Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

Runaway with the circus and book magical Greatest Showman themed entertainment

An all-singing, all-dancing, rags to riches fantasy tale, Hollywood’s The Greatest Showman has been THE hit of the past few years, inspiring myriad vintage circus acts and shows. 

Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we’ve fallen head over heels for the Victorian circus show trend and can’t get enough of the glitzy acrobatic acts, mesmerising fire stunts and catchy musical numbers. Holding fast as a key theme for autumn-winter 2019, we take a closer look at our best Greatest Showman themed entertainment…

The Ringmaster

The cornerstone of a Victorian Circus Show, a Ringmaster leads the circus performance. Presenting performers, speaking to the audience and keeping the show moving, it’s a vital role that requires sparkling personality and charm. 

Equally as charismatic and magnetic as Hugh Jackman’s character and showman, PT Barnum, our very own Ringmaster Performers will hold your audience captive. Perfect as a walkabout, meet and greet, photo opportunity and event host, our dazzling duo will command in masterfully crafted circus costumes.


Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

The Trapeze Artist

Such was the popularity of circuses that many 19th century theatres also presented circus acts. Trapeze wires were strung from the roof of the Alhambra and other theatres, and trapeze and high-wire artists performed above the crowds sitting in the stalls. 

Highly flexible, trapeze acts may be static, spinning, swinging or flying, and may be performed solo, double, triple or as a group act. Silks and hoop are other breathtaking death-defying aerial options. Adding another thrilling ingredient to the mix, our Fuel Girls Aerialists ratchet up the drama with fire as they fly above their audience’s heads.


Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

The Strongman

Once an obligatory part of every Victorian circus, strongmen performed amazing feats of strength and pushed the limits of human muscle power. Breaking chains, bending steel, lifting multiple people and supporting large amounts of weight held overhead at arm’s length were among the spectacles vintage strongmen would perform. 

Sporting the iconic twirled moustache and dashing good looks, our Vintage Strongman is a true gentleman and old fashioned strongman entertainer. Able to twist horseshoes and lift members of the audience, this is a sideshow you won’t want to miss!


The Bearded Lady

Long a phenomenon of legend and curiosity, bearded ladies were celebrated by circus sideshows in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Often, Victorian circuses presented women with facial wigs or bearded men dressed as women as attractions. 
Made particularly popular by the stunning performance of Keala Settle who played Lettie Lutz in the musical The Greatest Showman, we’re seeing an increase in demand for bearded ladies. Lettie Lutz’s song from the film, “This Is Me”, delivers a powerful message celebrating diversity and self-acceptance. 

Our very own Tattooed and Bearded Lady performs with a troupe of other fascinating Greatest Showman Themed Performers for a vintage circus extravaganza. 


Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

The Vintage Circus Showgirls

Acrobats, clowns, contortionists and dancers and a variety of other routines are among the most traditional acts in a circus, with many performers being multiskilled.

Performed by a highly talented team of dancers straight from Paris and London’s West End, this vintage circus dance show delivers a hypnotising and spectacular experience blending music, dance and burlesque.


The Victorian Circus Sideshow Acts

Roll up, roll up and step into a world of intrigue, excitement and superstition! Sideshow attractions were additional productions that performed alongside the main circus. Draw crowds and entertain your audience before or after the main show with mix and mingle or ambient vintage circus acts.

Styled on a fortune teller's stall at a Victorian funfair, our Vintage Fortune Teller Booth's enigmatic golden clairvoyant could just as easily be a robot sent from the future. Or turn heads with this Glamorous Sword Swallower’s daring stunts. Equally as thrilling for an ambient set or as a main stage show, this highly adaptable Aerial Heart Prop can showcase aerialists, burlesque acts, hand balancers and more. 

Greatest Showman Themed Performers for Your Vintage Circus Inspired Event

Hire Greatest Showman Themed Acrobats and Shows

Whether you’re after a whole Victorian circus spectacular or highly effective solo vintage circus act, we have the performers for you. Specialists in all things circus and lovers of the Greatest Showman theme, we’re here to turn your dream into reality. Contact our experienced team to discover more about the dazzling Greatest Showman themed entertainment we can create for you.


__By Freya Britton

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