How to create experiences for guests at your wedding

How to create experiences for guests at your wedding

Wedding entertainment for guests is changing. 

Having worked on thousands of weddings all around the world we, at Scarlett Entertainment, are well versed in the newest and most innovative ways to entertain wedding guests and create experiences they won’t forget. We have huge resources to cater for all needs and we can provide you with wedding entertainment ideas you might have never thought of.  

We have seen a consistent shift in wedding trends over the last few years that takes a step towards creating an experience for the guests rather than centering all attention on the bride and groom. Recent marital celebrations and ceremonies have involved far more immersive wedding experiences. These entertainment options or activities require friends and family to actively get involved rather than being a voyeuristic guest and this makes the event far more memorable and enjoyable.

Couples and planners all over the world are constantly deliberating the best ways to entertain their wedding guests. It actually isn’t that hard if know what is available. With our help we can not only create an immersive wedding experience but fit the entertainment to your theme and you can rest assured that everyone will have a great time on your big day.

Bypassing certain obvious options like a bouncy castle, caricaturist or walkabout magician, here are some wedding entertainment ideas we believe create an experience for the guests.

Live music can create an interactive experience

How to create experiences for guests at your wedding

Live music is most definitely still the best wedding entertainment for guests. Weddings all over the world have cover bands, DJs with musicians and live musicians during the ceremony or drinks reception. It actually would be odd to go to a wedding and not to have live music or a DJ. Now, even though dancing is an experience in itself, we can provide you live music that actively offers interaction.


We’re all familiar with the concept of Karaoke and the live band alternative Bandeoke. But What if some of your guests want to have a go and they are possibly too shy to stand up in front of everyone and sing? This is where our Sing Along Experience comes in. Like karaoke, with a live band, but a group effort. The band’s hosts lead the vocals and the lyrics can be seen by everyone so they can easily sing-a-long. It is a much more immersive wedding experience than any other and always packs out the dancefloor.


Live bands don’t have to be on a stage or stuck in a corner of the room. In fact, through personal experiences, client feedback and speaking with our bands, it seems guests have a better time when musicians are able to walk around and perform amongst everyone. Popular choices such as our Acoustic Roaming Band and the Wandering Band from London regularly receive rave reviews from wedding couples saying their guests wouldn’t stop talking about them. It makes everyone feel involved and completely breaks the formula of a typical live band experience. And, most of all, it’s a fantastic way to entertain wedding guests.


Photobooth services have come a long way

How to create experiences for guests at your wedding

Everyone loves a photo booth right? There are now basic and run-of-the-mill photo booth companies in every corner of the world. This also means there are loads of exciting alternatives or revamped options. We are here to help you look outside the box (of tired old props) and make sure you have something unusual that will create an immersive wedding experience for all your family and friends.


Our Theatrical Photo Sets are a real eye-opener in this field and this really is the ultimate immersive wedding photography experience. They create fully personalised photo backdrops tailored to your theme and complement it with fitting props. This is a creative concept that has been booked by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Britain’s Next Top Model, Claridge’s and Pimm’s so there’s no questioning their reputation.


Let everyone get arty with the fantastic Colouring In Walls. Intended as a quirky backdrop for photos, this is a wonderfully creative feature can be customised with any graphics of your choice. From Mr and Mrs Smith in large letters and floral sceneries to a large drawing of the happy couple on their wedding day, it will be the guests who get to do the colouring in - you can even supply the colours of your choice. The result is a unique piece of artwork coloured in by anyone who wishes to get involved. Not only is it a completely original backdrop for photos but a wonderful keepsake for the wedding couple.


You don’t even need a ‘booth’ anymore. We have a fantastic roaming photographer that walks around your wedding and captures the guests in action. How is this different from someone with a normal camera you ask? Well, their state of the art cameras not only allow you instant sharing on social media, on-site printing and they can create really fun GIFs. We’ve experienced this provider first hand and can confirm that your guests will progressively be trying to out-do themselves with all kinds of crazy moves.


Walkabout entertainment throughout the whole day 

How to create experiences for guests at your wedding

Weddings can be long. Sure there’s food, drinks, people to talk to, photos to be taken and even live music at certain times, but you don’t want guests to lose interest and worst of all - get bored. That’s where our final creative and slightly more unusual wedding entertainment ideas come in to entertain people throughout the whole day.


Walkabout entertainment and themed performers are often forgotten about when considering ways to entertain wedding guests. We have an almost bottomless roster of fantastic options that can suit any wedding. Luxurious options such as the beautiful Fleur de Rêves are ideal for weddings heavy on the floral decor and the Living Human Couch adds a touch of light humour to weddings in grand estates and historical buildings. And there are many more to choose from that can be fitted to your theme or location. Options such as these bring decor to life, creating a bond between live performance and the surroundings. It’s also wedding entertainment like this that becomes a talking point and key aspect of making a fun and memorable experience for the guests.


Need help booking your wedding entertainment?


Wedding entertainment can be a tough task to tackle but you need not worry. As previously mentioned, we’ve worked on our fair share of weddings of all shapes and sizes. If you are keen on keeping everyone happy at your wedding and want to ensure guests are suitably entertained, then that’s our forte. Speak to us directly and one of our Entertainment Experts will get back to your with suitable suggestions. If you're looking for more inspiration, we have many ideas blogs dedicated to weddings. 

__By Tom Drakett

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