Foodie Entertainment Inspired by the GBBO

Foodie Entertainment Inspired by the GBBO

It’s that time of year again! Sue and Mel have their best bake-related puns at the ready, Paul is armed with his signature steely glare, Mary Berry can’t wait to see how everyone’s layers turn out and 12 fresh-faced hopefuls are ready to make their way into the big white tent in a bid to take home this year’s Bake Off crown.

We have to say that we cannot wait for this year’s GBBO to start. We’ve already held our own bake off in the office this year due to impatience as much as because we fancied several months worth of cake (there were quite a few of us to get through, but who’s complaining?). So to celebrate the start of this year’s competition we’ve pooled together some of our favourite foodie acts into one amazing article – can someone pass the cake slicer please?




Undeniably one of the hardest weeks, the danger of presenting a soggy bottom increases tenfold, mastering the art of pastry is no easy feat. Having said that, no one can contest that full marks go to our amazing Pastry Food Sculptor. Also a professional architect it will come as no surprise that her pastry sculptures tend to be intricately detailed reconstructions of famous landmarks and city landscapes. Made live whilst your guests watch, our Pastry Food Sculptor also wins out for timings.



Foodie Entertainment Inspired by the GBBO

One of our star bakers, Sarah’s incredible cake designs really are showstoppers – just look at that giant Hello Kitty cake! Able to create deliciously moist sponges carved into any shape and covered with remarkable icing work, her incredible edibles will be the stars of your event! Whether your want a cake sculpture in the shape of your company logo or new product for a corporate event, large-scale bake for a store opening or public event, or a beautifully elegant cake to compliment your wedding theme, there’s nothing that Sarah can’t do!


Savoury Bake


So we’ve never seen a pizza made on the Bake Off but in some parts of the world they are referred to as a ‘pizza pie’ – we still don’t understand why – and well, pies most definitely have been seen on the GBBO. Our Pizza Chef & Freestyler can make delicious pizzas for your event as well as perform some incredible pizza acrobatics with the dough. Don’t worry the pizza bases he uses in his performances are not served to eat. The winner of the Technical Bake title due to his sheer ability to create the perfect pizza base and his fantastic acrobatic skills, our Pizza Chef & Freestyler will an absolute hit at your event!


Sugar Work


Sugar work can make or break you on the Bake Off – remember that time a sugar swan exploded on the Bake off Crème de la Crème? Our amazing Cotton Candy Food Artist takes sugar work to the next level with delicately spun cotton candy canes, rolled in a range of different colours and expertly shaped into flowers. These amazing cotton candy flowers can reach gigantic proportions, and luckily there is no chance of an explosion or disastrous topple.


Chocolate Designs


Foodie Entertainment Inspired by the GBBO

Did someone say chocolate? A staple part of many signature bakes, whether it’s chocolate chips, a cocoa flavouring or an elaborate chocolate work design, chocolate is one of our favourite things about baking. While our Logo Lollipop Machine technically doesn’t actually bake anything, we think that their chocolate designs are dangerously delicious and need to be shared with the world. Able to create chocolate lollipops branded with specific designs and logos, as well as favourite flavours, live at events your guests won’t be able to keep away.


The Big Finish


Whatever your event these food themed performers are sure to be a huge hit with guests – whether they are keen bakers themselves or just like to eat the produce! All of our acts can offer custom food creations for events, tailored to meet specific themes, dietary requirements and incorporate company logos and designs. Get in contact with our entertainment coordinators for event inspiration and to get booking creative food entertainment for your next event!


The Great British Bake Off and all its dramas, spills, tears, soggy bottoms, and triumphant successes will be on screens across the nation for the next 12 weeks, from Wednesday August 24 on the BBC. You can read about our own ‘Bake Off’ office escapades here.


__By Alanna Bestwick

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