Experiential Entertainment In Action: A Case Study

Experiential Entertainment In Action: A Case Study

With the dawn of the age of greater connectivity and advances in technology came the change in human behaviour that would see experiential really take off. Experiential is a dynamic concept that is always shifting and changing to meet the evolving demands of audiences.

It has become common knowledge that experiential is all about creating an immediate experience that connects consumers and brands through emotive engagement and inclusive participation. However, when you look at some of the most successful experiential campaigns from this year it is also about real world experiences and valuable storytelling, as Alex Smith from Sense London says in his article on modern experiential marketing,

‘Reality gives us access to the actual challenges and issues that brands claim to solve, and in doing so opens up the potential for ideas that aren’t just storytelling, but are inherently valuable in and of themselves; advertising ideas that take action.’


Case Study 1: Corporate Product Launch


Creating an experience for guests to promote the launch of a new product is no mean feat normally, let alone when it’s a new brand of glue – this one had our entertainment coordinators thinking outside of the box with great success!

As part of the client’s program, we created some real word experiences where attendees not only got the chance to see the new brand of glue in action but also have a go at using it themselves.

Attendees were flown from India to London for the weeklong event, and in keeping with the destination theme, we booked a mosaic artist to create an iconic scene of London. Guests were given the opportunity to get stuck in under the guidance of our professional artist; they smashed up their own plates and used the new glue to place their pieces within the mosaic. The final reveal was made later in the evening after the guest speaker’s speech about the new product.

The real life experiences didn’t stop there, guests also got to see how the product worked with a different medium – paper! Our origami artist used our client’s new glue product in her creations whilst also teaching guests how to master the art themselves.

Combing real world applications with fun experiences, we created a winning package of modern experiential entertainment that effectively promoted our client’s product, whilst also fitting into their busy event schedule.

Experiential Entertainment In Action: A Case Study

Case Study 2: Film Premiere


Of course, our clients are always searching for entertainment that can be completely tailored to create a custom experience for attendees at their experiential events.


This case study examines experiential in its traditional sense – creating an experience for attendees – and is a great example of how different forms of experiential work for different kinds of events.


Our fantastic iPad Magician created a completely bespoke magic show for the film premiere of ‘Now You See Me 2’. Not just any show, audience members were asked to use their smartphones to login to a custom website which ‘hacked their phones, meaning that for the duration of the show the phones would only display graphics integral to the performance. The custom graphics included media from the new film and answers to his incredible predictions. Volunteers were also selected by the flashing of the phone’s screen.


During this show, the audience became deeply immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience unique to that particular film premiere – a magic show as exciting as the one from the film itself. Ticking all the experiential boxes, there is no doubt that this event has had a lasting impact on attendees.


Experiential Entertainment In Action: A Case Study

The Changing Faces Of Experiential


There is no doubt that experiential is moving to incorporate real world applications and remote experiences which participants can enjoy whenever, wherever and however they want to – remember Volvo’s non-existent ad at this year’s Super Bowl? (You can read about it here). Though intimate one-off experiences between brand and consumers are by no means over.


Whether you’re cultivating an experience powered by social media like Volvo, an immersive one-off event or long-term exhibition, hands-on product launch, or campaign that brings your product out into the real world experiential is the key to making your brand stand out from the rest.


Need Some Help?


From our Edible Fragrance Factory to our Walkabout 3D Projection Act, we’ve got a huge range of acts that offer unique experiences that can be tailored to perfectly fit in with the experiential event you’re trying to achieve.


Get in contact with any one of our experienced entertainment coordinators to start planning the journey towards unforgettable experiential entertainment!


__By Alanna Bestwick

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