How To Create The Perfect Wedding Playlist

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Playlist

Your wedding music playlist is an important part of your big day

There is a certain knack to getting this right. And if you follow these easy steps you should be able to create the perfect wedding playlist that appeals to a broad spectrum, creates a great atmosphere and most importantly will make your wedding guests dance. You can also use the expertise of our DJs and wedding bands to help put this together for you. 

Your wedding music playlist is something that takes great consideration. Your wedding music also shouldn’t be an afterthought. The last thing you want is to get to 7:30 at your wedding reception and rely on someone to quickly get on Spotify or dig out their Now That's What I Call Music 86 CD from the car. 

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Having been a live musician most of my life and a DJ for almost two decades I have had the pleasure of being involved with my fair share of weddings. This has ranged from actually DJing to curating the perfect playlist for wedding’s of friends and family, including my own. I’ve learned a few important lessons along the way in regards to forward planning and understanding the audience demographic. I’d like to share with you some of my tips on how to create the perfect wedding playlist as observed from my perspective. 

Are you planning on having a live band or booking a professional DJ? You can skip to below these tips to find out how to create the perfect wedding playlist for either of these options. However, the tips below are not just for the DIY approach, they still apply to bands or DJs.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Playlist

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Playlist

Structure your playlist:


It’s a good idea to structure your evening playlist according to several factors. Firstly, is there anything happening? Cake cutting, first dance, throwing of the bouquet, evening food being brought out or any communal activity, such as fireworks, that would take people away from the dancefloor. Secondly, consider when you expect certain guests will leave and certain guests will arrive. Older family members and young children are likely to head home at a reasonable hour and evening guests will take a little longer to be ready (a few proseccos) for the dancefloor.


Pick the songs for your wedding music playlist:


The bride and groom should include a handful of their favourite songs, especially one for the first dance. Then, the bulk load of your song selection should be the ones with mass appeal. You will by now know what you’re guests are into so it should be easy to pick songs you know several people like at a time. There are also thousands upon thousands of wedding playlist staples out there and the odd cheesy song that you know would get a good reaction. Think about nostalgia all the way through to current chart hits. Remember you don’t have to please everyone at the same time. This is covered by the structuring of your playlist and how you put it together highlighted in the next tip.


How to put your wedding playlist together:


Again, one of my top priorities. You don’t want several slow-songs in a row or too many wild songs that could result in a sweaty mob on your dancefloor. A formula I generally work with is two or three similar songs followed by a transitioning or cross-over song. This is great for pleasing different groups at a time and the transitioning song will keep many guests on the dancefloor whilst some leave (they’ll be back - don’t worry) and some new ones join. It is a win-win for everybody. Now apply this formula to your evening structure. For example, allocate the songs for older generations in a relevant timeslot and concentrate the songs that literally everybody knows to a time when you imagine your reception will be at its busiest.


Requests or no requests:


This is a tough call especially if you have a DJ. Would you be comfortable with that uncle you rarely see persistently requesting Black Lace’s Agadoo or a song by an artist that is totally inappropriate? Or, one of you’re oldest friends requesting something embarrassing from your childhood? Let's be honest though, some of those ‘embarrasing’ songs can go full circle into becoming nostalgia - Backstreet Boys anyone? You can brief your DJ with what you do or don’t want to be played, offer a contingency list, or simply say no requests - this is your day after all.


Can you have of wedding playlist if you book a live band or DJ?

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Playlist

Of course you can! The majority of the wedding bands we offer will tailor a set list to suit the client. Usually, they will have a large repertoire of songs you can pick and choose from and many will learn a song or two for you. It is worth bearing in mind that the band is very unlikely to play for the whole duration of your reception so you will need a playlist after the band to make your wedding guests dance until the very end.


With a professional DJ, you can provide them with your selection of songs and give them the artistic freedom to add to it based on your choices. A DJ is a great option if you would prefer to have a less structured approach. Any professional wedding DJ should be able to read the crowd and play the right songs accordingly.


Speak to us about all your wedding music and entertainment needs


Amongst other things, we are wedding specialists with years of experience providing luxurious and high-end entertainment for weddings all over the world. Visit our Wedding Entertainment category to look through our wonderful choices and feel free to contact us so that we can provide exactly what you want. 

__By Tom Drakett

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