the ideal choice for your business. Is London your next destination? Then this tea bus tour will make the perfect solution for your team incentive trip! A quintessentially British experience that allows people to enjoy the traditional English pastime whilst they visit iconic London landmarks, this tour combines stunning views with delicious sweet treats.


If you’re facing the challenge of rewarding demanding palates, a trip to Italy would be a good start. Among the many food tasting experiences across the country, this Modena food tour is among travellers’ favourites. A tour that includes breakfast, vinegar and cheese tasting, traditional desserts and a Lambrusco toast, this delicious route encourages participants to discover new tastes and find out exactly why Modena, in particular, is famous for!


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

Not as famous as the latter, Swedish cuisine is there for travellers to discover if they visit Scandinavia. Fascinated by Northern landscapes, its Viking roots and their respect for culture, Nordic countries have been among incentive travel experts’ predictions in recent years. Taking food lovers through some of the most popular districts in Stockholm, this mouth-watering food walk allows visitors to discover delicious Swedish delicacies and sweets.


When an incentive trip is coming to an end, what better than offering people the chance to take a piece of it with them? In China, visitors always show great interest in the Chinese alphabet. Aware of its allure, incentive travel experts normally trust local artists to provide employees with a piece of artwork they can eventually take home with them. This Chinese calligrapher never fails to draw the attention of curious onlookers and creates personalised ink drawings for them.


How Incentive Travel Promotes Cultural Understanding Among Employees

Incentive Travel and Corporate Events

Entertainment and cultural understanding have never been so closely linked. Besides all the unique shows, activities and workshops listed above, the sea of possibilities our global roster offers are countless! We invite you to explore different world and cultural acts.


If you believe incentive travel promotes cultural understanding and are planning to take your team on a trip, but you can’t find what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our incentive travel experts will be more than happy to help you find the right entertainment option for your trip wherever it may be.


__By Juliana Rodriguez

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